Best HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy to Boost Performance

Although the 350 Chevy was discontinued in 2004 by General Motors, this V8 engine is still one of the most popular options on the market. The popularity of the model and its ease of maintenance, modifications and rebuilding means many after-market parts are available. The HEI distributor for 350 Chevy is a critical component that transfers high voltage to the cylinders through the spark plugs from the high voltage coil.

GM vehicles require High Energy Ignition distributors to boost the performance of their ignition systems. Installing such an upgrade is often cheap and relatively easy because there are plenty of options depending on your 350 Chevy engine model. Unfortunately, having more choices means that sifting through them can get confusing.

Check out our list of 5 of the best HEI distributors. Also, we have delved into the vital aspects to consider before you buy one for your 350 Chevy. After all, a detailed buying guide will assist in narrowing down the numerous options.

5 Best HEI Distributors for 350 Chevy

1. A-Team Performance Complete Distributor R2R

A-Team Performance R2R Ready 2 Run Complete Distributor Compatible With Chevrolet GM Small Block Big...
  • Ready-To-Run Distributor— Easy-to-install, includes ignition...
  • Specifications — Multi-Pole Reluctor (Hulls Effect) Trigger...
  • Construction — Made from steel gear and aluminum housing...
  • Compatible with Chevrolet Big Block V8 Gen. II (Mark IV) 6.5 L /...
  • Package Inclusions — 1 x A-Team Performance Complete...

The A-Team Performance Distributor R2R is first on our list because of its simple design. This model is geared towards improving performance beyond the capabilities of the original equipment by offering a much higher RPM. Plus, it can help you enhance the engine starting capability for getting off the mark quicker.

This complete distributor utilizes external coils to provide a high voltage output of 35,000 volts at a minimum. Although it does not come with a high output coil, this device is easy to install, and it is compatible with Chevy big block and small block engines. Plus, the Ready-2-Run name shows the design choices that ease installation.

The A-Team Performance Distributor R2R is built to last thanks to its quality aluminum housing and hardened steel gear. This device has an adjustable mechanical advance to allow you to tweak it to fit your 350 Chevy. Also, this component works with a vacuum advance for improving your fuel economy while on the road.


  • It is a direct replacement for both small block and big block Chevy 350 variants.
  • It has an external coil for easy installation.
  • The A-Team Performance HEI distributor gives you the freedom to customize the curve.
  • It offers a terrific balance between great quality and an affordable price.
  • The HEI distributor has a high output voltage of 35,000 volts.
  • You get good performance thanks to the significant increase in RPM.
  • The excellent construction quality of its aluminum housing and hardened steel gears make it durable.
  • It can be used for racing applications.
  • Vacuum advance improves fuel efficiency.
  • Its mechanical advances are adjustable.


  • The Chevy HEI distributor does not come with a coil pre-installed.

2. ACDelco GM Original Equipment Ignition Distributor 93440806

ACDelco 93440806 GM Original Equipment Ignition Distributor
  • Leading manufacturer of high-quality products
  • Constantly modernizing our powerful devices to meet the demands...
  • Made in taiwan
  • Package dimensions : 10.6 l x 8.5 h x 15.6 w (inches)
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

If you are looking for a GM-recommended product, the ACDelco Ignition Distributor should be at the top of your list. This device is designed with good quality in mind to be the perfect replacement as the company comprehensively understands the original equipment. Thus, this HEI distributor will deliver for all Chevy models that use the 350 engines.

This device is made to be simple with a top cap, a switching device, shaft and distributor rotor. Hence, you get quality materials that are durable and offer high performance. Plus, the external housing and other components are long-lasting.

The performance of the ACDelco Ignition Distributor is not modest. Its switching device commands the primary circuit for precise ignition timing. This signal tells the ignition system to turn on or off at the right time to improve your engine's performance.


  • The quality HEI distributor is made by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • It is specific to 350 Chevy engines and guarantees a direct fit.
  • You get a complete unit with a distributor cap, distributor shaft, distributor motor and switching device.
  • The Chevy HEI distributor provides high performance.


  • The ignition module is not as durable as the other entries on this list.

3. MAS Ignition Distributor with Cap and Rotor GM08

MAS Ignition Distributor w/Cap & Rotor GM08 Compatible with Chevy GM SBC 283 305 307 327 350 400 BBC...
  • Make sure Distributor will fit your vehicle check"fitment...
  • HEI complete distributor applications include: 283, 305, 307,...
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DD-SBC-HEI-V8, 850001R, 8362, 850001-2,...
  • All Electronic Module Components Are Computer Tested Before And...
  • 100% Compatible with OEM Parts, meets Original Equipment...

If you want a quality after-market replacement that still meets a modest budget, the MAS Ignition Distributor GM08 fits OEM standards for big block 350 Chevy engines. Every electric component in this HEI distributor is computer tested for guaranteed quality.

Moreover, the device is no slack when it comes to performance as it features sturdy and durable terminals that are excellent at conducting. The components are housed under a strong top cover that has a rustproof coating for protection against corrosion.


  • It uses advanced technologies for the HEI system to ensure high performance.
  • The top cover and housing are durable.
  • The Chevy HEI distributor is affordable.
  • Strong terminals.


  • Quick and easy installation if you are experienced.

4. A-Team Performance HEI1652R Red Cap EFI TBI HEI Distributor

A-Team Performance Small Block Big Block EFI TBI Distributor 1987-1997 5.0L 5.7L 7.4L Compatible...
  • Heavy Duty - with high grade Chromoly Steel Gear
  • A-Team's OEM replacement EFI distributors are direct replacements...
  • CNC-machined aluminum housing, steel internal construction, and a...
  • This distributor will provide OE fit and greatly improved...
  • Includes: 1 x A-Team Performance Small Block Big Block EFI TBI...

If you want the best HEI distributor for heavy-duty applications, the A-Team Performance Distributor Red Cap has what it takes to offer dependability for 350 Chevy big and small block engines. This device can be a direct fit as it meets OEM standards and includes extra enhancements which make it reliable at providing better performance.

The combination of the Chromoly Steel Gear, steel internal construction and the CNC machined aluminum housing set this HEI distributor apart from the rest when it comes to durability. Its magnetic trigger makes the engine more accurate, with better performance guaranteed. Plus, the ignition system of the timing and coil relies on an external computer to ensure it does not miss a step while remaining flexible.

Since this unit relies on an external computer unit for tuning the ignition system instead of a vacuum and mechanical advance, it is more accurate. The advanced technology used in the injection system increases the fuel efficiency of the engine. Plus, the A-Team Performance HEI Distributor Red Cap has fewer mechanical parts than other entries on our list. This feature makes it easier to maintain.


  • CNC machined housing and Chromoly steel gears ensure the durability of the device.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Suitable for big and small block engines.
  • The Chevy HEI distributor offers a direct fit.
  • Offers high performance for heavy-duty applications.
  • The ignition module is accurate, thanks to the external computer unit.


  • You do not get instructions along with the purchase.

5. Assault Racing Products 1035011 Chevy V8 Red Cap Complete HEI Distributor

Assault Racing Products 1035011 Chevy V8 Red Cap Complete HEI Distributor 50k Volt Ignition Coil 305...
  • Red OE style cap
  • Fully CNC machined and polished housing
  • 50,000 volt coil
  • High performance 4-pin module
  • Premium cap with brass terminals

The Assault Racing Products 1035011 Red Cap Complete Distributor features a one-wire hookup that simplifies installation. The construction quality offers improvements in tweaking the ignition connector to parts of your 350 Chevy. Its premium cap protects the internal components from particles that would compromise the high-performance output. Also, the brass terminals and gears ensure it remains durable.

This Assault Racing Distributor has a CNC machined housing that grants improved efficiency to the engine while giving you more control in ensuring the accuracy and speed of your 350 Chevy. Its high voltage coil provides instant throttle response and high performance. The 50,000 volts and 7,500 RPM guarantee you get optimal power.

Finally, the 4-pin ignition module boosts the connectivity to ensure maximum power to your 350 Chevy. The adjustable vacuum advance improves the engine speed while giving you more control over the power. Plus, this HEI distributor is easy to install and comes stocked with all the necessary components.


  • Solid brass terminals and a 4-pin ignition module enhance connectivity.
  • An adjustable vacuum advance helps the engine to run faster.
  • Aluminum and steel construction make this Chevy HEI distributor durable.
  • High-performance guarantee thanks to the high output coil that delivers 50,000 volts and 7,500 RPM, making it suitable for racing applications.
  • It is affordable.
  • One wire hookup makes it easy to install.


  • The Chevy HEI distributor is prone to misfiring.

Factors to Consider When Buying HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy

a). Fit

Buying a new HEI distributor for 350 Chevy can be a daunting task if you are unfamiliar with the various compatibility factors that make a replacement the perfect fit for your engine. Fortunately, most products on the market provide buyers with reliable information on whether the device they are looking for meets the specifications of their 350 Chevy. Thus, this factor should be a priority when looking for the best HEI distributor.

b). Build Quality

Poor quality in the construction materials negatively affects the durability and performance of the unit you want to buy. Ideally, HEI distributors should provide you with years of service to ensure your investment is not wasted. Despite the relative affordability of these devices, going for a subpar one might mean more expenses in the future.

Look for CNC machined, aluminum housing and quality steel construction in the product you want. Also, the best HEI distributor should provide ample protection against rust and debris entering the mechanism. After all, you do not want to start thinking of an alternative to your replacement soon after installing it.

c). Performance Enhancement

The main aim of buying the best HEI distributor is to improve the performance of your 350 Chevy beyond what the original equipment was able to give you. Enhancing the throttle and ignition response of your engine should rank top of your list of vital features.

Reviews are a terrific place to start if you want to know the experience of other users with the product you are eyeing. Besides, looking for the bare minimum may not guarantee durable performance.

d). Reduced Friction

HEI distributors must reduce friction if they want to manage the wear and tear in the devices. However, not all manufacturers have addressed this issue in their products. Thus, try to find one with innovations that reduce friction in their components. Finding a complete unit with this feature will ensure you are not back on the market after a few runs on a replacement device.

e). Safety

Safety caps in HEI distributors are designed to ensure no harm comes to the wires. Whether it is protecting the high output coil or ensuring the connectors are kept safe, a cap is vital to the continued efficient running of the device. Thus, keep the feature in mind when looking for a reliable HEI distributor for 350 Chevy.

f). Cost

Although HEI distributors come at an affordable price point, there are subtle differences in the costs of the devices. The price discrepancies arise from the quality of the components in the device. Going for a cheap option could save you money today, but you may end up spending more if you need a new HEI distributor sooner rather than later.

Paying attention to the specifications and capabilities of the numerous options is the best way to go about making a decision. Consequently, it would help if you spent more time making comparisons instead of looking at the price.

g). Installation

Finding an easy to install Hei distributor can help save money in hiring a professional to help you hook it up. Try to find a device that meets original equipment manufacturer standards, ensuring a more direct fit. Additionally, a user guide further simplifies the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy

1. Do HEI distributors offer better performance than points?

HEI distributors offer more reliable performance than points in terms of speed and durability. Plus, the former requires far little maintenance, which lowers the overall cost of the devices and makes them a more preferred option.

2. How can I tell if my HEI distributor requires a replacement?

If your engine often fails to start or takes longer to do so, you should take it as a sign that you need a new HEI distributor replacement. Also, failing a smog check and reduced fuel economy are other tell-tale signs that you need to get a different device.

3. Do HEI distributors with internal coil designs overheat?

The HEI distributor is not susceptible to overheating because of its efficient design. These devices use thermal epoxy to dissipate heat quickly to cool the system. Consequently, internal coil designs cannot match the lower temperatures that HEI distributors run on.