Best Jumper Cables for Jump-Starting Dead Car Batteries

Jump cables are an important and must-have component to a car emergency kit since car emergencies come in all sizes and shapes and normally happen at the worst possible time-we are referring to dead battery emergencies. With the best jumper cables, you can jump-start your car's battery and keep the wheels rolling. The jumper cables also offer you help on the roads using the jumper cables to charge and power your dead car batteries.

Having easy access to a reliable pair of jumper cables can save you or someone else from being stranded in unfamiliar places for hours. By the way, to prepare yourself for an emergency, carry a spare tire, water, flashlight, and blanket. Always carry a set of jumper cables to deal with a dead battery, one of the most common issues drivers encounter on the road.

Most jumper cables may appear similar; however, there are several features you should look for when buying the right one. This article will help you narrow down your choices and make a more informed buying decision. Let's begin!

1. Energizer Jumper Cables Heavy-Duty Automotive Booster Cables, for Car Battery

Energizer Jumper Cables for Car Battery, Heavy Duty Automotive Booster Cables for Jump Starting Dead...
  • ENERGIZER 20 FEET JUMPER CABLES - 2 Gauge, 20 FT booster battery...
  • THICK VINYL COATING - Includes a strong spring and a comfortable...
  • CARRYING CASE INCLUDED - Our Energizer jumper cables come with a...
  • TANGLE FREE CCA BOOSTER CABLES - 20 Foot length makes it easy to...
  • THE BRAND NAME YOU CAN TRUST - 2 Years Warranty! We are here to...

The Energizer Jumper Cablesfeatures parrot-style clamps. The teeth are copper-coated, with aluminum making them sturdy to hold on the car's battery terminals. Furthermore, the wires are designed for all-weather use, resistant to chemicals, motor oil, and rain. Their protected surfaces offer extra protection, plus the higher gauge allows to jump-start many types of vehicles.

Although most drivers find these 20 feet jumper cables to be overkill, they are essential to have on hand for smaller and larger vehicles. The jumper cables can cover a long distance and withstand more amperage. The package comes with a carrying bag to store the wires and prevent them from tangling. Additionally, they are backed by a two-year warranty.

The main drawback with these booster cables is that you might find the parrot-style clamps to be a bit hard to place on the car's battery terminals because of the lack of longer, wider teeth and their snub-nosed design. Also, the booster cables weigh eight pounds which could be cumbersome for you.


  • Withstand all-weather conditions
  • Ideal for both smaller and larger vehicles
  • Has sturdy teeth for a steady grip


  • A little heavy compared to other cables.

2. EPAuto 1 Gauge x 25 Ft. 800A Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

EPAuto 1 Gauge x 25 Ft. 800A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cable with Carry Bag And Safety Gloves
  • Heavy Duty 1 Gauge cable. Super Long 25 Feet Cable
  • Booster Cable comes with a carry bag and a pair of safety working...
  • Perfect for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and SUVs.
  • 800 Amp Capacity

If you are looking for the best jumper cables with a longer cable, count on the EPAuto 1 Gauge 25 Feet Heavy Duty Cables. With these cables, you can jump-start virtually any type of vehicle. The thick and long wires ensure you make use of most of your space, plus with 800 amps, your battery will jump-start back to life quickly.

At times, positioning the cars involved in jump-starting a vehicle is not an easy task. However, with these jumper cables, you can have a longer reach and overcome the challenge can easily. The length is ideal in environments where you can't get the cars close or for larger vehicles. Additionally, the jumper cables can safely dissipate the heat from the 800-amp capacity.

The EPAuto 1 Gauge 25 Feet Heavy Duty Jumper Cables come at a high price compared to other similar models. Also, the holding ability with the parrot-style clamps is less because of the small surface area on the teeth.


  • Ideal jumper cables for larger vehicles
  • Long for longer reach
  • Easy to store cables


  • Comes with a high price tag

3. Cartman (6 Gauge 16 Feet) Booster Cables in carrying Bag with UL listed

CARTMAN 6 Gauge 16 Feet Jumper Cables UL Listed Booster Cables with Carry Bag for Jump Starting Dead...
  • Patented design clamps covered with non-conducting rubber, Twice...
  • Sufficient CCA (Copper coated Aluminium). UL-Listed jumper cables...
  • 6GA 16FT design allows you to access from various locations...
  • Low temperature immunity (-25C/-13F), it will work well in the...
  • 3 year warranty! Cartman's aim is to give you the best shopping...

If you are looking for the best jumper cables with a carrying bag, we recommend the Cartman Booster Cables. This unit is a 6-gauge booster cable measuring 16 ft. long, 4 ft. more than the standard size. The booster cables have a T-prene coating, making them super durable and tangle-free even in temperatures low -13 degrees Fahrenheit. With this reliable and heavy-duty pair of jumper cables, you can safely start several vehicles using a 12/24 volt auto battery.

The Cartman jumper cables are resistant to chemicals, motor oil, and rain and their protected surfaces offer extra protection. The clamps on these jumper cables have color-coded triple-polarity identification, and the cables are UL indent stamped. Furthermore, you will have no issues using the ergonomic clamps since they are designed for better tension and conductivity.

Cartman booster cables come with a high-class inside tongue design created for a double connection alongside the car's battery terminal. These booster cables are either side or top post fitting, making them easier to use on pick-up trucks, cargo vans, cars, and even trucks. You can easily attach the 16 feet between two vehicles.

These booster cables come with a carrying bag, making them easy to carry along and store. Additionally, the carrying bag offers protection for the cables when they are not in use.


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Easy to store booster cables
  • Can resist even low temperature


  • Low-quality carrying bag

4. Road Power 86600104 20-Feet, 4-Gauge Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

Road Power 86600104 20-Feet, 4-Gauge Heavy-Duty Booster Cable with Polar Glow Clamps Car Battery...
  • Fits top and side post batteries
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Engineered for warm and cold climates
  • Polar-Glo polarity labels glow in the dark
  • Made in America

If you are looking for the best jumper cables that can handle heavy-duty tasks, try the Road Power 20Ft. 86600104 4-Gauge Heavy Duty Jumper Cables. This set of cables features clamps that are made from copper-coated aluminum that doesn't conduct heat. The clamps also come with an alligator design, which gives them a perfect fit for small and large car batteries. Besides, these cables can transmit power without any electricity loss.

These booster cables are designed to fit both side and top terminals, while the stretched jaws have grooves to lock them in place. Also, the cables have T-prene coating for additional flexibility even if they have been coiled multiple times.


  • Easy to use
  • Has ergonomically designed handles
  • Withstands warm and cold climates


  • Not very durable

5. OxGord (4-Gauge 25 Ft.) Jumper Cables Heavy Duty Battery Booster

OxGord CABC-04-25 4 Gauge 25 Feet Jumper Cable
  • SIZE: 4 Gauge 25 Feet, 500 AMP
  • CARRY CASE: Includes a CCA (Copper Coated Aluminum) Travel Bag to...
  • DURABLE: Built with dual construction and extra strong-grip...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The color-coded red and black cords with an...
  • GUARANTEE: Includes one (1) year limited warranty.

If you are looking for the best jumper cables compatible with most cars, count on the OxGord 4-Gauge 25ft. Jumper Cable. With these pair of cables, you will have no issues jump-starting most SUVs and smaller sedans. The car jumper cables allow you to have a longer reach, and you can easily overcome the challenge. The length reaches also help you when close parking isn't an option. Furthermore, the four-gauge wire is made of thermoplastic rubber that is designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures.

These pair of cables are perfect for any diver. They are not only flexible in single-digit temperatures, but also they will coil up easily for storage. Also, the holding ability with the parrot-style clamps is less because of the small surface area on the teeth. You might find it hard to use compared to alligator clamps; however, they can clear tighter spaces in smaller vehicles and crossovers that leave less space for work.


  • Perfect for any driver
  • Long enough for longer reach
  • Can withstand extremely cold temperatures


  • Hard to use parrot-style clamps

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Jumper Cables

1. The gauge of the wire

The gauge is the measurement of how much current it can carry. It is given as a numerical value in the jumper cable description, also used to describe the thickness of the wire inside the cable. The higher the number, the smaller the wire and the less current it can handle and vice versa.

A low gauge number offers you a thicker wire. Therefore, if you plan to jump-start a truck, you will require around a 4-gauge. To jump-start, a typical car, a 6 or 8 will be enough. A 10-gauge cable is avoided as it will transmit little power. However, if you can invest in a larger gauge wire, it will help you jump-start your car and most cars on the road.

2. Amperage

Amperage is the amount of power an electric current has. Although most jumper cables should have enough amperage to jump-start a typical car, looking for the best jumper cable with higher amperage is in your best favor. In some cases with a wire gauge, it is better to buy something bigger than wish you had one later, especially when it is the difference between being stranded and getting home. A jumper cable with higher amperage means more power to jump-start that dead battery.

3. The purpose

The kind of jumper cables you should buy depends on the car you drive. We recommend buying high-quality jumper cables. However, if you prefer not to jump-start other cars and want a simple set for yourself, buying a cheaper option makes sense.

4. Cable clamps

There are two different types of clamps in the jumper cable; alligator and parrot. Alligator-style clamps resemble an alligator's long nose with their boxy shape. Conversely, parrot-style clamps are rounded like a bird's beak. Besides, both styles function well in different applications.

Clamps must have sturdy teeth to ensure that they stay attached to the car's battery. Also, it is a good idea if the jumper cable will fit both side and top port batteries. When jump-starting, you have to clamp the jumper cables on the dead battery and the one that you will use for boosting. With that said, it is important to have heavy-duty clamps. Furthermore, they are wrapped with rubber, which will make them safe from the possibility of shock, comfortable, and easy to hold. 

5. Cable length

The cable length is usually measured in feet. Normally, the larger the wire gauge, the shorter the cable and vice versa. The one and two-gauge wires can handle more current flowing through; therefore ( to lower the amount of the heat created in the energy transfer), the cables are longer. In that case, the heat is dispersed to shield the cables, vehicle, and people involved from any harm and damage. Besides, tangle-free jumper cables are a good choice for longer cables.

Conversely, the jumper cable's length should be generous enough to let you easily connect it from the vehicle you drive to other vehicles. The minimum length of booster cables should be not less than 12 feet in length; however, if you can buy one that is longer, the better.

6. Protective coating and insulation

Most booster cables will have alike kind of protective coating wrapped on the clamp handles. Nonetheless, every manufacturer is different, especially regarding the amount of space concealed by the material. Although it is not necessarily a vast factor, it would be better to buy cables with a more protective coating. Furthermore, it makes holding the clamps easier and protects the metallic material when not in use and at low temperatures.

The best jumper cables have sturdy insulation made from PVC materials that will be resistant to damage by oil and chemicals. Additionally, some insulation materials will stop the cable from tangling by keeping it flexible at low temperatures, which is crucial.

7. The thickness of the jumper cables

Thicker jumper cables tend to be much better because they are more durable. Some manufacturers label their booster cables as "heavy-duty." Don't let these labels fool you, instead look at the wire gauge or the thickness before making a purchasing decision. The "heavy-duty jumper cables" label means little unless the thickness of the booster cable is also given.

8. The price of the set of jumper cables

You always get what you pay for. A cheap jumper cable may not be sturdy enough for your needs. Also, it doesn't mean that the most expensive product is the most effective one. Ensure you make a valid investment decision since, in theory, a set of jumper cables should last you for a long period.

9. Warranty

Warranties usually shield your purchase in case of damage or failure; however, it is affordable to buy another pair in case of damage and call it a day with low-price booster cables. All booster cables come with different warranties, so select one that best fits if you want the coverage.