Top 8 Best Places to Buy Car Battery

Car batteries aren't something you consider until they don't work. It often happens at an inconvenient time, such as when you're away from home or late for work.

You can access the battery to see when it should be replaced (from the date listed on it). However, some places also offer free testing, such as Autozone. Here are the top places to buy a car battery:

1. Amazon

As a major online retailer, Amazon is the top place to get anything you require and more. Just browse its selection of car batteries to find thousands of styles and options. If you don't need access to a new car battery right now, this is likely the best choice due to the constant discounts you can find.

2. Pep Boys

Customers who prefer to shop local may find a Pep Boys in their neighborhood. You still have access to many batteries, but the selection might not be as grand as other options. However, it does have a website and allows you to shop online if you like. Expect to pay more to have the battery installed for you.

3. Walmart

Typically, everyone has access to a Walmart, and the company sells car batteries. You also get in-house pickup or can shop online. The advantage here is that some locations install it for you. Those who preferred using Sears for their batteries may find that Walmart is a comparable source.

4. Sam's Club

Sam's Club is the cousin store of Walmart and is one of the best places to buy car batteries for your vehicle. These stores require you to have a membership, but you get exclusive deals and various service promotions for free. If you prefer a full-service experience, this might be one of the best stores. However, you may not have access to as many battery styles at Sam's Club.

5. Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is a physical part store and is considered the best place to go for mechanics and vehicle owners. You can shop locally or go online to see the extensive line of batteries. It offers more of a selection than some locations.

6. NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA also sells various batteries and has a physical store. There aren't as many stores, but online shopping makes it easy to get what you require. Plus, it carries the store-brand of batteries and top brand names, so you get a better deal, and the batteries have longer warranties.

7. Costco

Costco is a top contender for many products, and you have access to lower prices. Still, it doesn't have a huge selection of batteries, so you may have to figure out what's comparable for your vehicle.

8. Autozone

Autozone is another top auto-parts store and has many brands available. You should expect to pay extra here, but the customer service you receive is excellent. Plus, you've got access to quality parts that meet all your needs.

Types of Car Battery Options

The type of car battery you choose is based on many things. Here are the top options available to help you decide:

  • Lead Acid - These batteries are the first of all rechargeable products. They have low energy compared to the weight and volume, so they supply high-surge currents to provide more power quickly.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat - An AGM battery uses fiberglass mats to absorb the sulfuric acid within, making it a spill-proof product.
  • GEL Technology - GEL batteries also use sulfuric acid, but it gets mixed with silica to provide an immobile gel-like substance. Therefore, the battery doesn't have to stay upright, and electrons can still flow as necessary without spillage.

What Brand of Car Battery Lasts the Longest?

While there are plenty of battery brands out there, we feel that the ACDelco brand is the best. Though it can cost a little more, it's more practical because acid can't leak out. Depending on where you buy it, there is a free battery replacement period of 36 months offered. If something goes awry during that time, you can get a new one through the replacement warranty.

What to Consider When Buying a Car Battery?

There are countless things to consider when choosing the best car battery, such as:


You may consider purchasing your new car battery from auto parts stores. These locations offer free installation, which means you don't have to worry about anything.

Some retail stores also offer free installation. These can include Sam's Club and Walmart. Costco might also install your new battery for free, but you have to be a member.

Though it's possible to install car batteries yourself, it's not easy to access what's under the hood. If you experience an error, you've got to figure out what to do. When you buy a new car battery and have it installed, you save time and effort. Plus, the prices shown often include installation.

One thing to consider here is the group size of the car battery. This is the physical size of it (height, length, width) and includes polarity, which is where the positive/negative posts are on the car battery. You've got the option to choose different styles, but only one is likely to fit in your vehicle. Gain access to the engine area and determine what size you require based on the older battery.

What's Done with the Old One?

When you have a dead battery, it's important to get a new one. The best locations are going to dispose of the old battery for you. Typically, these companies require a core charge. It can be a little confusing, but the best places to buy a car battery offer this.

The Core charge is like a deposit that you pay upon the purchase of your battery. When you have used it, and it doesn't work anymore, you return it for a new one. In a sense, it promotes recycling, and all retailers can charge such a fee. In 30 states, it's a requirement of the law. The best place to buy a car battery is often one that utilizes this system.


Car batteries are considered consumable items, so they often have a two-year warranty on them. Make sure that the place you choose offers access to warranties for the replacement battery. Typically, stores like Autozone and others like it provide decent guarantees on the products sold.

Battery Life

Most car batteries are designed to last for three years. However, this is an estimate and is determined by various factors. Car owners should expect to replace the battery in their vehicles every two to four years. Places like Autozone can check the car battery's reserve capacity to tell if it is still good. The professionals at Autozone require access to the engine and what's under the hood.

The age of your battery can determine if it starts and how easily. It's best to pay attention while you're at home to ensure that things are running smoothly.


Primarily, the prices you pay are based on the store you use. Typically, batteries run about $30, but it can be more based on styling, warranty, and lifespan.

How You Get the New Battery

Customers have the right to buy a car battery and have it delivered. Typically, places like Amazon and Walmart do that for you. However, store pickup is usually available, as well. You can visit any auto parts store and pick up the battery to install yourself. If you don't want to do it that way, you can go to an auto shop and have the battery installed through the auto service center.


The best place to buy new car batteries can include all of the companies we listed here today. Those who prefer to shop online might like Amazon. Others are going to want access to the physical store and may prefer Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, or Autozone. The goal here is to find the best deals and the best price.

When you shop online from your home, you must create an account. It's possible to search for the best deals and prices. Most of the time, you only need the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Search online at your favorite store to find the best price on car batteries for your vehicles.