Best No Texting While Driving App For Android and IOS users


We all know how dangerous texting while driving can be, but that doesn't stop most of us from doing it. Distracted driving while texting can increase the chances of being involved in a car accident.

Recent studies have shown that people involved in texting and driving are 23 per cent more probably to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. This is why, in most countries, texting and driving are forbidden, but still, a lot of drivers find it hard to stop texting.

Fortunately, there are free apps that will prevent texting while driving, to help you keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

In this article, you'll find a list of the best no texting while driving apps for iPhone and Android users to ensure safe driving and also reduce distractions.

1. Life Saver

Availability- Android and IOS

Life Saver is a free app that automatically senses when someone is driving and will block text notifications and other phone features like email and camera.

With this LifeSaver app, parents won't have to worry about their children texting and driving because they can easily lock the child texting while the car is in motion. The phone will only unlock once the car stops. Furthermore, you will also get a notification to alert you if your child has arrived safely.

2. AT&T’s DriveMode

Availability- Android and IOS

AT&T's DriveMode is another lifesaver free app that detects when the car starts moving and mutes text messages and phone calls. It automatically replies to people who tried to contact you, letting them know that you're behind the wheel and are unable to respond to them.

Furthermore, for parents, this app can send alerts to your phone if your children disable the auto-mode, adds a new speed dial contact and when they turn the app off.

3. Canary

Availability- Android and IOS

Canary is another app that allows parents to connect their phones with their children's. It sends alerts to the parent if the child is texting while driving. You also get real-time notifications when they take calls while the car is moving and exceed the speed limit.

4. Drive Safe

Availability- Android

Another one of the best apps to ensure your eyes are on the road and are free from distractions. The Drive Safe app blocks all the texts and calls to prevent distracted driving. There is also an emergency mode that turns off the app. This is when you're called three times in a row, and it looks like it's an emergency call that can't wait.

5. Cellcontrol Phone App

Availability- Android and IOS

CellControl is an app that prevents distracted driving by disabling some of your phone's features to ensure safe driving. It stops the phone's features like the camera, text messaging, social media, etc. and will also alert you when you cross the preset speed limits.

Moreover, this app enables you to monitor your activities while driving, track your mileage and customise the policy zones. It is an excellent app for parents who are worried about the phone use of their kids. This app will alert the parents through their smartphone in case of emergencies and also when the children are texting, calling or browsing.

6. Down for the Count

Availability- IOS

Down for the Count is another excellent no texting while driving app that boasts a rewards system that lets you earn safe driving. It is a great app for a teen or young driver who hopes to prevent distracted driving.

To get started, the app requires you to set a goal then share it with your family members, asking them to sponsor your Safe Driving Campaign. When the campaign is approved, you will earn points and gift cards when you achieve your driving goal. Literally, this app pays you to drive safely and reduce car accidents.

7. On My Way(OMW)

Availability- Android and IOS

A common text we send to our friends and loved ones is the estimated time of arrival. With this On My Way app, you won't have to text or call your loved ones to tell them your estimated arrival time because it allows you to share your trip.

Friends are able to track your location, and they also receive a notification once you arrive at the destination. This app saves the driver from risky calling or messaging to let someone know you're on the way.

8. It Can Wait(AT. T)

Availability-Android and IOS

If you're still unsure about the consequences of text driving, then you should download the It Can Wait app. It is a virtual reality simulation that shows the dangers of using your phone while driving. It is an excellent way to ensure that you stay focused while behind the wheel.

9. OneTap

Availability-Android and IOS

OneTap will not only block all the incoming texts and calls on the cell phones but will also help you manage your calls and texts while driving. It does this by automatically responding to the person texting or calling, letting them know you're unable to talk.

Furthermore, this app records the safe driving data so that motorists can see how well they drive. You can share the app with anyone, and parents can link their accounts with their child's phone to ensure distraction driving is prevented.

10. TrueMotion Family

Availability- Android and IOS

The TrueMotion Family app is our final pick in the top 10 best apps to prevent texting or calling. However, unlike the apps mentioned above, this app doesn't lock the features of your phone while driving.

Instead, the True Motion Family uses a rating scale to assess your driving and provides you with a trip score after your drive. You get to see the exact times you were distracted driving. It also lets you share and compare your score with others to know who is safe driving more.


There are plenty of driving apps available to help you minimise distracted driving and stay focused while behind the wheel. Each of the above tools will help keep you focused on the road and avoid being a part of the car accident statistics.

Find the no text while driving apps that work best for you, download one of them from the app store and install with just a few clicks.