Tow Truck Service Near You in West Palm Beach


At TowingLess in West Palm Beach, we provide fast and dependable 24/7 towing services with competitive pricing and top-notch customer service. Our priority is to get you back on the road quickly and safely.



Why Are We the Best Towing Service Provider in West Palm Beach?

Here at TowingLess, our dedicated towing crew works hard to provide the best towing service near you in West Palm Beach! We understand the stress that motor vehicle problems can cause.

From the moment we receive your call, you will notice the difference between our service and other companies out there. 

Don’t get put on the back burner by a towing service ever again, or risk unprofessional service and inexperienced handlers. 

Our experienced and certified professional team will be on the site urgently upon receiving your call, whether you call at 2 am or on a public holiday. 

When it is possible, we can even make on-site diagnoses of motor vehicle issues and repair them then and there!

Tows involve only the best towing equipment, and you won’t be sold up the river either. Honest, low prices are just the beginning of an outstanding service that we are proud to provide. Read on to find out more about what makes us the best!

24/7 Towing Service

Years of towing experience have taught us that the unexpected doesn’t take holidays or clock off at 5 pm. 

However, some of your competitors do! 

If you are caught out at any time of day or night, even on Sundays and holidays, then you can count on TowingLess. Our 24/7 service is always professional, understanding, and fast.

24-7 Towing Towingless
Fast and Reliable Response Times Towingless

Fast and Reliable Response Times

Over the years, TowingLess has developed systems to make response times fast and reliable. 

Our team moves like clockwork to pick up the phone, communicate about your needs, and show up on the scene. 

Experience has taught our towing team about the myriad of vehicle issues that can crop up on the road, so we know how to help you as quickly as possible. Emergency car assistance could mean a lot of things, and we cover it all.

Cheap Rates

Finding a towing service that you can trust isn’t all that easy! In a pinch, you might end up on the other side of the phone with Uncle Scrooge in disguise as a towing company. 

Even worse could be dealing with a company that flaunts too-good-to-be-true prices! These cheap rates can lead to unreliable, unprofessional, and tardy service. Employees may also be underpaid and inexperienced. 

That’s why it’s wise to keep TowingLess in your back pocket, where you will always receive honest, low rates! 

We don’t aim to desperately cash-grab; instead, our goal is always to provide the best towing service near you.

Cheap Rates Towingless
Experienced and Certified Professionals Towingless

Experienced and Certified Professionals

Our towing service near you in West Palm Beach is professional, experienced, and certified. 

Be cautious when choosing providers; amateur towing services can not only waste your time but also cause further damage to your vehicle!

Why would you settle for scratches – or worse? Our team is expertly trained and dedicated to upholding the TowingLess reputation. 

After a tow, your vehicle will be returned in the best possible condition, having been thoroughly looked after.

Best Towing Equipment

TowingLess uses the best modern towing equipment specific to your needs!

Our expert understanding of vehicles and towing them safely means we will dispatch different tow trucks for different jobs. 

You can be sure that you will receive personalized help, and that no one’s time is wasted.

Best Towing Equipment Towingless
Customer Satisfaction Towingless

Customer Satisfaction

20 years in the Towing Service business has presented its ups and downs - but leaving customers satisfied with our outstanding service is what drives us to keep up the good work! 

Don’t take our word for it; find out yourself from our customers’ testimonies:

“Wow, I cannot believe how great the service was. I have worked with numerous towing firms in the past, but nothing could ever compare to the service I received with this company….” - Irene Jacobs 

Read more reviews here!

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible

To maximize convenience for you, we can diagnose and repair some issues on-site! 

If you need a tire changed, a gas refill, a battery replacement, a jumpstart, or any other minor repair, we will do our best to repair it on-site while you wait. This makes our service faster and more affordable for many customers!

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible Towingless
Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service Towingless

Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service

TowingLess has helped over 100,000 drivers get back on the road since 1998, and the West Palm Beach service near you is no exception to this history and quality reputation. 

Our team near you is well-known and highly trusted; we simply love what we do.

About TowingLess 

Our company has 20 years of combined experience and skills to tow any type of vehicle, including motorcycles, boats, RVs, heavy equipment, 18-wheeler trucker and other automobiles. If you have any questions or would like to order our services, just pick your city and call our professionals directly.

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Other Services in West Palm Beach

Here is a down-low on some of the other quality roadside assistance our towing team offers near you. These services are also just a call away:

Roadside Assistance

This could include solving any number of really common breakdown culprits. You might have run out of gas, or perhaps you need a jump start or a tire change.

 From big to small, we offer roadside assistance and on-site repairs according to your needs. Not sure of the problem? Our expert team can diagnose it for you.  

Mobile Mechanic

Car battery replacement is one of our most popular services, made possible by our mobile mechanic expert! If you are stranded out of town (scary!), or just outside your kid’s school, we can perform a number of mechanical fixes including battery replacement and others. 

We can fix your motor vehicle onsite and get you back to normal ASAP!

Wrecker Service

TowingLess offers the fastest Wrecker service in West Palm Beach, ensuring that you are prepared should the unexpected happen. 

Our wrecker service is the top of the industry near you because of our efficiency and expertise; competitors simply don’t have the experience. Our wrecker service will take the panic out of accidents.

Automobile Locksmith

Locked out of your car? Need to get somewhere urgently? We will dispatch one of our automobile locksmiths to get you into your vehicle again!

These situations can be very stressful – just imagine locking your keys in the car on a hot day, with your dog or baby in the back seat. Jot down our number 561-793-8697 and keep it with you for locksmith services in emergencies!

Motorcycle Towing - Icon

Motorcycle Towing

We tow everything – and motorcycles are no exception. We know that motorcycle towing requires expertise, patience, and experience. 

You can’t afford to let your motorcycle be towed if these qualities are lacking, which is why you should choose us as your service provider in emergencies. We will be there rapidly with the right experience and equipment to tow your bike.

Mobile Tire Service

Here at TowingLess, we also offer a professional tire change service!

Tires are more intricate than you expect and an incorrect replacement can end up costing hundreds or thousands later on – or even lead to an accident.  

No matter the curveballs that you get thrown on your next drive, we take pride in offering you a myriad of fast and appropriate solutions. 

Dependability drives us. Seeing you satisfied and confident on the road makes this job so rewarding for the whole TowingLess team at West Palm Beach. Call us today!

FAQ on West Palm Beach Towing Service

What types of towing services do you offer in West Palm Beach?

Whatever you need! We can take your car to the nearest mechanic or to wherever you'd like it. We can tow any type of vehicle, including rowboats, 18-wheel truckers, cars, motorcycles, RV’s, and heavy equipment. We also offer on-site repairs when possible and general roadside assistance.

How long will it take for a tow truck to arrive?

We will dispatch our tow truck to you as soon as we get your call for assistance. This will depend on your distance from our dispatcher. Rest assured that assisting you is our number one priority no matter if it is peak hours or the middle of the night.

Can you tow my vehicle from one part of West Palm Beach to another?

Yes! We will tow your vehicle long or short distances and leave it wherever you'd like. We can take it to your trusted mechanic or your residential area.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all manner of payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, or cash. Bank transfers could also be available situationally; give us a call and we will sort you out! Maximum convenience for you is our goal.

How much does towing cost in West Palm Beach?

Our Towing Service normally costs an affordable $45/$65 Hook-up + $5/mile. This can vary slightly depending on specifics and if you need other roadside assistance.

What areas do you serve in West Palm Beach?

We tow over the whole of the West Palm Beach area! We are the best towing service near you; give us a call and we will come find you.

Are your tow truck drivers licensed and insured?

Yes, our Towing team is 100% licensed, professionally insured, and professionally certified. Some of our competitors may employ non-expert, unlicensed drivers. This is a huge risk for you and your vehicle’s safety; instead, go with the certified TowingLess team.

What do I need to do to get my car towed in West Palm Beach?

Simply call 561-793-8697 to get your car towed in West Palm Beach. You will be put in touch with a human so you can explain your situation and location. We’ll come to your rescue without hesitation!

Call Us Now 

Call us now at 561-793-8697 for immediate 24/7 Towing Service help near you in West Palm Beach. 

Don’t hesitate to call for a tow truck or other kind of assistance if you need fast service and top-notch consideration as a valued customer. 

If you have any questions about our West Palm Beach Towing, you can give us a call now as well; the team always has time to answer your questions. 

Our guarantee is rapid assistance no matter your situation, from the moment we answer your call to the moment we wave you happily on your way.

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