Best Dual 12-inch Subwoofer For Deep & Hard-Hitting Bass

best dual 12 inch subwoofer

Music lovers who enjoy driving can attest to the joy of rocking out to their favorite playlists, especially on long drives. There's nothing that great music can't do. Not only does it keep you company, but it can also energize your soul. That's why it is essential to know how to spot the best dual 12-inch subwoofer for your car.

Many factors go into ensuring you pick the ideal sub. Some including being aware of the impedance level, checking the size of the sub and its peak power and RMS capacity, and many more. Ideally, what you're looking for is a subwoofer that closely fits your needs, produces a great quality of sound and bass.

We reviewed the best dual 12-inch subwoofers and outlined features to consider when buying them.

What Is A 12 Inch Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is usually a large speaker specially designed to reproduce the low-frequency range of bass sounds. Most car stereo systems require a professionally installed quality subwoofer system paired with a high-power amplifier and head unit to achieve an optimal low bass response.

Car music lovers who prefer more hard-hitting and louder bass are likely to prefer 12-inch subwoofers. However, they tend to be large in size and take more car space. As a result, they’re ideal for installing in spacious cars and are best installed in the trunk.

Below are the top 12 inch subwoofers that will produce hard-hitting bass and deliver great sound quality.

1. MTX Audio TNE212DV Subwoofer

MTX Audio TNE212DV Dual 12" Subwoofer Vented Enclosure, Black
  • Capable of handling up to 1000-watts RMS power at 2ω.
  • Dual 12" vented subwoofer enclosure designed for use in almost...
  • Constructed using 5/8" MDF and aviation Carpet for durable and...

With this dual 12 inch subwoofer, you can be sure that when you pump up the volume levels, not only will you have a great time listening to your choice playlist, but your car windshields are likely to tremble.

The sub is capable of handling up to 1000-watts RMS power at 2ω. However, the peak is around 800 W.

The subs have been optimized for usage with the MTX THUNDER500.1 amplifier, but it's possible to run these off pretty much any amp that delivers 300-500 W of power at 2 ohms.

The MTX subs feature an aviation-grade black carpet that surrounds the entire 5/8” super-tough MDF enclosure. It is considered aviation-grade because it is made from the same materials used in noise-dampening carpets for airplane cockpits and cabins.

The subwoofer features a front-ported enclosure which aids in bringing out the subtle yet powerful sub-150 Hz frequencies. In addition, it's likely to fit inside your trunk or under the seats for maximum bass release, although the size of this speaker might not be best suited to fit under the dash of a large SUV or truck.


  • Easy to install
  • Good sound quality
  • Ideal if on a budget
  • A good amount of bass


  • Require you to have an amplifier

2. Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm 12-Inch 600-Watt RMS 1200-Watt Peak Subwoofer
  • The P3 Series is Rockford Fosgate’s best performing Punch...
  • The Punch P3D4-12 is a 12” 4-Ohm DVC (dual voice coil)...
  • Featuring anodized aluminum cones and dustcaps, with a unique...
  • Best used in standard sealed or vented enclosures {Sealed (Vb):...
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty...

Rockford Fosgate is a dominant brand in the subwoofer industry, especially regarding bass systems. If looking for the best dual 12-inch subwoofer to match your passion for music, this P3D4-12 sub is a great choice.

The Rockford sub assures in producing deep, aggressive bass whilst featuring stunning features that elevate your car's interior.

The Rockford Punch P3D4 is a 12 inch 4-Ohm DVC (dual voice coil) subwoofer with 600 Watts RMS / 1200 Watts Max power handling and custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals. The sub features anodized aluminum cones and dustcaps, with a unique spider venting design to keep the motor cooler. In addition, a new hybrid stamp-cast basket provides super strength while minimizing weight and resonance.

While other subwoofer systems are likely to heat during SPL conditions, the Rockford sub exhibits superior heat dissipation. The aluminum metal is similar to a heat sink that quickly dissipates heat before building upon the voice coil.

The Rockford Fosgate subwoofer sets the standard with the VAST technology. The P3D4-12 sub uses a VAST surround that significantly increases the effective radiating cone area. As a result, you get more sound from this speaker than other models of the same size.

The Rockford P3D4-12 features stitched tinsel leads that create a robust build. The lead wires are designed to provide high-quality sound performance. The multipoint stitched lead wire technique drastically reduces the wire’s mass. It allows for the spreading of stress and strain over a bigger area so that the leads can withstand fatigue, high current, and extreme duty cycles.

Lastly, the P3D4-12 subwoofer features the CEA-2031 certification meaning it can handle high power continuously. Thus allowing you to listen to music at high volumes for long hours; plus the voice coils will not get damaged.


  • Features a durable and strong build
  • Can dispel heat quickly
  • Can accommodate up to 1200 watts ( features 600 watts RMS)
  • Has a deep and heavy bass
  • Great quality of sound
  • Affordable


  • Don't come with an enclosure
  • Have a low sensitivity

3. Dual Electronics SBX212i Subwoofers

Dual Electronics SBX212i 12-inch illumiNITE High Performance Studio Enclosed Subwoofers with 1,200...
  • |Boosted output Capability| – specialized tuned port with...
  • |Digitally optimized subwoofers| – Carefully crafted for...
  • |Illuminated trim ring| – its illumiNITE design creates a...
  • |Sound MDF construction| – and top grade in-line automotive...
  • |1 year | – High quality and reliability with hassle-free parts...

If looking for budget-friendly 12-inch subwoofers, Dual Electronics is a perfect choice.

The subs are digitally optimized and crafted to be environmentally friendly whilst offering consistent low-sounding bass. In addition, they are equipped with 2 voice calls and 41-ounce magnets that are sure to greatly increase output efficiency.

 The subs are capable of up to 1 200 Watts of peak power, 400 watts RMS at 2 Ohm impedance, and a frequency range of 30Hz – 250Hz for unrivaled sound.

The Dual Electronics features an illuminated trim ring design that creates an incredible experience, while the ventilated control circuitry system ensures system coolness during peak usage delivering studio-quality performance. In addition, The LED light terminals add to the great ambiance and are quick connect for ease of installation.


  • Feature LED light terminals which add to the whole ambiance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Have a great deep bass that hits hard and also has a wide range
  • Well built and easy to install
  • Good sound quality


  • Requires you to know how to wire correctly

4. Skar Audio Dual SDR-2X12D4

Dual Electronics SBX212i 12-inch illumiNITE High Performance Studio Enclosed Subwoofers with 1,200...
  • |Boosted output Capability| – specialized tuned port with...
  • |Digitally optimized subwoofers| – Carefully crafted for...
  • |Illuminated trim ring| – its illumiNITE design creates a...
  • |Sound MDF construction| – and top grade in-line automotive...
  • |1 year | – High quality and reliability with hassle-free parts...

If you consider yourself an audiophile, then it is the best dual 12-inch subwoofer for you.

The Skar Audio is equipped with a Dual 4-ohm loaded Subwoofer Enclosure that delivers hard-hitting bass. In addition, it's pre-wired internally for a 1 Ohm Final Impedance Load at the Terminals allowing for an easy installation.

The sub features a split chamber design for the woofer and a distinct kerf port in the middle, allowing for extreme bass output. If branding's your thing, you'll love the casing as it has a black carpet covering that features the Skar Audio's emblazoned in white on top.

In addition, the woofer system can handle up to 1,200 watts; hence you can definitely turn up the music. They get their power from an external amp.


  • Heavy and hard-hitting bass
  • Good sound quality


  • The lows  30-37hz don't hit as hard

5. Kicker Dual 43DCWR122

Kicker Dual 43DCWR122 12-Inch 2000W Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 12-INCH DUAL LOADED SUBWOOFER: Kicker 43DCWR122 12 Inch Ported...
  • 2000 WATTS POWER: Peak Power: 2000 watts per system / 1000 watts...
  • FREQUENCY & SENSITIVITY: Features 2 ohm impedance and 98 dB of...
  • POLYPROPYLENE CONE: Factory tuned, high performance CompR...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Ported enclosure; Sturdy, 0.75 inch MDF boxes...

The Kicker 43DCWR122 subs are ideal if looking for wide frequency response.

The Kicker subs have a maximum peak capability of 2000 watts per system with 1,0o0 per sub. The RMS power is 1000 watts per system / 500 watts for each sub. In addition, it features 2-ohm impedance and 98 dB of sensitivity with a frequency response of 25 - 500 Hz.

The Kicker subs assure you of sharp, accurate, and punchy bass thanks to the injection-molded polypropylene cone that is tough and rigid. Since the cone keeps its shape, the bass won’t sound muddy or flat. In addition, the top and backplate are designed to give the woofers room to move, while sturdy rubber surrounds protect and hold the cone. Hence you can play bass-heavy music for hours without straining the system.


  • Powerful bass
  • Good quality sound


  • Require an external amp for maximum audio performance
  • Not ideal for small trunks

Features To Consider When Buying Best 12 Inch Subwoofer

a) Peak Power Capacity

Ideally, every user is looking for a stable and durable subwoofer. When searching for the best dual 12-inch subwoofer, you're likely to have noticed that all subs have an RMS power rating and peak power handling capacity. The peak power refers to how much power the subwoofer can handle but this only for short periods.

For instance, if a subwoofer's peak power is 1,000 watts, this means that the unit can reach that much power, but it's not something that you can continuously access for a quick burst. Hence if you max the subwoofer to its peak power constantly, it's likely to result in permanent damage.

b) Sensitivity Rating

This refers to the subwoofer's ability to convert power to sound. Basically, its how effectively the speaker converts power or watts into sound (decibels)

Sensitivity acts as a measure of the productivity of the speaker. Essentially, the higher the number, the better, with at least 92 decibels being the ideal. This, however, doesn't mean that a low sensitivity equates to a bad subwoofer. On the contrary, it's possible to come across the best 12-inch subwoofers that are of very high quality and have a low sensitivity rating of about 85 dB, meaning they require a lot of power.

In such cases, productivity is translated into the amount of power going into the speaker that is converted into sound.

c) Frequency Response

People can generally hear sounds in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Therefore, frequency response is present in every piece of audio equipment you purchase, at least where subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers are concerned. Technically, the higher the frequency, the sharper the sound.

Subwoofer systems can produce waves from 20 to 200 Hz. Still, it's advisable to use a crossover filter to limit the frequency response to 100 Hz or lower, as recommended by audio experts.

d) Impedance Levels

When it comes to ohm impedance, 12-inch subwoofers either have 2 and 4, and their role is to enhance the power output. One can connect two 2 ohm subwoofers to generate a 4-ohm load on the amp, but this will depend on the kind of bass you want to get out of it.

If looking for a decent bass level with the highest sound performance, you should look at the subs that feature 4-ohms. In contrast, subs with a 2-ohm carry less resistance, allowing the amplifier to pump more power to the unit.

e) Size

Generally, not all trunks are of the same size; thus, not many subs will perfectly fit in the trunk space. A common mistake made by most is purchasing expensive and high-quality subwoofers but being unable to use them since they can't fit in the trunk. Hence, when searching for the best 12 inch subwoofers ensure to have all the measurements and dimensions of your trunk or space where you’re planning to install or mount the subwoofer.

f) Noise Reduction

The best 12-inch subwoofers will ideally have material that's noise-resistant or at least reduces noises. What you're looking to avoid is a sub is hearing rattles or noise either from the vibrations of the components or from the shock which the component receives from the moving vehicle.

It's advisable to opt for a car subwoofer made from a sound dampening material that reduces noise and vibration and can seal the sound inside the car.

g) Number of Voice Coils

Voice calls refer to the wires wrapped around a subwoofers speaker cone. A voice coil connects to an amplifier, allowing for the subwoofer to be powered and operated. Generally, voice calls come in two forms: Single and Dual.

A single voice coil tends to be less expensive but doesn't work with plenty of amplifiers. This can be challenging if you don't have the right amplifier on hand. However, there are various amplifiers available that accommodate single voice coils.

Dual voice coils are generally more expensive but are capable of more wiring configurations. This enables them to connect to a greater diversity of amps than single voice coils. It also makes it easier to find an amp when you need to buy one.

h) Polypropylene Cone

Most subwoofers feature an injection-molded polypropylene cone which is responsible for reproducing sound. Some of its best qualities include its high damp and looseness, which translates into a smooth sound because of its flexibility.

These cones are very resistant, absorb moisture well, and have electronic insulation. Ideally, when searching for the best dual 12-inch subwoofer, you want it to feature the latter. Unfortunately, electronic insulation doesn’t allow electrons to flow freely, which affects the clearness of the sound.

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