BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Review – Does It Work?

BlueDevil head gasket review
BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer (38386)
  • Good for Head Gaskets, Warped or Cracked Heads, Heater Cores, and...
  • Contains no solid or particulate matter that can harm a vehicles...
  • Alternative solution for costly and time consuming repairs
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Permanent Repair

It is not often that you think about your car's head gasket until there is a mishap that needs to be dealt with. Having a blown gasket is the worst thing that can happen to your car, not to mention the high costs of having the entire head gasket replaced by mechanics.

BlueDevil is a local name in the automotive industry that manufactures high-quality grade gasket sealants. Since 1997, BlueDevil products have ensured that you have a timely head gasket repair solution without incurring costly repair fees. This article will review the BlueDevil head gasket sealer and determine if it is the permanent solution it claims to be.

What Is A BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer?

While it doesn't require much maintenance, a blown gasket is a risk to a car or truck owner. This simple malfunction could cause an oil leak or an engine misfire, among other issues. Depending on the severity of the head gasket leak, you could opt to replace the entire head gasket or settle for a head gasket sealer.

Unfortunately, most head gasket sealants do not permanently fix the leaking. Using simple fixes back and forth quickly exacerbates a blown head gasket into an out-of-control and costly situation. This is where BlueDevil products come to your rescue.

The BlueDevil head gasket sealer repairs seal leaks in blown head gaskets, heater cores, warped or cracked heads and freeze plugs. This head gasket sealer by BlueDevil permanently seals leaks by bonding to the alloy, cast, aluminum, metal, or plastic so that you don't have to deal with another blown gasket.

One of the concerns of many car owners in need of a head gasket sealer is the risk of causing further damage to your car. BlueDevil understands that car repairs can be costly, so taking care of your engine is their priority. They do this by ensuring that the sealer doesn't contain any solid or particulate matter that could clog your engine, causing further damage.

Before we look at what makes the BlueDevil head gasket sealer stand out on the market, let us get into the benefits of this 2.9 pounds sealer.

Why Should You Use the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer?

  • Helps to seal leaks- Blown gaskets are a big problem, especially when left unnoticed. Using a high-grade sealer like the BlueDevil head gasket sealer ensures that leaks do not become a reoccurring problem by providing you with a permanent fix.
  • Saves you money- Going to the mechanic for head gaskets repair is expensive. Sometimes, when it is not well done, you may need to go back for more servicing or, worse, change the entire head gasket. The BlueDevil head gasket sealer gives a permanent alternative solution in an inexpensive 2.9 pounds can.
  • Save on time- Using a gasket sealer is so easy. You only need to pour the sealer into the radiator cap and all the leaks will be sealed in no time. This is a time-saving solution compared to replacing the entire gasket.
  • Multi-purpose- High-grade head gasket sealants do more than just seal leaks. For example, the BlueDevil head gasket sealer also deals with your freeze plugs and heater cores to ensure that all the parts of your engine work as they should.

BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Overview

1. Type of Engine

The BlueDevil head gasket sealer works well with gasoline and diesel engines. The number of cylinders in the engines does not change the efficiency, although experts recommend it for 4 or 6 cylinders. In addition, this gasket sealant makes strong bonds with various materials like plastic, alloy, aluminum, and other metal types to fix blown head gaskets and other vital components of the engine.

2. Action Time

The BlueDevil vehicles' engine gasket sealant has a fast action time to ensure that you are back on the road as soon as possible. It takes about 50 minutes for the leaks' permanent fix to occur. This is a less time-consuming alternative compared to the hours or days it would take if you were to take your vehicle to a repair shop.

3. Functionality

The BlueDevil head gasket sealer ensures that your car's vital component, the engine, is permanently fixed in terms of seals and cracks. The sealant flows to a leak point to create a permanent seal, ensuring no fluid loss or risk of an engine misfire.

This Blue Devil head gasket sealer works on warped or cracked heads and solves leakage issues related to the freeze plugs or heater cores. In addition, the sealant also ensures that no fluid is lost due to a slow leak in the coolant.

4. Ease of Use

The Blue Devil head gasket sealer is easy to use and time-consuming repairs safe. Since it does not contain any particulate matter, you are guaranteed that your engine will not incur further damage. In addition, it does not contain harmful chemicals that could be harmful to you. However, it is vital to ensure that you follow the instructions given in the manual carefully.

5. Quantity

It is hard to imagine how this 2.9 ounces head gasket sealer permanently fixes cracks and seals. However, this quantity is enough to fix minor issues. Additionally, it is recommended to have a sealer for emergencies when traveling, and this BlueDevil can is the perfect size for that.


  • Provides a permanent solution to leaks and cracks
  • Does not damage your engine
  • Prevents any leaks in the coolant
  • High-grade efficiency
  • Prevents loss of radiator fluids
  • It fixes any damage on the heater cores
  • Very easy to use
  • Super affordable


  • You may experience thermostat problems after use
  • The cylinder tubes and passages may block
  • The opaque can makes it difficult to see how much content is left

How to Use the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer

  1. Clean the cooling system and ensure that it is free-flowing
  2. Remove the thermostat and use a flushing agent, like the BlueDevil radiator flush, to flush out the cooling system. Next, use water to flush out the system again.
  3. Use water to fill the cooling system. Ensure to leave enough room for the head gasket sealer.
  4. Remove the radiator cap, starting the engine in cold and slowly turning to the max.
  5. Pour the BlueDevil head gasket sealer slowly as the engine idles. Take 30 seconds for half the bottle and 1 minute for the entire bottle.
  6. With the cap on, leave the vehicle idle for about 50 minutes. After that, it is not necessary to flush the system again.
  7. Wait for the engine to cool before you install a new thermostat. Then, make sure that you drain enough fluid and refill it with a compatible antifreeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does BlueDevil head gasket sealer actually work?

Yes. The BlueDevil head gasket sealer works to seal cracks and leaks that cause damage to your engine. In addition, it is an affordable and long-lasting solution that works efficiently to stop leaking.

2. How long will BlueDevil head gasket sealer last?

BlueDevil reacts to give a permanent fix to blown head gaskets and other related issues.

3. Does BlueDevil ruin your engine?

No. BlueDevil products, specifically the head gasket sealer does not ruin your car's engine. It does not contain particulate matter that clogs and causes damages to tubes.

4. What is the best head gasket sealer on the market?

The BlueDevil head gasket sealer is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the market. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers a permanent fix to blown head gaskets. In addition, this multi-purpose sealer causes no damage to your engine, which is a concern for many buyers.

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