Best Tire Shine Gel and Spray for an Elegant Look 2022

Your car tires deserve a good shine because it gives the car a strong character and a neat. However, cleaning your car tires increases the car's elegance and protects each tire from elements that can cause wear and tear. A good tire shine product will keep the tires from harmful UV rays, grime, and salts that might cause cracking and fading.

There are endless amounts of products in the stores that might make it difficult to distinguish which tire shine products will be suitable for your car. You will not go wrong because we have you covered. Below are our top picks for the best tire shine products that will protect your vehicle tires while giving them a shiny and glossy black look.

Best Tire Shine

1. Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel - 16 oz. – Premium Tire Gel for a Lasting Glossy Shine
  • LONG-LASTING: Advanced formula endures even through washing and...
  • CLEAN APPLICATION: Rich gel allows you to coat your tires evenly...
  • KEEP YOUR TIRES LOOKING LIKE NEW: Protects against UV damage and...
  • MAINTAIN A RICH BLACK: Advanced polymers provide lasting...
  • PERFECT YOUR CAR’S LOOK: It’s the final, crucial step in...

Meguiar's endurance tire gel is a long-lasting high gloss shine that will keep your tires looking new with a rich black finishing touch. Meguiar included an advanced formula in the gel, which will protect your tires during washing and rain, reducing browning and fading.

Meguiar's endurance tire gel is rich and easy to apply on the wheels without the gel running or dripping, ensuring a neat finish making it the best product in the market for detailing.


  • Endures washing and rain.
  • Meguiar's formula protects your tires from grime, salts and UV damage.
  • Meguiar's is a rich tire shine gel that ensures no runs and drips in the driveway.
  • Long-lasting.
  • The tire shine is thin enough to ensure an even high gloss shine on the wheel.
  • The shine is applied by hand on the tire surface, which gives you more control and reduced wastage.


  • Unlike using a spray, applying the gel by hand can be tiring for tires with a lot of rumble strips.

2. Chemical Guys Glossy Tire Shine

Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker Sprayable Extra Glossy Tire Shine (Works on Rubber, Vinyl &...
  • RESTORE A BRIGHT, WET SHINE ON TIRES - Tire Kicker Extra Glossy...
  • USE IT ON ALL YOUR RUBBER, VINYL, & PLASTIC - Tire Kicker not...
  • FINISHES DRY TO THE TOUCH - Unlike other tire shines and plastic...
  • SPRAYABLE FORMULA IS EASY TO APPLY - Tire Kicker comes in a...

Chemical Guys are one of the best tire shine products in the market for restoring a new and elegant look to your car tires. Apart from an application on tires, chemical guys can be used on your car's interior parts, like vinyl seats and even the engine bay.

Once applied, the tire shine spray will not rub off on your shoes whenever you kick the wheels, making it one of the best car care products. Chemical guys formula protects the tires from UV rays and prevents the tires from fading.

Chemical guys are a sprayable blend of extra gloss enhancers, water-based tire dressing, and UV blockers, which will tire the protection they deserve and add a great touch to your car wheels.


  • The tire shine is easy to apply.
  • Chemical guys can be used as a tire cleaner and on exteriors, interiors, and engine bays.
  • The tire shine will not rub off on shoes when the wheel is kicked, making it the ultimate tire shine spray for clean driveways and a great user experience.
  • Chemical guys spray formula protects the tire rubber from UV damage.
  • Dry to the touch.
  • The tire shine spray prevents fading and browning on the rubber.
  • Chemical guys car shine is a durable product.
  • Dust will not stick on the tires after every shine because the product is water-based.


  • Due to a tire shine spray's liquid nature, there could be runoff and dripping if the correct spray pattern is not observed.
  • The tire shine does not last very long after every shine.

3. Trinova Tire Shine Spray

TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe - Automotive Clear Coat Dressing for Wet & Slick Finish - Keeps...
  • GIVE YOUR TIRES A SLICK FINISH – TriNova’s Tire Shine Spray...
  • ADVANCED COATING & PROTECTION – Not only will this spray give...
  • REPELS DIRT & GRIME – TriNova’s Tire Shine Spray also offers...
  • GET THE SHINE YOU WANT – High shine, medium shine or low shine,...
  • ACHIEVE A SHINE THAT LASTS – Unlike other shine sprays, you...

Trinova tire shine spray is a clear coat dressing for a wet and rich black finish. The tire shine offers protection and coating, which prevents browning and fading on the tires.

Trinova shine helps you choose the degree of shine you want, unlike other tire shines. The shine protects each tire from grime and dust. Trinova will give you a longer-lasting gloss making it an excellent product for your car tires.


  • The gloss shine on the tires will last longer than other products.
  • The car tire shine provides the option of different degrees of shine.
  • The car shine repels dirt and grime.


  • There will be excess product on the tire rims and wheel wells when spraying.

4. Car Guys Tire Shine

CAR GUYS Tire Shine - Easy to Use Tire Dressing with Applicator Pad - Dry to The Touch with Long...
  • ✅ CAR GUYS Tire Shine is a non-greasy, dry to the touch formula...
  • ✅ Quick & Easy to Use! – Everyone is different, with our...
  • ✅ Long Lasting Product – The bottle will last long, and the...
  • ✅ Why choose CAR GUYS? – We Care About Quality! Our products...
  • ✅ We Care About Customer Satisfaction! – We're Not Happy, If...

Car guys tire shine is a non-greasy formula with a dry to the touch finish. The tire spray is easy to use and lets you choose the degree of shine you prefer on the tire rubber. The car guys tire spray contains a formula that guarantees protection from UV damage and the tires' browning while maintaining a good shine.

The car guys tire shine will last long because just one layer is enough for the tire surface.


  • Car guys tire shine is non-greasy, making it dust and grime repellent.
  • Car guys company is big on customer care, making it one of the best tire shine options for car owners.
  • The tire shine protects the tires against ultraviolet damage.
  • The tire shine will last long on the tires.


  • The shine could be dangerous if used unknowingly on motorcycle wheels.
  • The shine does not do very well when exposed to rain or a few car washes.

5. Armor All Car Tire and Wheel Shine Gel

Extreme Tire Shine Gel by Armor All, Tire Shine for Restoring Color and Tire Protection, 18 Fl Oz
  • Advanced formula engineered for extraordinary results
  • Delivers serious wet black shine that last for weeks
  • Rich, durable gel coats for a smooth, even look
  • No messy overspray
  • Protects against harmful elements that cause cracking & fading

Armor All is a long-lasting, advanced formula for cleaning cars, trucks and motorcycle tires. The gel gives an evenly coated rich wet black shine, which protects the tires against fading, cracking and dry rot.

The tire shine does not have a messy overspray, making your work easy and efficient.


  • You can use Armor All tire shine products can be on cars as well as motorcycles.
  • The tire shine offers protection to the tires against weather elements and ultraviolet damage.
  • The shine keeps a long-lasting shine on the tires.
  • The gel comes with an applicator pad upon buying.


  • The tire shine takes a long time to stick on the tires.

Guide To Buying The Best Tire Shine

Different car owners have different preferences on how their car tires should look. Some go for a high glossy shine, while others prefer a matte black finish. There are many product choices and brands out in the market, and everyone is advertising. It could be challenging to know just the right product to choose for your car wheel. Here are a few guides to help you know what product to go for the next time you are looking for a car tire shine.

1. Type of Tire Shine

There are two types of car tire shines.

a). Spray or water-based tire products

b). Gel

a). Spray

Spray tire shines mostly come in trigger spray bottles. The spray tire-shines are easier to apply and sometimes than their gel counterparts. They can reach the remote areas on the tire surface like deep ridges, which will protect your tires better in the long run. Spray tire-shines are water-based.

However, the spray tire shines will not hold the black look for a long while and has to be applied more often than gel tire shine. Spray tire-shines can not be applied to other parts of the car like the dashboard or vinyl seats.

b). Gel

Gel tire shine products come in a bottle. Unlike the spray tire-shine product options, gel tire-shines give you more control over where you want the shine to go. There is less spillage to other parts of the wheel when applying gel tire shine. You can apply gel tire-shine products on other parts of the car like the vinyl seats and dashboards.

Gel tire shine, however, takes longer to apply as the application is made by hand.

2. Reviews

It is good to look at product reviews before buying a tire shine product and better car care results. The look on your tires is a huge part of your car's general look. By visiting a site on the internet or asking your friends who have cars, you can have an idea of where to start. Looking at reviews help protect your tires from damage and helps you find the ultimate tire shine spray or gel.

3. Shine Degree Control

Everyone has preferences different from others, and this is true when to how the tire looks. Knowing whether you are going for a high gloss, wax, or just a slight shine will help you choose your car tires' correct product.

4. Ultraviolet protection

The car tire shine spray, wax or gel should be able to protect your tires from UV damage. Check for specifications before buying a product. Some tire-shines have a polymer additive that better protect your tires.

5. Application Methods

Gel tire shine is more challenging to apply than spray tire shine. At the same time, gel tire shine gives more control than spray tire shine when applying. Gel tire shine is applied by hand, while spray tire shine is sprayed onto the rubber for detailing.

Tips for Getting the Best Results When Shining Your Car Tires

1. Properly Clean Your Car

Your car tires pick up road debris when you drive around. Sometimes you will get mud and dust on your wheels. Applying car tire shine on clean tires saves the amount of shine you will use and ensures long-lasting use of the tires. Dry the tires well after a car wash to avoid water spots on the rubber when applying the tire shine. Do not apply new tire shine over old tire shine as this will cause browning.

2. Work in a Shade

Try to have your car under a shade whenever you are applying a tire shine. Working in a cool place helps the shine product stick well on the rubber.

3. Have a High-Quality Tire Shine Applicator

Having a suitable applicator makes your work easy and efficient. Using a good product is a good practice for car care.

4. When to Wipe Off

When the car tire is too shiny for your taste, you can use a separate microfiber cloth to wipe off the excess shine. When using spray shine products, wipe the excess runoff on tires to avoid spin-off when driving. Make sure grooves and ridges are well wiped. Know the product dry time and wipe off any shine stains on unwanted parts immediately. Avoid using one microfiber for both application and wiping excess runoff or stains.

5. Read The Instructions

You can use some shine products on the interior of the car while others can not be used. Some tire-shines can be used on motorcycles, and others could pose a danger while riding because of reduced grip on the road.

Some tire-shines will need only one application, while others may require multiple applications. To protect your car from damage, read the instructions carefully and apply the tire shine according to the guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

1. Can I Use a Car Shine Product on Other Parts of The Car?

Some tire shine brands can be used to detail the plastic and vinyl parts of the car, while others can not be used. Be sure to read the instructions carefully on the product usage.

2. Can I Apply New Shine Over the Old Shine?

You can not apply new shine over old shine. You need to give the tires one shine at a time to avoid the yellowing of the rubber.

3. Will Tire Shine Leave Tire Marks on the Driveway?

Yes. However, you can wash off the stains, so it is nothing to worry about.

4. How Long Does a Tire Shine Last?

How long a tire shine will last depends on the usage, exposure to natural elements like rain, mud or dust, and how many times the car is washed. However, different tire shines under the same conditions take different amounts of time before fading. Try out different brands before settling on your preferred product.

5. Can I Mix Brands?

Mixing product brands is a bad idea as one would be water-based and not the other. Mixing a product with another may damage your tires and lead to staining because of immiscibility.

6. How Long Should I Wait Before I Can Drive My Car?

Different detailing products will take different amounts of time to dry. After shining your wheels, let your product sit and dry before driving to avoid spin-off and staining your wheel wells.

Always read reviews on a product before buying it to ensure maximum protection and care for your car wheels.