Best Mirror Dash Cam for a Convenient View of the Road

Best mirror dash cam

Enhancing your visibility by using the best mirror dash cam when you drive can help you get in and out of congested parking spots, back up an insurance claim or manage a fleet more effectively. But, unfortunately, these products are a dime a dozen making, making it tricky to find the right balance between price and features. Hopefully, our detailed recommendations and buying guide will help simplify your search for an ideal one.

What Is a Rearview Mirror Dash Cam?

A rearview mirror dashcam is a device that sometimes features a rear camera, along with a front one or, in some cases, an interior camera that captures high-quality footage while driving. However, this product differs from a typical dashcam. It resembles a rearview mirror in its ability to either stream the rear camera feed onto a display where the mirror is supposed to be or act as an ordinary rearview mirror. The two modes allow you to select when to use the device or turn it off and use the existing rearview mirror the traditional way.

Moreover, these products include numerous features that mimic the offerings of dashcams but show the views on the rearview mirror. The best mirror dash cam can help add convenience and simplicity to your driving if it has the right features.

What is the best mirror dash cam?

5 Best Rearview Mirror Dash Cams

1. AKASO DL12 2.5K Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

AKASO DL12 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Voice Control 12" Touch Screen Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for...
  • 2.5K Support You with Clearer Pictures and Videos Details When...
  • Visible Night Vision in Low Light & Headlight: Adopts Sony IMX335...
  • Save Driving GPS Proofs: With one GPS module, which help to...
  • Free Your Hands with Voice Control Function: Update the version...
  • Live Stream Rear View: With latest 12" IPS touch screen(Updated...

The AKASO DL12 2.5K Rear View Mirror Dash Cam features a retractable cable to help you keep your dash area neat, fantastic voice control capabilities and a reliable waterproof build. In addition, the dual-lens setup boasts 2560 x 1440 resolution for the front camera and 1080p for the rear. Although it has the highest price tag on our list, this is the best mirror dash cam for premium features and ease of use.

The hands-free capability of the AKASO DL12 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam allows you to issue a voice command to the device. Thus, you can decide when to turn the screen on, lock a video, record or take photos and which camera to use, all without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Furthermore, the 12-inch IPS display can stream a live feed from the backup camera, increasing your field of view by 10 degrees. In addition, you can connect the rear camera using a 21-foot cord to ensure it can fit most vehicle models. Finally, the video recordings and photos are vivid and sharp regardless of the time of day, thanks to the combination of a Sony IMX335 sense and a Hisilicon Hi3556 processor. These components ensure you always get superior quality during the day or at night.


  • GPS tracking is available thanks to the included module.
  • The wide-angle lens of 170 degrees and 150 degrees for the front and rear cameras, respectively.
  • Enhanced super night vision thanks to the Sony sensor and Hisilicon processor.
  • Voice control system.
  • Simple to use.
  • The video quality is excellent.
  • Motion detections for parking guard mode.
  • Parking mode feature.


  • Installing the rearview mirror camera may be tricky.

2. Wolfbox 12" Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

WOLFBOX 12“ Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera,1296P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror for Cars & Trucks,...
  • 【🚘Big Screen & Broad View】Upgraded from most rearview...
  • 【🚘Clear Image & Night Vision】With a built-in high-quality...
  • 【🚘Smart Functions, Safe Driving】①Streaming Media...
  • 【🚘Upgraded Backup Camera】Backup camera shows a rear view...
  • 【🚘Loop Recording/G-sensor/Parking Monitor】 Loop Recording...

The Wolfbox 12-inch Rear View Mirror Dash Cam can integrate perfectly with your existing rearview mirror while offering excellent features that improve your road safety. For starters, the dual-lens setup minimizes blind spots by providing you with an ultra-wide-angle view of 170 and 140 degrees for the front and rear camera, respectively. Plus, the 12-inch LCD has a 1296P resolution and touch screen display capabilities for clear images and easy control.

These mirror-mounted dash cams come with a powerful processor and a 6-layer glass lens for improving night vision and video quality. Thus, you can see license plates or small markings. Also, the bundle of intelligent functions in the Wolfbox 12-inch Rear View Mirror Dash Cam adds to the device's versatility. From streaming videos to the rearview mirror to a lane departure warning system, there are numerous reasons why this product stands out from other mirror dash cams.

Moreover, loop recording lets the dual dash cam mirror camera continue recording even when the storage is full. Also, the G-sensor will detect a collision and automatically lock in the footage so that it is not deleted by new recordings. Finally, the parking monitor feature turns this divide into a surveillance camera for 24-hour safety.


  • The split-screen function allows you to view a stream from the front and backup camera simultaneously.
  • Integrates with existing car mirror.
  • The external antenna allows for GPS tracking.
  • 32 GB memory card included.
  • The rearview mirror dash cam comes with rubber straps for installation.
  • The Analogy High Definition technology enhances night vision.
  • Reversing Aid System.
  • Lane Departure Warning feature.
  • G-sensor for automatic recording in emergencies.
  • Loop recording.
  • Parking mode has a time-lapse feature and 24-hour monitoring.


  • The rubber mounting straps of the rearview mirror camera feel flimsy.

3. PROMIDO 2.5K Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

PORMIDO 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 12" Large Full Touch Screen Front and Rear View Camera HD...
  • 【12 inch Larger IPS FULL SCREEN】- Upgraded from most rearview...
  • 【Dual SONY SENSOR Lens for Higher Resolution】- Adopted Sony...
  • 【Unique Shaped Back Camera with Longer Extension Cable】- The...
  • 【Multi Functions & Support up to 128GB card】- You can get ALL...
  • 【1-Year Warranty & Lifetime Customer Support】Each dual dash...

The dual Sony sensor lens in the Promido 2.5K Rear View Mirror Dash Cam delivers sharper DVR images, superior night vision capabilities and high video quality even when headlights are beaming straight onto the two cameras. Also, its unique shape and 33-foot connector cable ensure it fits numerous vehicle models. These qualities, along with others, make this device a fantastic option for those looking for a reliable rearview mirror dashcam.

The 12-inch LCD touch screen display offers a convenient and straightforward way to control the device. Also, the backup camera uses a Sony lens, has a waterproof rating of IP69K and can resist temperatures reaching 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, you are sure of reliable service in tricky driving conditions.

Thanks to the versatile and straightforward installation of the PROMIDO 2.5K Rear View Mirror Dash Cam, you can choose to mount it in the vehicle's interior or exterior. In addition, the GPS tracking logger, G-sensor, loop recording and parking monitor features make it one of the best rearview mirror dash cameras on the market.


  • Smart split-screen mode.1-year warranty.
  • GPS tracking available.
  • You can adjust the brightness and viewing angles.
  • It comes with a 32 GB card and can support up to 128 GB of expandable storage.
  • Parking mode assistance.
  • G-sensor.
  • Loop recording.
  • Sharp images and high video quality.
  • The backup camera is waterproof.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Image mirroring available.
  • You can use the straps to install it on your existing rearview mirror.


  • You need a separate purchase for getting continuous power from the car battery to use the parking monitor.

4. KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Rear View Mirror Dual Dash Cam

KDLINKS® R100 Ultra HD 1296P Front + 1080P Rear 280° Wide Angle Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror Dual...
  • Rearview Mounted Camera - A standard review mirror with built-in...
  • Automatic Motion Detection - Once movement is detected, the R100...
  • Superior Night Vision - The 6-glass lens design and wide dynamic...
  • High-Power, Built-In Battery - Each dash cam system not only...
  • Trusted 1-Year Warranty - Every KDLINKS R100 dual dash cam kit is...

The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Rear View Mirror Dash Cam is a standard rearview mirror with a built-in camera and a 5-inch IPS display that can link to a backup camera. The front and rear cameras offer 1296 P video resolution at 30 fps and 1080 P wide-angle shots, apiece. Thus, you will get full HD recordings and an 800 mAh internal power source that keeps the camera running when not plugged into your car.

Along with excellent night vision, these mirror dashcams include a wide dynamic range feature for enhancing video quality. Thus, the media will be sharp and clear regardless of when you record them. Also, the device records on a continuous loop, and it can support a 128 GB memory card.

Moreover, the rear camera is helpful in the parking mode as the motion-detecting feature helps keep your vehicle under surveillance. Finally, the affordable price point and 1-year warranty cement the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Rearview Mirror Dash Cams as a reliable option.


  • A long-lasting built-in battery of 800 mAh.
  • Motion detection.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Parking monitor.
  • Simple installation of the front camera.
  • It is affordable.
  • 280-degree ultra-wide-angle for the rear camera.
  • The wide dynamic range offers sharp picture quality.
  • Built-in rearview mirror.


  • It is not an IPS touch screen.
  • The screen is only 5 inches.

5. BOSCAM Rear View Mirror Dash Camera

Mirror Dash Cam Dash Camera for Cars, Backup Camera with Night Vision Full Laminated and Anti-Glare...
  • 【1080P FHD Dual Cameras】A detailed video with high definition...
  • 【Starlight Night Vision & Blinding Light Suppression】With 307...
  • 【Anti-Draining-Battery Parking Mode】Exhausting electricity is...
  • 【Customized Reversing Angle】The backup guidelines are...

The dual cameras in the BOSCAM Rear View Mirror Dash Camera give you extra eyes on the road that can record sharp footage to allow you to see minute details. In addition, both cameras can suppress blinding lights from headlights and improve your vision at night. The 307nseonsor and blue glass lenses increase the cameras' efficiency when you drive. Plus, the high dynamic range ensures no details are lost while the image remains clear and balanced.

Furthermore, the parking monitor will not drain your battery by constantly recording. This is because the G-sensor can detect collisions and turn on the camera to take account of the events for 30 seconds before shutting it down. Consequently, the rear view mirror camera will not unnecessarily use up your battery.


  • You can put the rear camera on the back window or license plate.
  • Included antenna for GPS tracking.
  • 11-foot power cable and 21-foot video cable.
  • Parking mode will not drain the car's battery.
  • You can adjust the parking guidelines.
  • Anti-glare LCD screen.
  • The back and front camera records simultaneously.
  • Three display modes.


  • No SD with this purchase.

What to Prioritize When Choosing Mirror Dash Cams

a). Mirror Dash Cam Video Quality

The lens, image sensor, and processor combination determine the video quality a rearview mirror can offer. Nevertheless, most of these devices can record a 1080 P resolution or higher, making the video playback sharp and clear. Still, you can aim for 1296 P if you want more details in the footage you record.

Additionally, a wide dynamic range feature can improve the clarity of the images you view. Also, an ability to enhance recording regardless of the lighting conditions is vital. Consequently, whether headlights are directly shining on the camera or during the nighttime, you are guaranteed impeccable quality in the video feed.

b). The Number of Cameras

Some rear mirror dash cams only have a single camera that faces the front of the vehicle. Therefore, a single-lens setup may not offer a sufficient viewing angle when driving. However, dual-lens configurations have rearview cameras that capture events at the back. Also, you can buy a device that also features interior cameras for recording the vehicle's cabin.

The number of viewing angles you need should inform your decision on the best mirror dashcam for your car. Still, you may spend a bit more for broader coverage.

c). Mirror Dash Cam Storage

If you plan on being on the road a lot, it is vital to consider how long you can record and store video footage before you lose it. For example, if you buy a device with loop recording functionality, you may need to download the media before it is written over. Alternatively, you may need multiple storage media to save recordings from the entire journey.

Try to consider the storage capacity of the mirror dashcam before buying. The product you choose must support memory cards with substantial space for storing your videos. Plus, you can also check whether your purchase will require a separate SD card along with it.

d). Extra Mirror Dash Cam Features

GPS tracking, a parking mode, a parking monitor and voice control are extra features to weigh. Depending on whether you are managing a fleet, have difficulty parking, require hands-free voice command functions or need more security, mirror dashcams have plenty to offer. It is vital to go through user reviews and spec lists to determine if your purchase will meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Mirror Dash Cams

1. How can you see a rearview mirror cam at night?

Having a bright object in your field of view while driving at night can decrease your visibility or introduce distractors that shift your attention from the road. However, rearview mirror dashcams have a night mode that reduces glare from headlights. Also, you can use it as a standard mirror or a screen that lets you turn it off and still have the functionality of your rearview mirror.

2. Which is better, dashcam or mirror dash cam?

Dashcams can be safer to use since they do not distract you when driving, and you can mount them away from your field of view. Nevertheless, if you want to take real-time advantage of the feed from the rear camera, it is better to use a mirror dashcam. After all, they can act as a rearview mirror but with a wider viewing angle to enhance your vision when driving.

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