How To Choose the Road Service?

Road Service Near Me

Have you ever wondered how can You find tow truck near me? This particular thought might never cross your mind. You might be an impeccable driver who never wrecks or puts yourself in a position where your car could get hit, you drive safe in extreme or inclement weather, or you avoid it altogether. You might also be enjoying a newer vehicle that is unlikely to break down. In short, you might be living a life where you never need a tow truck in the first place.

If you are, congratulations and enjoy it, while it lasts. The day will come that you need a tow truck in your area, either do to an accident, freak weather, or your long trusted car just betrays you and does not start or run one day. Even then, you might think that you do not really need to know the best tow truck near you, because you have roadside assistance through your car insurance provider.

This is a wonderful perk and benefit that insurance companies started adding in their increasingly competitive field some years back, and it is a great thing for consumers. It only takes a single phone call to have someone come out and help you get back into your car, get a jump, or deal with a flat tire. These are all services that were once the purview of tow trucks but area also now handled by specialists in smaller vehicles.

There is a downside with relying on your car insurance provider’s roadside assistance program. You get absolutely no choice in what tow truck service comes out to meet you. Since insurance providers are looking to make as much money as they can, they often contract their services out to the lowest bidders. That is not to say the tow trucks the insurance carriers use are not capable professionals, but their response time is going to be on the long side as their fleets and personnel are swamped handling all the calls they get from other insurance customers.


There are also cases where you might need a tow truck but they do not initially send one out. For instance, if your car does not start, they might send a jump specialist with a battery charger in a car or station wagon first. That can be an hour wait, only to find out your battery is charged or won’t jump, and then you wait another hour for the tow truck. Even if you know jumping the battery won’t help, some phone operators will send the jump specialist first as they are following the prompts and protocols on the screens in front of them in a call center that could be thousands of miles away.

There are of course roadside assistance plans other than the budget ones that vehicle insurance carriers provide as a benefit to their policy holders. Some credit cards come with them, as do some new cars. Many also choose an independent plan like BBB as a roadside assistance plan, given the tremendous benefits that come with it. If you ever compare the features and point by point specifics of BBB to an insurance carrier roadside assistance plan, you’ll quickly see how superior it is, particularly in terms of response time and provided towing radius.

So How To Choose the Road Service?

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are going to choose your own tow truck, BBB is something to keep in mind, as not all tow truck companies are part of the Better Business Bureau network. The ones that are have been vetted and are known to be among the better ones in the business, so even if you aren’t using BBB, do remember that any tow truck company or business that shows it is part of the BBB network is one you should consider using.

Of course, having read all of this, you might be wondering why would you ever call a tow truck outside of a roadside assistance plan? Response time is often the biggest factor. While there might be multiple tow trucks available in your area, some of them are going to be part of fleets that answer to BBB and other roadside assistance network calls. They will be swamped, as their guaranteed response times only matter to customers on those plans. Other tow trucks will be busy answering law enforcement and emergency services calls towing vehicles away from wrecks. In between these two categories are going to be trucks not tied down to prearranged contracts that can come help you out far faster than everyone else.

Road-ServiceIf your car breaks down on a Saturday afternoon and you have no plans the rest of the sunny day, then you might be inclined to wait for a truck covered by roadside assistance. On the other hand, if you are on your way to work, you have groceries melting in the trunk, or it’s late at night, you want to get back on the road and to your destination as soon as you can.

If you have a smartphone with a data package and a reliable signal, it does not take long to look up the best tow truck services near you. A recent Google update to local search algorithms means that you will get delivered results based on your current physical location rather than the physical center of the city, which does not help you if you are out in the suburbs. Look over at least three options, and also check their previous customer feedback and ratings on at least two sources for each.

All of that should only take a few minutes and can give you a clue as who to call first, and calling is what you should do. Some tow truck websites might have online service request forms, but it is best to talk to a live human that can tell you how backed up or available they are to come help you out at the moment.

In order to find and contact the best tow truck near you, all you need is a smart phone with decent service and an internet connection. Come to our website, and use our homepage map to click around and find tow trucks near you, or simply browse the directory database for towing companies and their information.

With the service information nicely organized and easy to navigate, you’ll be able to directly call the towing locations and determine their availability right then and there. No going through the typical and mundane automated call process when dealing with insurance and roadside assistance phone lines.

If you want something done faster, it only makes sense to go straight to the source. Sometimes relying on your first option of insurance and roadside assistance isn’t the best choice. The beauty of the free market means there is most likely a tow truck service available for you when you need it.