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If you need immediate roadside assistance, contact TowingLess now. We offer 24/7 towing service in Columbus that is reliable, affordable, and quick.



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Why Are We the Best Towing Service Provider in Columbus?

Towing Less can help you find a tow truck that New Columbus residents can trust to handle various towing needs. As the most trusted cheap towing service Columbus has to offer, we’re constantly improving our options and striving to provide you with fair, reasonable, and practical towing help. That’s because we care about the Columbus area and want to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

We aim to get your vehicle where it needs to be and keep you safe. All of our towers are professionally trained to handle a myriad of different situations. As a result, it’s essential to reach out to us if you’re in a tricky and potentially dangerous towing situation and aren’t sure where to turn. As the most trusted towing company in Columbus, we’re ready to provide the professional-level service that the area deserves, delivered with a smile to suit you.

24/7 Towing

Did you get stranded long after other towing companies have closed? Don’t worry because we can help! Towing Less has 24/7 support and will make sure that you find a tow truck near me that meets your needs.

Even if you’re stranded on the side of the road at four in the morning, we will get to you as soon as possible. Our team knows that life can sometimes take some pretty unexpected routes, and we can give you the help needed to keep your vehicle and yourself safe from harm.

24-7 Towing Towingless
Fast and Reliable Response Times Towingless

Fast and Reliable Response Times

Have you ever called a cheap towing service near me and found yourself waiting far too long? Slow response times not only waste your time but potentially put you and your vehicle at risk.

That’s why our team at Towing Less strives to provide fast and safe responses. You won’t be waiting for hours from us because we have a large and effective team that will respond quickly and get to you ASAP using GPS and other tracking support systems.

Cheap Rates

Towing doesn’t have to feel like a scam if you work with our team at Towing Less! We provide a reasonably priced Columbus towing service for people from all walks of life.

Our team will ask about your budget and try to find a towing option that makes sense for you. We’re not interested in charging you unnecessarily high expenses. Instead, we strive to provide fair and reasonable costs that will ensure you can afford our services.

Cheap Rates Towingless
Experienced and Certified Professionals Towingless

Experienced and Certified Professionals

Each of our towing team members receives expert training and certification before they ever take to the road. They’ve already mastered the fine art of towing and have the paperwork to prove it!

We’ll never understand why our competitors settle for anything less than the best. It’s our goal to provide the expert-level support you need from a team that has your back. Just as importantly, we regularly upgrade their certification and training to provide quality work.

Best Towing Equipment

Towing might seem simple to some people, but high-quality equipment is critical. At Towing Less, we make sure to utilize only the most updated and effective tools possible.

We work hard to stay on towing’s cutting edge to provide you with the satisfaction you need. You’ll never see an old and run-down truck with us! Instead, we continually update our fleet to ensure it’s modern and effective.

Best Towing Equipment Towingless
Customer Satisfaction Towingless

Customer Satisfaction

All you have to do is check our customer review section to gauge our service quality! Our team has a fantastic reputation and is often considered the best Columbus towing company in the region.

That’s because we put your needs first and continually work to keep you happy. It’s critical to us that we feel satisfied with every service we provide. That’s why each of our trainers gets specialized customer service training: to ensure great and effective work.

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible

Have you ever been on your way to work, blown a tire, and wasted your whole day getting it fixed? Our team can provide on-site diagnosis and repairs for many common problems.

While we can’t do major repairs like engine replacement, we can handle changing your tire, filling up your gas tank, and much more. That dedication to your vehicle can get you back on the road more quickly and ensure that you aren’t spending your day waiting in a repair shop.

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible Towingless
Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service Towingless

Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service

Any fly-by-night towing firm can get a few great reviews and call themselves the best. But Towing Less’s reputation for quality comes from decades of service.

If you check out our reviews, you’ll see that some go back to the early ages of the internet. Do you know what you’ll find, even back them? A commitment to excellent, quality service and professionalism. It’s a tradition at Towing Less to go one step further than our competitors in every way.

About TowingLess 

Towing Less has over 20 years of experience as a Columbus towing service and has served hundreds of customers over the years. It’s long been a tradition for Columbus residents to say, “Just call Towing Less” when visitors break down on the road. Our name is synonymous with the best cheap towing service in Columbus, and we’re who Columbus calls when they need a tow truck.

Over the years, we’ve been featured in Columbus newscasts for service professionalism and quality. Furthermore, we’ve paired with many auto shops around the city to ensure that your vehicle gets where it needs to go. As the most popular towing company in Columbus, we’ve steadily built up a strong reputation with our customers and have expanded across the nation to provide expert service. 

It’s our dedication to service quality, customer satisfaction, and effective repairs that make us so popular. We’re simply the best at what we do, and Columbus knows it. Staffed by fully licensed locals with a true passion for towing, we’re here to provide you with the specialized help that you need. We believe our reputation truly speaks for itself and think that you’ll enjoy working with our team of experts.

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Other Services in Columbus

When searching for a towing company in Columbus with diverse services, make sure you check out our options! So, when you look for a cheap towing service near me and find us first in your search results, you’ll know why: no other service provides the same level of quality and diverse service.

Mobile Mechanic

Our mobile mechanic team can provide you with help managing everything from a quick jump start to more serious problems. We hire only the most skilled mechanical crew to ensure quality and will work hard to give you the detailed and effective service that you deserve for your vehicle.

Wrecker Service

Did you just get into a serious crash that totaled your vehicle? Or did you get into a fender bender and can’t drive your car? Our wrecker service can carefully and quickly move your car where it needs to go, ensuring that you don’t experience any long-term complications.

Automobile Locksmith

Getting locked out of a car is a frustrating and embarrassing situation. However, our skilled locksmiths can get you back in and on the road in no time. We have a variety of tools that we can use to give you access, including various high-tech devices that get your doors open fast and effectively.

Motorcycle Towing - Icon

Motorcycle Towing

Not every towing company in Columbus provides motorcycle support. We’re not sure why, but we’re here to help you if your bike breaks down! Our team has specialized towing trucks that can haul motorcycles and ensure that you get them where they need to go ASAP.

Mobile Tire Service

When you need tire help, our team at Towing Less is here for you! We provide the cheap towing service Columbus needs to manage tire problems, such as flats, wheel issues, and much more. Just contact us, and we’ll make sure that you get the best results possible for your needs.

FAQ on Columbus Towing Service

If you’re looking for a tow truck in New Columbus and want to work with us, it’s important to know a bit more about us. The following FAQs are things that just about every cheap towing service in Columbus gets asked at some point. Read through these each to figure out which applies to you.

What types of towing services do you offer in Columbus?

Our team offers a myriad of different services, including long-distance towing, flatbed towing, wheel lift towing, emergency towing, motorcycle towing, off-road vehicle recovery, parking enforcement, gas delivery, auto repair, mobile mechanic help, car lockout, locksmith, wrecking help, battery replacement, tire change, and jump starts.

How long will it take for a tow truck to arrive?

When you work with our Columbus towing service, you can expect us to arrive between 15 and 30 minutes after you call us. We can’t guarantee time faster than that because there are many factors at play, such as your location. However, we can and do sometimes get there faster!

Can you tow my vehicle from one part of Columbus to another?

Typically, we can tow you wherever you need to go! For example, we can tow you to another mechanic across town to ensure you get the service you need.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our team accepts most types of payment! We’re on the cutting edge of payment systems and take card-based systems that sync up with our phones, as well as various internet-based options. This diverse array of choices should make it easier for you to pay for your tow.

How much does towing cost in Columbus?

Your cost will vary heavily based on many factors, including what kind of tow you need, which truck we use, your insurance coverage, and much more. We can talk about that more with you when you call us, though expect costs to be fair and reasonable compared to other Columbus towing services.

What areas do you serve in Columbus?

We cover just about everywhere in Columbus! Towing Less knows its way around the area and feels comfortable providing cheap and effective towing trucks near you. Contact us if you live in Columbus and need a tow truck team who understands the area.

Are your tow truck drivers licensed and insured?

Yes, all of our drivers are fully licensed and insured to keep you safe! When you seek out any cheap towing service near me, that is the first thing to verify. Thankfully, we’re here to tell you that our drivers are only of the highest quality and more than ready to work with you.

What do I need to do to get my car towed in Columbus?

You should have payment and basic information about your car, such as its registration and insurance. Having this information ensures that we can process your tow quickly and efficiently. Don't forget to stay in touch with us regularly to streamline your towing process.

Call Us Now

If you’re searching for a cheap towing service near me, just copy (614) 470-4011 into your phone and call us right now. At Towing Less, we’re more than ready to help you get the service that you need! Our team is constantly standing by and stays in touch with our home base to ensure high service quality. When you call us, we’ll take your information down quickly and assess your situation. Then, we’ll provide you with prompt and efficient service to keep you safe. Our goal is to get you home so fast that it’s like nothing ever happened. Please make the right choice and call us today to get towing help.

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