Tow truck pricing of having to move a disabled vehicle consists of  hook-up fee plus price per mile. Our prices are the best in the area.  Price may vary if your vehicle is stuck in the mud etc. So please keep that in mind. Describing the particular situation and giving an exact description of vehicle that needs to be removed is also extremely important, so please be as exact as possible when calling us! Thank you in advance!

Towing Service: $45/$65 Hook-up + $5/mile
Flatbed Towing: +$25 Hook-up charge.
Lockouts: $45 to $65
Jump-Start: $45 to $65
Fuel Delivery: $45 to $65
Tire Change: $45 to $65
Winching & Accident Clean-up: $150/hr

Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about what your towing price might consist of, please ask! Our tow truck drivers love to negotiate and give you the best, most affordable towing for you needs.