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As you likely already know, long distance towing services tend to be a little more expensive than the alternatives. This is the case, because your automobile will be transported over a greater distance. Most towing companies will charge outrageous prices for such services. However, Towing Less is unlike the competition. Our firm has extensive experience in the art of vehicle towing and we offer a wide variety of cost effective services. After many years of being in business, our team still maintains an immaculate reputation. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a great service at the right cost.

We incorporate the use of high-tech equipment, while always rushing to the client’s aid. Despite the quality of our service, we still manage to deliver prices that are reasonable. In fact, we sincerely believe that we offer some of the lowest long-distance towing services in the United States. We offer a variety of services, including long distance towing, emergency services, luxury towing and everything imaginable. If your vehicle has malfunctioned or was damaged in a wreck, you need to call on us. We’ll make sure that your vehicle reaches its destination conveniently and affordably.

Whether you’re dealing with an older vehicle or an exotic sports car, you can depend on us. We’ll go above and beyond to keep your automobile in pristine condition throughout the entire trip. When you decide to work with Towing Less, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle will be in gentle hands.

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Long Distance Towing Service

It is safe to say that each client is different. Not everyone is going to be driving a Chevy Malibu. This is why our firm has put in a significant amount of effort to diversify our services. We truly believe that we’re one of the most versatile towing companies in the entire country. There is no vehicle that we cannot tow. We’re capable of hauling heavy trucks, exotic cars, and even older automobiles. More importantly, we’ll willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Whether you need to move the vehicle a few miles or twenty, we’ve got you covered.

Over the years, our technicians have dealt with a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, including Audi, Bentley, BMW, Rolls Royce, and even Tesla. We’ve handled these automobiles with extreme care and you can guarantee that we’ll do the same for you. When working with us, you can guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition that it was received. We understand that problems can happen and we’ve put precautions in place to protect our clients from unexpected accidents.

Our technicians and our services are covered by insurance. Should anything go wrong during the transportation, you can guarantee that our insurance will cover the costs. Nevertheless, our technicians are trained thoroughly to ensure that the client’s vehicle remains protected from start to finish. Therefore, the potential for problems is truly minimized. Remember that you can always count on Towing Less to provide you with a great service at a margin of the price.

Also, you should know that long-distance towing isn’t only suitable for broken down vehicles. It can also be beneficial for those moving to a new residence. If you have three vehicles, but only two drivers, we can act as the third. We’ll deliver your last vehicle to your new residence, so you do not have to make an additional trip. If you want to avoid a hassle, you should rely on us. We’ll simplify your life, while also going to great lengths to ensure your vehicle is treated with the upmost respect.

Today, consumers expect more from their service providers. They demand the highest quality service possible and will not settle for anything less. This is why we have gone above and beyond to make sure that we have the most professional drivers in the country. Each and every one of our team members has gone through extensive training to ensure that they’re up for the task ahead. They’re trained thoroughly to ensure they’re capable of towing all makes and models of vehicle. Simultaneously, our drivers are trained to use the latest equipment. This gives us an edge over our competition and allows us to better serve our clients.

During the training process, we drill several goals into the minds of our employees. We always encourage our employees to provide the client with a great service. More importantly, we encourage a lightning fast turnaround. We want our employees to arrive at the client’s location as quickly as possible. This is one of the main reasons we have assembled a team of skilled experts and have positioned them throughout the country. We’ll get an expert to your location much faster than our competitors.

We also believe in protecting the client and their investment. We instruct our employees to take great precaution to keep the client’s vehicle safe. Our towing experts work as carefully as possible to prevent the vehicle from getting damaged during the journey. And finally, we’ll always do our best to show up with a smile. Even during one of our most difficult days, our towing expert is encouraged to shake the client’s hand, smile and greet them formally. We believe it providing a great service and an even better experience.

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