Best Snowboard Roof Rack for Firm and Secure Transportation

Nothing beats the amount you can have on the slopes during winter. All you need is good company and some good equipment. However, the equipment will not fit comfortably in your car hence a snowboard rack. Mounting snowboards on the roof of your car might be the most efficient way to get them to your destination. The best snowboard roof rack will come in handy to hold everyone's board safely on the road.

What is a Snowboard Roof Rack?

A snowboard roof rack is a car accessory that allows you to mount your boards on the roof of your car for secure transportation. Snowboards can take up a lot of space in your car, making it uncomfortable for the occupants in the car and posing a significant amount of danger while on the road. Therefore, a roof rack comes in handy to strap the snowboards and safely hold them until you reach your destination.

The roof rack prevents any damage to the snowboards while transporting them. Therefore, it is vital to have the snowboards in good shape to prevent any accidents on the snow. Now that we know what a snowboard roof rack is, here are our top picks for the best snowboard roof rack for you to choose from.

1. Thule Snowpack Extender

Thule SnowPack Extender Ski/Snowboard Rack, Aluminum
  • Aerodynamic slide-out rooftop rack for all types of skis and...
  • Slide-out design extends from vehicle for easy loading and...
  • Fits up to 6 pairs of skis/4 snowboards
  • Ultra-soft rubber arms grip without scratching
  • Oversized push button to easily open while wearing gloves

Six pairs of skis and four snowboards are enough for you and everyone in the car to have the most fun in the snow. The best part is, you can comfortably transport them using Thule Snowpack Extender. The roof rack firmly secures the skis and snowboards on the road at all times.

The ski-snowboard roof racks extend outwards to form a slide-out design for easy loading and unloading. You can fit up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards within no time. In addition, you do not have to worry about the surface of the boards as the rack has rubber that eliminates any scratches from the board while maintaining a tight grip.

Skiing means that you will be in a cold environment with sub-zero temperatures, and you will need to have gloves on most of the time. The biggest challenge while wearing gloves is operating anything that has buttons. Thule had this in mind when making the rack by placing larger buttons that are easy to use with gloves.

Thule provides safety beyond the road with its anti-theft system that ensures the skis or snowboards stay safe at all times on the roof. In addition, the extender universally fits most cars that have factory standard construction.


  • Aerodynamic
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile design
  • Safe and secure
  • Slide-out rack for easy loading and unloading
  • Universal fit
  • 6 pairs of skis and 4 snowboards
  • Thick push button
  • Safety lock to prevent theft
  • Soft rubber to prevent scratchesq


  • Large adult boards might need to be over-layered

2. YAKIMA FatCat Evo Ski and Snowboard Mount

YAKIMA - FatCat 4 EVO Premium Ski & Snowboard Mount, Fits Up To 4 Pairs of Skis or 2 Snowboards,...
  • Ski & Snowboard Mount: Wide enough to carry 4 pairs of powder...
  • Aeordynamic design: Our sleekest and sweetest ski & snowboard...
  • Universal mounting system: Mounting system works with round,...
  • Easy access: The OverHang clamp attachment point makes it easier...
  • Tool-free install: Tool-free clamp design makes installation and...

YAKIMA is a sleek rack that adds to the aesthetic value of your car while functioning optimally. The mount is wide enough to carry four pairs of powder snow skis or boards with a double joint hinge that expands thick skis or snowboards. Nothing beats a quiet ride on the highway without being reminded that there is something on the roof all time. The rack is aerodynamic and offers zero wind resistance for a smooth ride.

The racks mount universally to most cars with factory standard connectors. In addition, the racks are compatible with T-slot crossbars and have the same key systems with locks included to protect the luggage from falling off on the road or harm other road users.

It is easy to access the skis once you reach your destination with an easy-to-access overhang clamp attachment. The rack has a large access button that is easy to press with buttons or mittens on. You do not need any tool to install the ski and snowboard racks on the car, saving you precious time when traveling.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Easy to mount or unmount
  • Same key lock system
  • Universal fit
  • Quite
  • Large access button
  • Double joint hinge
  • Easy access


  • Fits only two snowboards

3. Rhino-Rack Ski Carrier

Rhino Rack Ski Carrier
  • Universal Fit to Most Crossbars
  • Key Locking for Security
  • Easy Release and Lock Mechanisms
  • Rubber Grip Profile to Protect your Boards
  • UV Protected

When you think of a rhino, what comes to mind? A sturdy, firmly grounded, and strong animal. These are the exact features of the rhino rack ski carrier. The snowboard carrier will keep your gear safe at all times with the sturdy rack. The ski snowboard rack can fit up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.

Rhino ski racks use a snap-on system that locks the whole rack for assured safety for your gear and other road users. Rhino ski and snowboard rack have an easy release and lock system to operate in gloves without much hassle. In addition, the ski snowboard roof rack is master key compatible to prevent any interference by members of the society who might have other ideas.

Summer does not render the rack useless as you can use it as a fishing rod holder during the off-season for skiing. The rod looks sleek on your car and does not reduce the aesthetics of your car once you fix it. Mounted ski or snowboard gear will look just as good on your car.


  • Double up as a fishing rod holder
  • 6 ski pairs or four snowboards
  • Easy to installSafely transport skis and boards
  • Anti-theft locking mechanism
  • Master-key ski snowboard rack
  • Sleek roof ski racks
  • Best ski and snowboard rack with strong-arm locking
  • Oversized push buttonsUniversal mounting


  • Does not protect the skis from rain or sun

4. YAKIMA Powderhound Ski Rack

YAKIMA - PowderHound 6 Ski & Snowboard Mount, Fits Up to 6 Pairs of Skis or 4 Snowboards, Rides...
  • SKI & SNOWBOARD MOUNT: An elegant mount system that is wide...
  • EASY ACCESS: Features easy to press one-button access, so you can...
  • ANTI-THEFT: Integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks included for...
  • GET OUT THERE: The OverHang clamp attachment point makes it...
  • TOOL-FREE INSTALL: No power tools, no drilling, no sweat; Setting...

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the things you need to experience in life. The biggest challenge, however, is moving the gear from your hometown to the slopes. Then, mounting is the biggest challenge, but YAKIMA solves the problem by providing the best ski rack in the market with an efficient mounting system.

The ski rack has an aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance when on the road. As a result, you will experience zero wind noise and better gas mileage to your destination. The rack has a light weight of only 8.18 pounds, making it easier to install and less strenuous to work with. YAKIMA has a well-thought-out body with a large button that you can grab with a glove in your hands for easy access when mounting or unmounting the skis and snowboards.

The YAKIMA ski racks have a capacity of 6 pairs of skis or 4 pairs of snowboards at any given time. The boards are easy to install with a tool-free installation for a quick and efficient process. You will save precious time, getting to your destination as soon as you had in mind. YAKIMA has an overhang clamp attachment point for easy access to the rack.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Universal mounting
  • Anti-theft same key system lock
  • Easy access to the skis or snowboards
  • Roof-mounted
  • lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Oversized push button


  • The rack is a little difficult to remove, according to a review.

5. Car Rack and Carrier Ski and Snowboard Racks

Car Rack & Carrier Ski Car Rack Aluminum Universal Ski Roof Rack Fits 6 Pairs Skis Or 4 Snowboards,...
  • Universal mounting system fits most vehicles equipped with roof...
  • Holds skis and snowboards securely with Ultra-Soft rubber arms...
  • Ski Car Rack hold up to 6 Pair Skis or 4 Snowboards, is also...
  • Aluminum construction is durable and supremely corrosion...
  • One-button access allows gloves-on operation, Includes Key & Lock...

Roof-mounted ski and snowboard racks are popular in the market, and Car Rack and Carrier offers the best in the game. The ski rack has a universal fit, carrying up to 6 pairs of skis or four snowboards at any given time. The rack has an aluminum body that is resistant to corrosion and lasts longer than most materials. The rack has lightweight compared to other racks.

The rack has a key and lock included for additional safety and weighs only 9.7 pounds. The rack is easy to install, taking up only a few minutes of your time before you hit the road.


  • Easy to install
  • Key and lock for safety
  • Safer for other road users
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum body
  • Fits six skis or four snowboards
  • Universal mounting


  • Usable for only skis and snowboards

What are the Types of Ski and Snowboard Racks?

There are different types of racks to choose from depending on your preference and type of car. Traveling means that you might have other luggage in a roof-mounted cargo box on top of the car or hitched behind the car on a trailer. The type of ski rack will depend on the availability in the shops near you at any given time.

a) Hitch Ski and Snowboard Racks

Hitch mounts are installed on the hitch receiver of your car. The racks are easy to use on the standard hitch receiver that you will find on most cars. If your car does not have a receiver, you can easily install one to hold the rack. Most receivers are the factory standard of 1.25 or 2 inches and will be compatible with most racks.

A rack that does not fit a receiver will most likely have an adapter to make up for the difference in size. Hitch racks offer a quicker access t the skis compared to a roof-mounted ski rack. In addition, skis and snowboards stay behind the car and offer virtually no resistance to the wind when driving, giving you better mileage compared to their roof-mounted counterparts.

The hitch racks are easy to install and do not need to be lifted as high as the roof racks when installing. The rack, therefore, comes off as easily as it mounts on your car. In addition, hitch racks can fit other equipment once installed, increasing the potential for use.

There are some disadvantages to the hitch racks:

  1. The racks, once mounted, can block the rear view of the car, which is a vital part you need when driving.
  2. Unlike roof racks, the hitch racks will potentially get the skis and snowboards dirtier when driving on a muddy or dirty road.
  3. The rack can block access to the rear of the car once mounted and can most times make parking a little bit of a hassle.

b) Roof Bar Racks

Roof-mounted racks are the most popular forms of ski-racks that you can find installed on most cars. Roof racks are simple and can be mounted on most cars because they offer factory standard universal fit. In addition, the ski racks have two load bars that install on the crossbars of the car.

A roof ski rack is easy to install as it is mostly compatible with the existing accessories on the car. You do not need any installation tool most of the time to fix a rack on your car. The racks are affordable and come in many options.

With a roof-mounted ski rack, the safety of your gear is guaranteed. Salted roads are no longer an issue to the metallic parts of your skis and snowboards as the salt can not easily reach the roof. The roof-mounted racks offer a clear rear view of the car for safe driving. Roof racks have a lockable system that prevents theft, keeping your gear safe and secure at all times.

Most roof racks have a capacity of up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.

Roof racks, however, have their downsides. Most companies try to achieve the most aerodynamic design. Regardless of how well the rack has been designed, the clearance on top of the car is interfered with. Racks expose the gear to weather elements like rain or the sun. The racks can sometimes be noisy due to wind resistance.

c) Cargo Boxes

Cargo boxes are the best ski and snowboard holders as long as they are long enough to fit the gear comfortably. Boxes offer safety from the weather and keep the gear safe and secure on the road. Boxes are key-lockable, providing maximum safety to your gear at all times. You can fit other items in the box if there is space. Some cargo boxes are aerodynamic and provide little to no drag on the road.

Cargo boxes have a few disadvantages. First, the sizes are fixed and can hardly be adjusted. Second, a cargo box increases fuel consumption. Third, you will need to lift the gear to a roof level when mounting in a cargo box.