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Reliable and convenient towing service in Birmingham is crucial. With 20 years of experience, our team is licensed and fully equipped to provide fast and efficient tow truck nearby. Call us anytime as we are available 24/7.



Why We Are the Best Towing Service Provider in Birmingham

As the top towing company in Birmingham, Towing Less has over two decades’ worth of skills to tow any type of vehicle!

We have nothing short of veteran experience in towing everything from 18-wheeler trucks, RVs, and heavy equipment to boats, motorcycles, and other automobiles.

Each person in our team is considered a family member because of how long they have been with us. 

We are dedicated to making our customers feel safe and comfortable by providing 24/7 towing services in Birmingham. 

You can rest assured that we have the patience, expertise, and tools to get the problem solved right and as quickly as possible!

Unexpected incidents can happen on the open road, and we understand how frustrating it can be without a reliable tow truck near you. 

No matter if it’s day or night, our fleet of tow trucks in Birmingham is always ready for your emergency needs.

24/7 Towing Service

When it comes to towing services in Birmingham, our facilities are guaranteed to be open 24/7!

Whether you are in an emergency or looking for a scheduled towing service, our team is available round the clock to provide you with roadside assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days week – and even on weekends and holidays. 

Whenever you are in a tight situation and require an affordable towing service near you immediately, we will be there to protect you and your vehicle!

24-7 Towing Towingless
Fast and Reliable Response Times Towingless

Fast and Reliable Response Times

Here are Towing Less, you can expect to be given an accurate Estimated Time of Arrival so that you know exactly when we will be there to provide assistance. 

Our team of professionals is always available to quickly dispatch a tow truck near you whenever you need it! 

They are able to deliver the required services within minutes of your call. When we say that we’ll be there in 15 minutes, we’ll be there in 15 minutes (or even less).

Cheap Rates

If you are looking for a cheap towing service in Birmingham, Towing Less is your best choice!

We offer the most affordable rates in the city while providing customers with nothing short of first-rate and professional services. 

While generating income is necessary for our operations as a towing company in Birmingham, we put high-quality service and customer care as our top priority. 

We make sure to only discuss payment and service fees once the motorist and their vehicle are safe and secured.

Cheap Rates Towingless
Experienced and Certified Professionals Towingless

Experienced and Certified Professionals

Prudence is an essential factor to put into consideration when choosing a towing service in Birmingham. 

At Towing Less, our customers can be assured that our technicians are certified, dependable, and highly experienced. 

We have been operating as a towing company in Birmingham since 1998 and are completely insured, licensed, and accredited to provide a tow truck near you in an instant. 

Each employee has been background-checked and screened before they were allowed to handle our tow trucks in Birmingham.

Best Towing Equipment

The many years that we’ve been a successful towing company isn’t just because of our excellent service. 

We always see to it that the equipment we use and our tow trucks in Birmingham are the latest that you can find!

At Towing Less, our top-notch tools and equipment are reliable and here to serve your every need. 

Clients can always count on our towing company in Birmingham to provide them with the most dependable tow trucks that are in pristine and well-maintained condition.

Best Towing Equipment Towingless
Customer Satisfaction Towingless

Customer Satisfaction

Towing Less is the number one towing company in Birmingham known for exemplary customer service. 

Our team has a deep understanding that good service is one that is fast, friendly, and extends far above and beyond customer expectations. 

You can experience a different level of care from our highly skilled technicians to our caring call center agents. 

As the leading provider of towing services in Birmingham, we never let our customers down because there is no roadside situation that we cannot handle!

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you are driving – our professionally trained staff can solve your problem as fast and efficiently as possible. 

They are incredibly familiar with the areas they operate out of and even use an advanced GPS system that will guide them right to your location!

Before providing a tow truck in Birmingham, our licensed mechanics are equipped to diagnose and repair your vehicle on-site if possible so that there will be no need for towing.

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible Towingless
Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service Towingless

Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service

For several years, Towing Less has been able to safeguard its reputation as the best towing company in Birmingham by continuously providing first-rate service to our customers. 

The reputation we have established for exemplary towing services in Birmingham extends throughout the entire country!

We understand how frustrating and terrifying a roadside problem can be, which is why we are dedicated to giving our clients peace of mind when providing our services and tow trucks in Birmingham. 

Towing Less is known for putting your safety and satisfaction above all else.

About TowingLess 

Our company has 20 years of combined experience and skills to tow any type of vehicle, including motorcycles, boats, RVs, heavy equipment, 18-wheeler trucker and other automobiles. If you have any questions or would like to order our services, just pick your city and call our professionals directly.

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Other Services in Birmingham

Aside from providing tow trucks in Birmingham, we also offer different roadside services that you may require depending on your vehicle’s circumstances: 

Roadside Assistance

With several years of experience under our belts, our team of experts continues to provide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance from gas delivery and car lockouts to different types of auto repair and parking enforcement.

Mobile Mechanic

We also provide 24-hour mobile mechanic services for any kind of roadside trouble that you may encounter. Our skilled mobile technicians are equipped to repair your car with maximum convenience and as fast as possible.

Wrecker Service

Towing Less is well known for having the largest network of wrecker services available in the United States. We have the tools and equipment to handle any type of vehicle, from SUVs to sports cars.

Automobile Locksmith

You can always count on Towing Less for having qualified auto locksmiths available that can provide you with a variety of lockout services. Our skilled technicians are fully capable of unlocking your vehicle with care.

Motorcycle Towing - Icon

Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle towing is a complex process that requires tons of experience and an incredible amount of care. Our clients can rest assured that the team of experts at Towing Less provides excellent motorcycle towing services.

Mobile Tire Service

Changing a flat tire can be a basic task but there are many scenarios on the road when it can lead to an accident. Towing Less offers professional tire change services to ensure your safety.

FAQ on Birmingham

If you have any specific concerns that you have in mind, here is our list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our towing services in Birmingham: 

What types of towing services do you offer in Birmingham?

Our towing services in Birmingham include Long Distance Towing, Flatbed Towing, Wheel Lift Towing, Emergency Towing, and many more!

When it comes to providing roadside tow trucks in Birmingham, we've dealt with them all. We offer maximum reliability because we understand that you need assistance and you need it quickly.

How long will it take for a tow truck to arrive?

At Towing Less, our team will give you an accurate Estimated Time of Arrival that you can count on. 

In general, if our technicians state that they’ll be there in 15 to 20 minutes, you can expect that they will be there in 15 minutes or even less than that.

Can you tow my vehicle from one part of Birmingham to another?

Yes. The team at Towing Less is fully equipped to provide towing services throughout most areas in Birmingham!

No matter what time of the day it is, our professional technicians and mechanics are highly trained and always available to arrive as quickly as possible with a tow truck in Birmingham.

What payment methods do you accept?

To make things as convenient as possible for you, Towing Less offers a variety of payment options that you can use. 

The payment methods we accept for a tow truck in Birmingham include cash, debit cards, mobile payment applications on your smartphone, and credit cards such as MasterCard and VISA.

How much does towing cost in Birmingham?

Prices for our tow truck services in Birmingham are the best in the area. They may vary depending on certain factors in line with your vehicle’s condition. 

However, in general, our towing service costs $45 / $ 65 plus $5 per mile. Flatbed towing services have an additional $25 charge for hook-up.

What areas do you serve in Birmingham?

Some of the communities that we offer towing services to in Birmingham include Fairfield, Jefferson, Dolomite, Shannon, Pleasant Grove, Docena, Bessemer, Watson, Fultondale, Mulga, Adamsville, Brookside, Pelham, New Castle, Cardiff, Graysville, Mount Olive, Helena, Gardendale, Chelsea, Alton, Siluria, Alabaster, Sayre, Maylene, Leeds, Quinton, Morris, Trussville, Sterrett, Saginaw, and many more.

Are your tow truck drivers licensed and insured?

Yes. As the best towing company in Birmingham, all of our operations have successfully met the legal requirements. 

We guarantee that each of our highly trained tow truck operators and crew members is licensed, insured, and accredited. Clients can rest assured that their vehicles are in safe and experienced hands.

What do I need to do to get my car towed in Birmingham?

All you need to do for a tow truck in Birmingham is to contact Towing Less. You can simply call our customer service line on the phone to indicate your location and explain your situation. 

Our service technician will then provide you with an estimate for the tow truck’s arrival.

Call Us Now 

Towing Less is a fully registered towing company in Birmingham that is highly knowledgeable in providing all types of roadside assistance. 

Whether you simply ran out of gas or are looking at a completely totaled vehicle, your safety and convenience are our number one concern. 

You can rest assured that our professional crew will always be available to help you in an instant!

With their extensive training, there is nothing that our team of experts cannot do. 

If you’re looking for quick, reliable, professional, efficient, and hassle-free towing services near you at affordable rates, give Towing Less a call today!

Our Location and Service Areas in Birmingham, AL

Towing Less, 2075 Valleydale Terrace Suite B, Birmingham, AL 35244, (205) 225-7137

Communities we serve: Birmingham, Fairfield, Jefferson, Dolomite, Shannon, Pleasant Grove, Docena, Bessemer, Watson, Fultondale, Mulga, Adamsville, Brookside, Pelham, New Castle, Cardiff, Graysville, Mount Olive, Helena, Gardendale, Chelsea, Alton, Siluria, Alabaster, Sayre, Maylene, Leeds, Quinton, Morris, Trussville, Sterrett, Saginaw, Mc Calla, Vandiver, Dora, Kimberly, Clay, Pinson, Sumiton, Abernant, Adger, Palmerdale, Moody, Green Pond, Columbiana, Warrior, Empire, Westover, Goodsprings, Trafford, Montevallo, Margaret, Cordova, Harpersville, Wilsonville, Woodstock, Calera, Cook Springs, Sipsey, Vincent, Wilton, Odenville, Remlap, Kellerman, Parrish, Brookwood, West Blocton, Vance, Brierfield, Hayden, Cropwell, Springville, Locust Fork, Childersburg, Oakman, Pell City, Shelby, Bon Air, Jasper, Bremen, Alpine, Coaling, Allgood, Wattsville, Jemison, Peterson, Cleveland, Garden City, Cottondale, Sylacauga, Burnwell, Randolph, Riverside, Hanceville, Centreville, Oneonta, Tuscaloosa, Thorsby, Crane Hill, Townley, Sycamore, Northport, Ragland, Ashville, Berry, Lincoln, Talladega, Weogufka, Clanton, Duncanville, Brent, Arley, Lawley, Logan, Samantha, Cullman, Steele, Hollins, Carbon Hill, Blountsville, Maplesville, Nauvoo, Bankston, Gallant, Coker, Kansas, Eastaboga, Altoona, Walnut Grove, Holly Pond, Ohatchee, Houston, Verbena, Rockford, Goodwater, Eldridge, Fosters, Double Springs, Horton, Rainbow City, Gadsden, Moundville, Lynn, Douglas, Attalla, Kellyton, Natural Bridge, Boaz, Delmar, Equality, 35004, 35005, 35006, 35007, 35013, 35014, 35015, 35020, 35021, 35022, 35023, 35031, 35032, 35033, 35034, 35035, 35036, 35038, 35040, 35041, 35042, 35043, 35044, 35045, 35046, 35048, 35049, 35051, 35052, 35053, 35054, 35055, 35056, 35057, 35060, 35061, 35062, 35063, 35064, 35068, 35070, 35071, 35072, 35073, 35074, 35077, 35078, 35079, 35080, 35082, 35083, 35085, 35089, 35091, 35094, 35096, 35097, 35098, 35111, 35112, 35114, 35115, 35116, 35117, 35118, 35119, 35120, 35121, 35123, 35124, 35125, 35126, 35127, 35128, 35130, 35131, 35133, 35135, 35136, 35137, 35139, 35142, 35143, 35144, 35146, 35147, 35148, 35149, 35150, 35151, 35160, 35161, 35171, 35172, 35173, 35176, 35178, 35180, 35181, 35182, 35183, 35184, 35185, 35186, 35187, 35188, 35201, 35202, 35203, 35204, 35205, 35206, 35207, 35208, 35209, 35210, 35211, 35212, 35213, 35214, 35215, 35216, 35217, 35218, 35219, 35220, 35221, 35222, 35223, 35224, 35225, 35226, 35228, 35229, 35230, 35231, 35232, 35233, 35234, 35235, 35236, 35237, 35238, 35240, 35242, 35243, 35244, 35245, 35246, 35249, 35253, 35254, 35255, 35259, 35260, 35261, 35263, 35266, 35277, 35278, 35279, 35280, 35281, 35282, 35283, 35285, 35286, 35287, 35288, 35289, 35290, 35291, 35292, 35293, 35294, 35295, 35296, 35297, 35298, 35299, 35401, 35402, 35403, 35404, 35405, 35406, 35407, 35440, 35444, 35449, 35452, 35453, 35456, 35463, 35468, 35473, 35474, 35475, 35476, 35478, 35482, 35485, 35486, 35487, 35490, 35501, 35502, 35503, 35504, 35541, 35542, 35546, 35549, 35550, 35551, 35553, 35554, 35560, 35572, 35573, 35575, 35577, 35578, 35579, 35580, 35584, 35587, 35901, 35902, 35904, 35906, 35907, 35952, 35953, 35954, 35956, 35964, 35972, 35980, 35987, 35990, 36026, 36091, 36260, 36271, 36745, 36750, 36792, 36793

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