Frequently Asked Questions

Does Towing Less Offer After Dark Towing?

How Do I Determine If My Vehicle Should Be Towed Non-Locally Or Locally, since I Do Not Know The Distance From My Vehicle And Your Service?

What Does Local And Non-Local Towing Mean And What Is The Difference Between The Two?

What All Is Included In The Emergency And Non-Emergency Towing Services?

What Type Of Bodywork Does Towing Less?

Do You Provide Light-Duty and Medium-Duty Services?

What Exactly Is Two-Wheel Towing Services?

How Will I Know If My Tires Can Be Patched?

When Is Winching Required For Towing?

Why Are Transponder Key Replacement Or Repair So Expensive?

How Do I Reclaim My Vehicle If The City Tows It?

What Is Heavy-Duty Towing And When Is It Required?

Do You Offer RV Towing Services?

What Does Payload Mean?

When Does A Battery Need To Be Recharged Or Replaced?

How Much Does Impound Fees Cost?

How Can I Have An Abandoned Vehicle From My Property?

How Can You Find My Vehicle, If I’m Not Familiar With the Area?

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Vehicle Towed From My Property?

Can The Tow Truck Driver Unlock My Vehicle?

What Does Flat Towing Mean And How Often Is It Required?