Best Portable Car Battery Chargers to Purchase in 2020

Best Portable Car Battery Chargers

Many have probably been into that stressful sinking feeling when they turn in the car key, and nothing happens. one reason is dead car batteries. But the dead battery does not always mean instant replacements. Just like other batteries, car batteries can also be fully charged even with just a small amount of effort, time, and with the right tools. If you own a car, the leading portable car charger can be your lifesaver.

The best car battery chargers can quickly jump start your car with the help of jumper cables, and this is accomplished by means of delivering juice to the auto battery and providing longer-lasting results. In order to keep your car battery running, you need to take the time to look for the leading portable car battery charger to purchase in 2020.

What Should I Look for in a Portable Car Battery Charger?

When planning to purchase this product, you might find it challenging and confusing to choose the finest portable charger for a car battery. The market is flooded with countless choices when it comes to these auto items, and there are numerous options to consider. If you want to end up with the best, you first need to ask yourself, “what should I look for in a portable charger” before you make a final buying decision.

The following are the best and most essential features you need to look for the outstanding battery chargers:

• Power

More power provides you a quicker charging time but higher cost as compared to chargers with less power. You need to keep this essential thing about power in mind when purchasing a charger for your vehicle. You surely would want battery chargers with enough power. Only units with enough power can function at their best, including jump starts functions.

• Safety

Modern products like these take ultimate safety standards seriously, and these include certain safety features in every model to protect the users and their batteries from bad accidents.

• Portability

The most trusted manufacturers concentrate on making their best products light and small making them easy to use and portable.

• Usability

One of the crucial points is making these best devices easy to use as much as possible. Every user does not really have the interest or time to learn how the battery and its charger functions altogether. Manufacturers, therefore, have gone the extra mile to make chargers easy and efficient to use.

Can You Charge a Car Battery with Portable Jump Starters?

A portable battery jump starter won’t charge your auto’s battery. The best portable jump starter is actually designed to provide the battery with a quick power boost. Jump starting allows the vehicle's diesel engines to start. Its job to start your car is then completely done. A jump box or the best portable jump starter is a type of portable device capable of restarting or jump starting an auto's dead battery. This is essentially considered a portable battery with built in jumper cables; therefore, this can be used the same manner you would use a running auto as a jump starter of a dead battery. As soon as you begin restarting or jump starting a car with portable battery jump starters, allow the engine to run in order to jump start or recharge the battery completely with the aid of jumper cables.

A battery charger, on the other hand, is different from the best portable jump starter. This is built specifically to recharge the battery for many hours. In case you do not have this device and the battery of your auto is dead, then you need to have a jump starter to carry out the jumpstarting job using jumper cables. But both battery charger and portable jump starters have important functions played.

What Is the Best Portable Car Battery Charger to Buy in 2020?

There will always be times that auto batteries will lose their charge. There are common factors behind this, like age, weather, or maybe because lights or led flashlight were left on. The following are the top of the line portable chargers of auto battery that can get your vehicle started and be back on the road once again.

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak amps 12V Battery Jump Starter

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter
  • 1,700 Peak Amps; 425 Cranking Amps
  • 22Ah Clore PROFORMER Battery
  • 46" Heavy-Duty #2 AWG Cables
  • Voltmeter provides charge status of onboard battery.The ideal...
  • DC outlet to power 12 volt accessories; DC input to recharge...

This is perhaps one of the best, most reliable, heavy duty and portable jump starter reassuring investments you will make. This jump starter is highly focused on giving a quick jump start to your auto battery with extended activating power. Even a single charge of this jump starter is enough for various jump starts, so your vehicle starts on a single charge smoothly. This will always provide you with relief, especially during stressful situations due to worn-out batteries.

There are numerous features that make this one of the best and most functional portable car jump starters. There’s the length of the heavy duty and quality cable leads. With its 46-inch measure, this is capable of getting around most cars. This also comes with industrial-strength Hot Jaw Clamps and can make a stronger connections despite corrosions.

This also features Clore Proformer battery technology, which is mainly about providing ultimate power with durability and density to match. This does not just give you extensive and proper cranking power. You will also get a lifelong service from Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amps 12V portable Jump Starters. There’s a completely automated recharging for onboard batteries; therefore, you can just leave this jump starter properly plugged in and ready for a quick jump start anywhere you need it. This is among the leading products available in the market nowadays.

  • • Long-lasting jump starter
  • • Can power many jump-starts in a single charge
  • • Extensive cranking power
  • • Durable jump starter
  • • Not really hindered by corrosion
  • • Includes the best automatic charging facility
  • • Jump starters good battery capacity of these jump
  • • LED flash light isn’t included
  • • The air compressor function is not really up to par
  • • Other air compressor issues might occur

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

Battery Tender Plus Charger and Maintainer: 12V, 1.25 Amp Powersport Battery Charger and Maintainer...
  • STAY CHARGED: The 1.25 amp charger provides a full charge to your...
  • EASY, FAST CHARGING: A low maintenance design to be quick and...
  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Compatible with lead-acid, flooded, and...
  • MONITOR POWER LEVELS: Solid state two-color LED light indicates...
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Our battery charger and maintainer is...

This product is designed in a way that it gets even better with time. This features Battery Tender Plus and comes with a cleverly designed yet efficient and reliable charger. This is one of the in-demand jump starters that can charge your auto battery and can even keep the ultimate voltage without causing any damage that can be due to trickle chargers. One of the unique features of Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 is that this can change to full charge and to float charging mode.

This 1.25-amps car s battery charger can charge your car battery quicker than any other product of this type would. In terms of safety, this has a special reverse polarity protection feature. This product is backed with a 10-year warranty.

The plus version of this device has an additional 50% power and can guarantee you a faster charge. This is indeed one of the unique features of this charger for car battery, considering the increasing reliance on modern auto on electronics. This has been put to numerous upgrades in terms of software and design to keep this at the forefront of the car s battery charger market. This is one of the best jump starters under this category that you can get right now.

  • • Best and intuitive designs
  • • Combats drainage effectively
  • • Backed with a 10-year warranty
  • • These jump starters guarantee faster charging time
  • • Updated frequently
  • • More power delivered to jumpstarts
  • • Troublesome to use this on a flat battery
  • • Clamps can be larger

Noco Genius G3500

NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
  • The most versatile all-in-one battery charger any vehicle owner...
  • Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully charged and maintained...
  • Works with all types of 6-volt and 12-volt lead-Acid batteries,...
  • Keep your battery fully charged without worry or overcharge....
  • Use our advanced repair mode to reverse the damaging effects when...

The Noco Genius G3500 is known for its highly intuitive designs, which combine numerous useful features to provide you with the most efficient and safest charging performance. This brand of jump starters is synonymous with advanced technology and safety, and you can use this to charge the battery of your car. This is a 3.5 amps for charging 6-volt and 12-volt batteries, both lithium and lead acid battery, to 120Ah max. The lead acid battery is such a beneficial component of this product. This Noco brand displays an impressive range of modern applications from automotive, marine, RV, power sport up to deep cycle batteries. This gives this product a broader market reach as compared to other similar products.

One thing that makes this battery the best and the most outstanding is that it can charge doubly fast. It can even repair damaged batteries and functions with both start-stop micro-hybrid vehicles and CANBUS electrical systems. This brand is noted for its safety and innovation, and with the help of its onboard computers, monitoring activities of the auto battery becomes highly possible. This is foreseeable if the battery is USB charging safely and efficiently.

With all its outstanding features and strengths, this portable unit still manages to fit a lightweight, portable, and compact design. This is also highly resistant to UV rays and water.

  • • Charges quicker than any other brands
  • • Resistant to UV and water exposure
  • • Suited to a variety of battery and vehicle types
  • • Makes auto battery charging incredibly efficient and safe
  • • Delivers consistent power
  • • Includes good lead acid batteries
  • • Spark proof
  • • Lead acid battery can keep the vehicle's battery completely charged

• Doesn’t work perfectly well in intense cold temperatures

• Power issues at times

• Doesn’t charge a flat battery


BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer with Cable Clamps and O-Ring...
  • Charges and maintains 12 volt and 6 volt AGM, GEL and WET...
  • Easy connection to vehicle battery using battery clips and O-ring...
  • Stops charging automatically when battery is fully charged or...
  • Built-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse...
  • Mounting bracket built-in to charger for convenient placement

This is another top ranking portable product to purchase in 2020. The BLACK+DECKER BM3B is one of the top favorites among customers because this can be used to a wide range of vehicles, not to mention that it charges car batteries more efficiently.

This brand lives up to its credible reputation. This can be used reliably to charge the batteries of motorcycles, classic cars, specialty vehicles, ATVs, RVs, personal motor crafts, and even a lawnmower. Though you might not need this to charge all these things, it still feels great to know that you can use this anyway.

This best unit comes with an integrated circuit preventing reverse polarity, short-circuiting, and overcharging. The clever design, combined with high usability, makes this one of the outstanding and modern ones that most car owners would want to purchase.


• Suited for any types of vehicles

• With air compressor

• Delivers solid power and performance

• Protects from reverse polarity, short-circuiting and overcharging

• The best and most reliable usability

• Best construction and reliable design


• Poor LED light quality

• Led flashlight issues

• Durability issues

DBPOWER 600 Amps 18 000 mah Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 7.2L Gas, 5.5L Diesel Engine) Battery Booster...
  • 👍POWERFUL & COMPACT: Jump start your vehicle (up to 7.2L gas...
  • 👍SMART CHARGING PORT: With 18000mAh capacity and smart USB...
  • 👍PROTECTION: The high quality and spray gold intelligent...
  • 👍LCD SCREEN & COMPASS: The new-added LCD screen can exactly...
  • ❤WHAT YOU GET: DBPOWER Jump Starter DJS50, intelligent jumper...

This is a compact 18 000 mah jump starter yet can provide a serious punch in terms of charging vehicles. No one really likes to experience battery issues, so this best DBPOWER 600 Amps charger can be a lifesaver. This is not just your typical jump starter battery pack, and you’ll know this the moment you see and use this. Though this DBPOWER 600 Amps 18 000 mah jump starter is small in size, power and performance are never compromise. This can start engines up to 7 liters engine.

This jump starter has a 600-amps ultimate power output. This amps enough to jump start 5.2 L diesel engines or 6.5 L petrol engine for about 20 times over even in a single charge. In times that you will not use this charger, you can use its smart USB ports in USB charging other devices like tablets, mobiles, laptops, mobiles, and more. Moreover, the USB port was designed cleverly to prevent major threats like short-circuiting and to overcharge.

  • • High power outputs
  • • Sufficient 600 Amps
  • • Gauge 150 psi air compressor
  • • Includes two USB ports for added functions and convenience
  • • Compact designs displayed by this jump starter
  • • Can be utilized to charge even personal electronic devices through safe and easy to use USB ports
  • • Designed to avoid short-circuiting and to overcharge
  • • Dual USB ports feature
  • • Lacks adequate instructions
  • • Doesn’t perform well on low charge

Schumacher SC-1200A-CA SpeedCharge 12Amps 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Schumacher SC-1200A-CA SpeedCharge 12Amp 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger
  • 12A Rapid Charger
  • 6A Charger
  • 3A Maintainer for Premium Charging Applications
  • 12 Amp fully automatic microprocessor controlled battery charger
  • Automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain...

This is a completely automated charger equipped with many different charging modes. This is compatible with different vehicle types. Schumacher SC-1200A-CA is a fully automated charger making use of modern technology in achieving charging times twice as quickly as regular chargers.

The major brain of this best product is the advanced microprocessor with a 12-amps capacity. This detects either six or twelve volts. Furthermore, this can perform different charging types – 3 amps in maintaining one charge and 6 amps for a medium charge. These 12-amps for ultimate fast charge.

There is really no shortage of types of vehicles that this brand can be used on like motorcycles, snowmobiles, RVs, marines, trucks, autos, and even rechargeable lawn tractors. This is a USB charging unit that vehicle owners should have.

This 50-amps clamp works with both top-mounted and side-mounted battery posts. The LED indicators make it easier to stay updated regarding the condition of the battery. If you are looking for a very competent unit that’s compatible with almost everything that you’ve packed in the shed, this brand is for you.

  • • Portable and compact design
  • • Heavy duty unit
  • • High power outputs
  • • Strong and durable jumper cables
  • • Applicable to different types of vehicles
  • • Applicable on top-mounted and side-mounted battery tops
  • • The best, most efficient and reliable power delivery
  • • Inconsistent performance
  • • Doesn’t maintain the charge well

Beatit BT-D11 800A Peak 18000mAh 12V Portable Car Jump Starter

BEATIT 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter(Up to 7.5L Gas and 5.5L Diesel) 12V Jump Box Portable...
  • COMPACT JUMP STARTER: With a peak of 800 Amps (UL2743 Certified)...
  • POWERFUL POWER BANK: 18, 000mAh has been a life saver, designed...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: lithium ion battery chip QDSP (Quick...
  • BEATIT EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: 15. 5inch extended jumper cables (10inch...
  • JUMP START SAFELY: with mistake-proof design featuring...

This is a reliable and portable jump starter, safe to use, and capable of charging anything from mobile phone to vehicle really quick without creating an unpleasant shock. This jump starter can jump start virtually almost anything. By using this jump starter to charge not just your car but also your motorboat or motorbike, you surely won’t experience battery troubles.

As long as its petrol engine has a capacity of about 7 liters of diesel engines with 5.5 liters, this lithium jump starter can function at its best. This is powered by a lithium battery. This can perform as many as 30 jumps starts on a single charge. This makes unwelcome emergencies of busted batteries less dreary to deal with.

What is more, this best battery pack is small yet is capable of fitting easily inside the glove box. This can also be carried around without resulting in much strain. This also comes with many different safety features against reverse polarity, power surges, and short circuits. With an 18000 mAh capacity, this needs all the essential safety features. You can also use this to charge tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices in just half time than any other regular charger.

This also comes equipped with LCD lights indicating the amount of power you’ve left and an SOS flashlight that is so handy, especially during an emergency or when outdoors. With this product, you can also expect excellent customer service and a 2-year warranty.

  • • Portable
  • • Higher power capacity
  • • Heavy duty
  • • Compact designs
  • • With air compressor support
  • • Loaded with unique safety features
  • • Can be utilized as a personal mobile device charger
  • • Led flashlight included
  • • Build quality issues
  • • USB port issues

GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh 12V Starter

This is also one of the leading portable starter to purchase in 2020, packed with features making it both easy and safe to use. Due to its small size, you might think that this cannot accommodate added features aside from the basic ones, but you got it all wrong. The GOOLOO 800A 12V might be small, but its performance is never put at compromise. This small battery pack is small enough to fit your small bag or your glove box. This comes equipped with SOS light signal and LED flashlight for added convenient function.

This best unit gains a positive impression from the strict safety department with its highly integrated protection from overvoltage, overload, overcharge, and short circuits. In case you’re stuck in an emergency outdoor situation, this unit can be your lifesaver. This comes equipped with an SOS signal flash that functions for about 120 hours on a single charge. Moreover, GOOLOO includes ultimately bright LED flashlight with three illumination modes.

Nevertheless, there are things that vehicle owners need to be mindful of, and one of these is the temperature. The maximum operating temperature for this tool must be between -20 and 60 degrees Celsius.


• Portable

•Heavy duty

• Compact design

• Lots of safety features

• High-power capacity


• Not so durable

MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12 volt 800mA Fully Automatic Battery Charger

MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V 800mA Automatic Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger, and...
  • 🔥[ Charger, Maintainer & Desulfator ] - An all-weather battery...
  • 🔥[ Automatic Desulfation & Optimization ] - Automatic...
  • 🔥[ Energy Saving & Spark Free ] - Zero output in standby mode....
  • 🔥[ Multi-level Safety Protection & Timer Set Up ] -...
  • 🔥[ Easy for operation ] -Just plug-in, connect to the battery...

This is also one of the best fully automated 12 volt automatic charger that suits a broad range of car battery types. This product functions in almost all types of vehicles, including boats, ATVs, motorcycles, RVs, motorcycles, cars, and even lawnmowers and kids’ toys. Since this is automatic, there’s little to no manual operation required on your part. You just need to plug this battery charger and let it be.

This is something made possible through the best programming regulated by a microprocessor. The process of charging is monitored constantly and halted the moment the battery is completely charged. From here, it will monitor the voltage of the battery and keep its ultimate charge with floating currents.

This additionally includes added safety features that provide protection from overcharging. The manufacturer has also taken prevention measures against short-circuiting and reverse polarity. This charger does not have components that produce sparks. This also comes with the Featured Constant Pulse Current Maintenance function, which prevents discharge or excessive discharge. This can greatly improve the lifespan of the battery.

Another imperative feature of this best unit for your auto is the SAE system. This offers a couple of options for fast release connections like the Alligator Chips and Ring Terminals.

The entire design of the MOTOPOWER is actually based on efficient energy use. This displays a design fully certified by CEC, CE, UL, RoHS, and more. Shoppers will also get a one-year-long product warranty plan as well as technical assistance as part of their customer services.


• Includes the best and most reliable safety features

• Includes SAE adapters

• Energy-efficient designs

• Broad range of efficient applications


• Average performance

• LED indicators are not perfectly designed

Suaoki U10 800A Peak 20000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

This is a well-made and designed product that can charge your car and electronic devices efficiently. There are instances that your car battery might run out of power or sustain an unexpected blackout. This is something that many car owners have to deal with, and all of them probably have one goal, and that is to safely and conveniently go back to the road. The good thing is that Suaoki U10 800A Peak 20000mAh Portable Starter is finally here to help you accomplish this goal.

This is also a best unit that can significantly act as a jump starter for your vehicle when necessary. This does not just charge your vehicle. This product comes equipped with 2 dust-proof USB ports meaning, you can just plug-in your electronic devices and charge them.

This also features the best LED lights and an LCD screen. The screen tends to display the percentage of battery consumption and output readings. The Strong Strobe and the SOS LED lights need a single press to secure activation, while its Red Alarm Mode requires a double press. However, this charger is not suited for charging your electronic devices with 19, 16- and 12-volts outputs.

  • • Reliable and functional
  • • Best and impressive features
  • • Splash-proof
  • • Dustproof
  • • Can charge many different electronic devices
  • • Average performance
  • • Build quality issues

Car Battery Charger Buying Guide

Whether you’re in search of a simple jump starter or full car battery charger, there are certain critical areas that you need to pay close attention to when buying one. In case you’re a regular driver, you may purchase both for additional reassurance. However, in some cases, it still pays to understand the differences between the two clearly.

Read on the following details and explore the information presented in this buying guide so that you will find the leading portable car battery charger to purchase in 2020.


Vehicles do move, so it’s a great idea to invest in the best car battery chargers that you can bring along with you when you get out on the road. It should ideally fit inside your glove box or your small travel bag. Present designs of car battery chargers commonly focus on being as lightweight and compact as possible.


Not all motorists are mechanically inclined. It is, therefore, important to make sure that battery chargers are easy and quick to use. There are numerous chargers featuring lights to illuminate batteries in the dark. The LED lights often indicate the level of performance. The majority of chargers were adapted to draw power that they require from the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. Aside from the cigarette lighter, when buying one, you need to consider whether the car battery charger can also be utilized to power other electronic items such as laptops and smartphones. USB slots are also this unit’s welcome sights.


The majority of battery chargers for auto available in the market derive power from 12-volt batteries. But when it comes to power, chargers tend to be more variable that ranges from 6 cranking amps to 10 or 20. A higher amps amount suggests that this charger is longer-lasting and charges quicker. This can be your best pick.


It is ultimately handy to keep tabs on the capacity of the battery while charging and know when this needs to be recharged. A good battery charger must have indicators for this particular purpose and alarm in events of reverse polarity. In such a way, you’ll always be able to position the clamps in the right order. This is a great feature to have, particularly to vehicle owners and drivers who aren’t familiar with car battery charging.


This is also a crucial part of advanced battery chargers. Recent versions include many different protecting, not just the battery but also the driver. The following are the best main safety features you can expect in a good battery charger for your vehicle:

• Clamp cranking amps

• Reverse polarity alarm

• Battery tester

• Spark-proof clamps

• Float mode

Automatic Versus Manual

The automatic chargers don’t require drivers to monitor and keep tabs on the amount of charge that the battery charging receives. The moment the battery is fully charged, this switches the mode to avoid overcharging and therefore improving the battery life.


What is the leading portable car battery charger to purchase?

The leading portable car battery charger to purchase still depends on the need of the driver or owner of the vehicle. But some of the best brands that have proven themselves in the market the Clore, Motopower, GOOLOO, Beatit, Black Decker, and Noco.

What are the factors to consider when buying a car battery charger?

There are best factors you need to be mindful of when buying a battery charger, like power, indicators, safety, portability, and usability. Look for these components, and you will surely end up with the best product that you will surely like and benefit from.

Are car battery chargers worth it?

Just like other products, car battery chargers are excellent investments. These chargers can save you from unexpected battery drains and other related issues.

Is it fine to leave a car battery charger overnight?

Though there’s no risk of overcharging especially if you are using a quality charger, it is still not recommended to connect your battery to the charger for over 24 hours, just like what you are sometimes doing with your


Purchasing the best battery charger for auto is a big decision for car owners. If you are planning to buy one, make sure to invest in the 10 best brands that will never compromise quality and performance. The brands mentioned above are the top ranking portable car battery charger to purchase in 2020. Investing in any of these best charger will give you the assurance and confidence that you will not face battery issues, performance problems, and the like.