Big Foot Tires – Are They Worth It?

big foot tires

Are you looking to purchase the Big Foot tires, but you're unsure of the features and benefits they will grant you? If so, look no further as in this article, we'll discuss the features and benefits of Big Foot tires and if they are suitable for any encounter in an offroad expedition. And again, are Big Foot tires worth their price? Let us get into the article to find out.

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Big Foot tires are highly suitable for Jeeps, and Big O designs them for offroad vehicles. The Big Foot A/T has a nice tread pattern with a wide center rib block design. The feature provides traction more than regular tires, making them better in performance. In addition, they are good tires since they work better in all terrains, including snow, rocky, rain and even soft surface conditions.

The tire size provides excellent traction even if it does not have lugs. In addition, big Foot tires have a nice tread pattern to provide traction even in slippery terrain. The only downside with Big Foot tires is how noisy they can be, but if you don't have an issue with the noise, the tires can be an excellent option.

Generally, if you are interested in performance, Big Foot tires are the best option for you.


  • The tires provide a stable on-center feel even when under heavy loads.

  • It has wide center rib tread blocks to stabilize elements in adverse terrains and repel small stones and debris.

  • Minimizes sound vibration to reduce road noise.

  • Has an aggressive 5- rib tread pattern design to reduce stone retention and drilling.

  • Tackles tough off-road terrains and provides traction in soft surface conditions such as mud.


If you are looking for more than the optimal performance, we are glad to inform you that Big O offers a great warranty on their products. The Big O company offers full replacement or repair of the tires if the tires are damaged and cause a road hazard. The same warrant applies if the tires are damaged through bad workmanship or the materials used. Big O stands for all of the damage cost of their tires.

In addition, the tires also get a free rotation and rebalancing for every 5000 miles of their useful life. Apart from the warranty offers, you will receive great customer service when shopping for tires from the Big O. The Big O has a lot of stations around the United States that offer free services when you are in need. Aside from the physical locations, Big O also has 35000 partners that honor their service warranty.

An advantage is that the warranty is not limited to the tires only but can include other parts of your vehicle. For example, the warranty includes air conditioning, heating and climate control systems, engine cooling systems, engine drivability services, brake system repair, fuel system repair, ignition system and very fundamental system your car has.

The tie warranty lasts for a year or every 12000 miles of use. By purchasing Big Foot tires, you also stand a chance to qualify for 24-hour roadside assistance from the store you bought the tire. In addition, the benefit allows you to have direct contact with Big O service providers to help you get out of tight spots.

The services include helping you when your battery has run out of power, retrieving your car keys inside a locked car, fuel issues, oil, water, fluid delivery, or even hoisting services when you need them. Unfortunately, the above services are not entirely free as they only cover a maximum of $75 each time you request their services.

Are Big Foot Tires Worth The Price?

You can be sure that Big Foot tires will provide you with ultimate performance. In rare cases that the tires fail to perform, most consumers are covered by their excellent warranty and customer services. In addition, they are the right tires to use in offroading vehicles since they can stand all terrains and provide traction.