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The technology associated with towing an automobile has undeniably evolved substantially over the past few years. Today, there is something that is far more advantageous than the older alternatives. It is now as the wheel lift system and we’ve got it. This unique system is controlled by the operator from inside their tow truck. It relies on hydraulic power to lift the vehicle. Once our truck has arrived on the scene, it will be positioned near your automobile. Then, the system will extend a cradle and clasp your vehicle within the racks. Once this is done, the driver will use the hydraulics to lock onto the vehicle’s tires.

This system allows us to lift the vehicle’s front portion, until the front wheels are completely removed from the ground. Once the tires have left the ground and the automobile is secured in place, the drive will begin the trip back to our lot or garage. This unique and highly innovative system has proven to be cost effective and less time consuming than the alternatives. We highly recommend using it, when and where possible. In fact, we understand that this technology gives us the ability to provide the consumer with a far better service at a much more affordable price.

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Wheel Lift Towing Service

This system offers a handful of advantages. For starters, it helps to reduce the risk of damage. The tires are removed from the ground and this helps to protect them from unnecessary damage during the transportation of the automobile. While the wheel lift towing service is far safer, it is still vital to find the right towing service provider. If the technology is not used carefully, it could cause damage to your automobile. This is why you’ll want to choose Towing Less!

If the towing company doesn’t use caution and utilizes the wrong system, there is a possibility that your vehicle and its tires will be severely damaged. Working with us helps to greatly reduce the risks involved. With our expertise and care, we’ll be able to use the wheel lift system to get your vehicle from its location to our garage within a shorter period of time. And of course, your automobile will be protected thoroughly every step of the way.

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