Top 6 Best Car Speakers Review & Guide

Car accessory aftermarket offers a mountain of different best speaker upgrades that you can linger your fingers on. Explore this page to find the best car speakers that fit your taste and choose the ones that have the best sound quality.

Many modern car models have their best sound quality built-in stereo systems, which are the best that you may not find in some older car models. However, some of these cars may not be your type. You can have the best car audio system without spending too much.

Good thing that there is an aftermarket: an enterprise that offers a wide variety of new upgrades that you can choose from. Many of these equipment are direct stereo replacements, which means you may not need to buy a new head or add a car amplifier. This is an important consideration since a lot of new models have complex audio systems that cannot be easily removed.

If you are planning to replace your car component speaker system with the best car speakers, you need to be sure that the size of your new speaker fits the modem or design of your car. If not, you might not some customized installation for a better sound. The drive and its partnered establishments may earn a commission as guaranteed that it has the best sound though,

What is the best car speaker for you?

Read on to find out some popular OE replacement speakers which you can assemble right at the convenience of your garage. But make sure you have knowledge on how audio systems work and a bit about wiring resulting to a better sound quality of the speaker system you'll buy. Looking for an edge-driven sound? Better yet, refer to this article.

1. Polk Audio Speakers db651

These speakers by Polk Audio are marine certified, but they will work best for your car speakers. The db651 coaxial speakers are 6 5 inch with adapter rings that measure 6.75 inches, which can fit other types of vehicles. For free sound distortion, the speaker features Dynamic Balance Driver Technology or DBDT. This allows for better sound output inside the car. It also features a lightweight and stiff mica/polypropylene cones. The Klippel Optimized Components is characterized by a full range, high end, and high-melting temp that handles high-power applications. The same feature can be experienced with the two-layered low-mass Kapton audio voice coil.

Additionally, these speakers have a unique polymer /silk feature that is 0.75 liquid-cooled. It features Neodymium powerful magnets that are attached to the swivel so that you can aim for the best sound precisely. It also has built-in crossovers (2-Way) that maintain the flow of both low and high-frequency range towards the right drivers--making the audio crisp and clear. For every best speaker, the Polk Audio db651 uses 60 watts; for every pair, 120watts.

2. JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series

You might be familiar with JL Audio as it is very popular in providing high-performance speakers that produce the best sound quality. From the reviews of its products, you would also know its high price. Yes, because on this list, JL speakers are actually the most expensive. But it guarantees us a high quality sound system and best sounding.

Although pricy, JL speakers can give you the best performing sound for your car speakers. For instance, the C2-650X Evolution Series have a silk dome tweeter measuring 0.75 inches and 6 5 inch subwoofer. These are you 2 way 6 5-inch coaxial speaker systems designed to produce amazing audio and great sounding. Its woofer cone says characterized with the following: polypropylene cones that are filled with mineral, stamped steel frames, and long excursion activities and consists of patented plus one glass fibers. It actually features a plus one technology inspired by their premium line. At the same time, dome tweeters are made from Polyethylene-Napthalate material. These were designed to provide powerful mid-bass, smooth mid-range, and high-frequency detail of all sound performance. Standard speakers have a a two-way class where the tweeter has an impressive active silk dome. The tweeter materials that is M-shaped and is inverted. You might as well get your new speakers with a tweeter.

By a head unit, this features a soft dome tweeters that supply a high-frequency sound. The great-sounding speakers have dome tweeters that are coaxially mounting depth of 2 and intended to provide extended and smooth response both on-axis and off-axis. With a rating of 225 watts peak or 60 watts RMS, the speaker also has a frequency response ranging from 59 Hz towards 32 kHz. It also an impedance rate of 4-ohm.

3. Pyle three-way sound speaker system

Pyle 4'' x 6'' Three Way Sound Speaker System - Pro Mid Range Triaxial Loud Audio 240 Watt per Pair...
  • TRIAXIAL SPEAKER SYSTEMS: The woofer feature an eye-catching blue...
  • LOW IMPEDANCE: Pyle 4 ohm component audio speaker compensates the...
  • MIDRANGE TWEETER: Pyle Pro three way sound speaker system has...
  • DEFINITE STRUCTURE: The 20 oz magnet structure, 1” neodymium...
  • POWERFUL FEATURES: The non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround keeps...

Suppose your first consideration in choosing your best car speaker with a high quality and higher power yet budget-friendly new speakers. Pyle speaker systems can offer you a number of affordable options. It has different classes of the speaker system with varied sizes for the replacement of high-end car speakers. You also have the option to choose the maximum output power for your speaker. This allows you to get your desired output. Among the sizes available with Pyle speakers are 6 5 inch 6x9inch,5.25 inch, 4x6inch, and 4inch.

The 4x6-inch audio speakers come on three-way with a max power since it is a triaxial speaker, it has a built-in woofer that has a unique blue poly injection cone. This injection cone enhances the stiffness of the speaker. It has a maximum output that ranges up to 240 watts. Meanwhile, its one-inch ASV voice coil has the capacity to handle high temperatures and high wattage situations.

Pyle three-way sound audio system has a 1-inch range neodymium film dome midrange. It also has three 3/4 inch of a piezo tweeter. For each speaker per pair, you will love the sound result that is detailed, loud, and smooth. List three Pyle speakers produce low impedance. Hence the 4-ohm component can compensate for undersized wiring. Many of these types of wiring can be found in the latest car models. You can experience as much best sound as 240-watt stereo can produce to stock speakers with this feature. But the thing is, Pyle audio is good, but it's quite poor when it comes to sound because of low power.

Pyle's 4-inch speakers also produce its peak power output up to 180 watts designed as two (per pair). Its magnet structure is 20-ounce that also features frequency response and a half-inch neodymium film dome tweeter.

Other Pyle's three-way speakers feature includes:

1. 4-ohm impedance

2. 3/4-inch ASV voice coil on high-temperature

3. 90 watts RMS

4. 180 watts peak power.

For example, if your car fits a 5. 25-in speaker, Pyle offers you a three-way speaker that has a 200 watts peak or 100 watts RMS to guarantee us with its peak power. These 5.25-in best speakers also have a magnet structure of up to 20 oz. The impedance is 4-ohm with a half-inch neodymium film dome tweeter. However, the speaker's ASV coil is just a 1-inch unit.

6x9-inch four-way audio speakers

Pyle Is it 6x9-inch higher power four-way audio speakers feature includes:

* magnet structure of 50-ounce

* frequency response

* 1-in film dome tweeter mid-range.

* 1.25 in ASV voice coils

* 4-ohm impedance

* 400 watts power

* 200 watts RMS

6 5 inch 3.-way speakers

The last form of a speaker that Pyle offers Is its 6 5 inch, 3.-way speakers. Since it is triaxial, the speaker 360 watts peak for power handling that offers a quality sound.

*1 in ASV voice coils

*1-in neodymium filmed on mid-range

*4-ohm impedance

*3/4 inch piezo tweeter

Pyle’s speakers are affordable, cost-efficient, yet the best sound quality options to upgrade your car’s factory stereo.

4. JBL GTO Speaker Series 

JBL GTO939 GTO Series 6x9" 300W 3 Way Black Car Coaxial Audio Speakers Stereo
  • 6 x 9-inch three-way loudspeaker pair.
  • Plus One woofer cone with rubber surround
  • Adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter and supertweeter with level...
  • 300 Watts peak power handling; 2 ohm impedance
  • Three-inch mounting depth

If you are looking for the best mid-range speakers, the JBL GTO series can be one of your best choices. For several years already, JBL has made a name in the audio industry for high quality car speakers and sound. Its engineers have created innovative and standard speakers that fit any type of vehicle. This series has excellent power handling that is being exceptional from others. Knowing that power handling is measured in watts, which is really good also. in the JBL series, it Includes a polypropylene cone with a rubber surround and a PEI balanced dome tweeters. A rubber surround that this series features.

With a rating of 180 watts for each pair or 90 watts RMS, the 6.5 inch GTO series come in a 2-way component system. One of its features is a carbon injected cone material that has Patented Plus One (PPO)woofer cone technology. This feature helps to increase the output without needing extra power.

Another unique feature JBL speakers introduced is the assembled vented magnet placed on the midrange driver or woofer. This is the reason why the voice coil is kept cool and nice. this maximizes the reliability of our handling as it helps to eliminate compression on the power, which results to the distortion of the sound of the component speaker sounds.

The GTO series was designed to replace damaged factory speakers. Its 30 h&m voice coil allows more resistance that would compensate for factory speakers' thin wires. It also has active crossover /external 12dB filters that help remove or eliminate harmful frequencies.

5. BOSS Audio Chaos Extreme

Boss 6x9" 3 Way 400 Watt Chaos Exxtreme Series Car Audio Speakers CH6930 (Pair) (Renewed)
  • 6 x 9 Inch 3 Way 400 Watt Chaos Exxtreme Series Car Audio...
  • Maximum power handling: 200 watts per speaker (400 watts per...
  • Impedance: 4 ohms each
  • Certified Refurbished: This is a Refurbished product that may...

Another option for getting an affordable speaker upgrade is the lineup offered by BOSS Audio's Chaos Extreme. The speakers come in two sizes, such as 6.5 inches and 5.25 inches.

The 5.25-inch speaker is available in either 3 way or 2-way form. It has 4ohm impedance that has a range from 100 kHz to 18 kHz frequency response. Each Chaos speaker has a 1-inch aluminum voice coil and 1-inch polyimide dome midrange. The voice coils achieve efficiency by handling a lower weight. Meanwhile, the woofer cone is made from the poly injection—the maximum power, which is up to 100watts by 2 for 200watts. Meanwhile, the 3-way units of 5.25 inch have another one tweeter for every speaker, and its peak power reaches 112.5 watts by 2x 225 watts.

Another size offered by boss audio chaos extreme is the 6.5 inch. It is available as a component set, 3-way, two-way shallow mount, and two way.

The two-way speakers of the 6.5-inch size have the same specifications as that of 5.25 units. But they are different from the peak power with 125w by 2 for 250w. The required mounting depth for shallow-mount versions is 1.8 inches. This is a little smaller compared to the standard 2-way speakers, which require 2.1 inches. Meanwhile, the three-way unit version has been added with a Twitter to every speaker allowing a peak power up to 300 watts or 150 watts by 2

The last time that BOSS Audio Chaos Extreme offers is the component set that features 6.5 inch speakers. He also has add-ons such as grills, two crossovers, and two tweeters. The tweeter is a balanced domes tweeter with high efficiency. Relating to the topic, the swiveling tweeter offers a vast movement for shoppers. There are 3 ways on how we can classify a super tweeter. One of them is a super tweeter that is ceramic to cope up with temperatures. In a larger space, the super tweeter provides a greater value of money. If you purchase boss audio speakers from Amazon, you'll have the privilege of a three-year Platinum Warranty.

6. Rockford Fosgate Prime Speakers

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5" Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker (Pair)
  • The Prime R165X3 is a pair of 6.50" 3-Way Full Range Speakers...
  • The 6.5” speakers have a mounting depth of 2.15" and come with...
  • Perfect for replacing factory speakers, they feature...
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty...

In the industry of car audio, Rockford Fosgate belongs to some of the most popular prime speakers. It is one of the well-respected manufacturers of car audio systems. It is also well known as having high performing midrange option. The line-up of speakers unit sizes includes 6.7 inches, 6.5 inches, 6x9 inch, 6x8 inch, 5.25 inch, and 4-inch speakers. The best value in-car speakers under a hundred dollars are the Rockford Fosgate R165X3. Fosgate Coaxial Speakers with its last updated price the Rockford Fosgate Coaxial Speakers are a set of four 6.5-inch three

The four-inch speaker of Rockford Fosgate is available in full range two-way speaker with 30 watts RMS. The unit was designed as an option for factory replacement. Among other features of this speaker include:

* Vacuum polypropylene cone

*Stamped steel basket

*Integrated tweeter crossover

*Rubber surround

*Silk dome flush mounted tweeter

*4-ohm impedance

*100Hz to 20kHz frequency response range

Another popular size is the company's 5.25-inch speakers, which come in two-way units and are rated at 40watts RMS. The features of this unit are similar to a 4-inch speakers.

The 6×8-inch from speakers are available in two way that has a rating of 55 watts RMS. Meanwhile, the 6 by 9-inch speakers can be rated at 65 watts RMS.

Fosgate Prime's 6.5-inch speakers our full range 3-way units featuring an impedance of 4-ohm impedance and a frequency response range from 52hz to 20 kHz. Lastly, its 6.75-inch speakers have a rating of 45 watts RMS.

How to upgrade your car speakers?

It does happen that you will not be satisfied entirely with how the factory speakers in your car perform. Good thing that you can still upgrade your car audio without too many hassles and can even produce a power handling plus one edge-driven stock speakers. For most vehicles upgrading speakers is not a challenging task because there are a lot of factory replacement speakers available in the aftermarket. These component speaker systems are actually affordable or much cheaper as compared to other optional factory audio system packages.

But the thing is, not all vehicles or car models have the same speaker sizes. Some are even more difficult to upgrade than others. On this page, you will also be guided with a general overview of what you need to look for if you want to upgrade not only the sound but also your car audio speakers. Additionally, you will get some basic installation tips and steps on this page by looking for a component speaker that is good for frequency range with a wide range of sound. Be prepared with one of the hardest parts in replacing your car audio system, which is accessing the factory speakers. This is especially difficult because not all vehicles are the same in terms of disassembly.

How to choose the right speakers?

In choosing the right speakers for factory replacement, there are several considerations. One of them is choosing a high sensitivity, wide range, and a best sounding with a quality bass response. About the speaker size, what is the size of your car speakers from the factory? You need to know this because not all factory car speakers are similar in size. The installation process will be much easier if you are certain about the size of your speakers. How will you know the size of your car speakers? There are two ways to do that. First, you can check out the size of your coaxial speakers in the store where you are getting the new one, or you can just simply get a measuring tape and measure the component speakers by yourself.

After knowing the size of your car speaker, your next step is to decide whether you will purchase a way coaxial replacement component speakers. Component speakers setups are generally better in terms of sounds as compared to the coaxial speakers. However, if your first consideration is your budget component may not be your option because it is far more expensive done the regular speakers. Added to that, components may require a more complex installation process. For coaxial speakers, installation is just through a direct OE replacement; just make sure the sizes match up.

If you decide not to buy or install a new head, then you need to consider that the speaker you will purchase can manage the maximum power capacity from the factory unit. If you are not sure, you can steal install and amplifier separately in order to power the speakers. This will surely improve the sounds produced inside your car.

Normally if you shop for a speaker, you will notice in the "peak" and "RMS" a specification on "power handling." The RMS stands for root mean square, which is devel you of the audio you wanted to pay attention to. Simply the RMS means the continuous power function that your speaker can manage. The pig, on the other hand, is a maximum power level reference that a speaker should accommodate or use during short bursts.

One more specification that you need to look for is the speaker's sensitivity. Often this refers to SPL or the information on how much power a speaker has to manage in order to bring out the desired volume. It is also important to know that less power is required for speakers that have higher sensitivity. Hence, if the factory head unit you are using does not require high power, choose a high sensitivity speaker.

Keep in Mind:

If you are on to upgrading a complete sound system in your car, the process is a little more complex as compared to swapping the speakers. The setup will require you to buy a head unit in the aftermarket, a subwoofer, and an external amplifier for a quality sound.

What tools will you need for car audio replacement?

Earlier, you learned that all vehicles have a varying process for disassembling factory speakers. Below are some useful tools that you can prepare and organize to get ready with the process of disassembly and installation.

  • Drill with bits
  • flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • soldering iron and solder
  • wire cutter or wire stripper
  • Allen wrenches
  • electrical tape
  • panel popper
  • socket wrench
  • Torx drivers and bits
  • crimping tools,
  • File

How to access front dash?

If your vehicle has been installed with a front dash speaker, it can be easily accessed. Normally, to access the speaker, you need to remove the speaker grille. Use a 90-degree screwdriver in order to move and remove the screws of the speaker, especially when it is near the windshield.

Careful and precise movement should be observed when removing the grill so as not to scratch or damage the dash. The best tool for removing the speaker grille is a panel popper. In case the grill does not come off, that is easy. Check whether all the screws were already removed. If the grill cannot be removed, you may need to take off the entire dash so you can access the speakers.

How to access Door Speakers?

Of all the speaker parts, the doors are likely the most familiar. They are installed in the speaker's door panels. The doors can be easily replaced depending on the type of vehicle. There is some car door panel that is tricky to access or remove. But there are also some which are very accessible. There are also cars that have an easy-to-remove speaker grill.

Sometimes you will need to remove the door just to access the speakers. If you will do this, it is better to utilize a flathead screwdriver or a panel popper to pop the panel off carefully. Expect that there will be door panels that are easier to remove than others. Before anything else, he must have already checked whether there are still wires plugged in. Disconnect them right away. Typically a door panel has built-in switches that power the windows and doors. This means that you still have to disconnect several wires and switches first before safely removing a two-door panel. After removing the door panel, proceed to the general steps section so you can already start replacing your car speaker.

Real Deck Speaker Access

Another difficult to access and assemble are rear deck speakers. Unlike dash speakers that you just have to prop off the screwed grille, little deck speakers are even more complex. In some cars, these speakers can exist through entirely removing the backseat, or the trunk of your car, or the trim pieces.

Similar to existing door and dash speakers, you need to be very careful in removing specific panels as you access the rear deck speakers. Again disconnect first some connectors which are still plugged in. After exhausting the rear deck speakers, go back to the general steps section, and follow the instructions.

General Instruction

Below is the step-by-step procedure for replacing the best speakers of your car for a best sound quality at the same time. Again, these steps may vary or differ from other steps since not all vehicles have similar speaker sizes.

1. Disconnect or Remove Your Battery

As you begin with the process, make sure that all batteries were removed or disconnected from the negative terminal. Your vehicle's doors will be opened from the start until the end of the installation process. If you do not remove the batteries, that will drain them. All song you are preventing the occurrence of short circuits while at work with no wiring if you removed all the berries

 2. Remove the factory speakers

Have you gained access to the factory speakers already? You should have this far. Most of the speakers can be held out using screws, so just unscrew the speaker. After removing the screws, pull out the speaker and carefully and plug and a connector behind it.

3. New Car Speaker installation

Login to the speaker terminals the new harness of your new speaker if there is any.

But if there is no new harness, make sure that you properly connect the old ones so the audio signals will be sent to the speaker.

4. Test it

Before you fix and tighten your car audio replacement, make a quick test on it. this is to ensure that your new speakers have been plugged and wired in properly and they are functioning well

5. Installing components

If you choose a component set to install, you need to first find a place in your car where you will mount the component's separate tweeter. You will also need to install a crossover. Normally the installation involves getting the door panel or the A-pillar; drilling is also part of the process. But if this seems much complicated, it is recommended to have a direct OE replacement upgrade.