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Las Vegas is definitely one of the most amazing cities in the United States. It is full of fun and exciting venues. In fact, it is safe to say that living in Las Vegas is pretty great. Nevertheless, you can still run into problems from time to time. We understand this firsthand, since we deal with it on a daily basis. Sadly, everyone is going to experience automobile problems at some point. When you do, you’ll want to fix the problem right away. This is where we enter the picture. Towing Less aims to help residents of Las Vegas when they experience a breakdown, dead battery or an empty gas tank.

While it might be hard to understand initially, most vehicles are fairly reliable, yet fairly fragile. It doesn’t take very much to cause a vehicle accident or a vehicle malfunction. And of course, the vehicle itself isn’t always the source of the problem. In some cases, the consumer may have made the mistake. You could’ve left your keys inside of your vehicle or you might have forgotten to purchase gasoline. Whether you’re responsible or the vehicle has simply quit on you, it is time to make contact with Towing Less.

24 Hour Tow Truck in Las Vegas

We are one of the most well-rounded service providers in Las Vegas. We can provide jumpstarts, gas delivery, tows and everything in between. We can even change your tire, if you’ve noticed that it is flat or is leaking air. No matter what problem you’re experiencing, you should not hesitate to reach out to our local Las Vegas office. We offer a wide range of full towing packages for the Las Vegas area. Our goal is to ensure everyone who is dealing with a malfunctioning vehicle that we can transport it to any location.

Las Vegas Towing Services

Other Services in Las Vegas

We offer auto towing, flatbed towing, local towing, out-of-state towing, hook and chain towing and wheel-lift towing. If you are unfamiliar with these towing services, please feel free to contact our office.  One of our phone operators will answer your questions to the best of their knowledge. You can also speak with one of our technicians at any time of the day or night. We do request our customers to provide us with some notice for out-of-state towing. This requires us to take one of our technicians out of the field, so we will need to make some adjustments in our work schedule.

If you have an older vehicle that you want to dispose of we can help you do just that. Our technicians will arrive to your home, load the vehicle onto the tow truck and transport it to the local junkyard. We offer affordable and competitive pricing for this service. So, do not let that unsightly vehicle alter the appearance of your property. If you would like a price quote, please feel free to contact our office.

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Las Vegas Towing Services

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Being stranded on the side of a highway or in an isolated parking lot after dark can be rather frightening. Hiring a new service provider can also cause fear and anxiety. For this reason, our company has found ways to identify both our technicians are work vehicles. All of our technicians wear uniforms with the company name and the employee’s name printed on a label in a visible area of the shirt. Our fleet of vehicles is also plastered with our company logo and name, so you can identify it from afar. 

When you hire us to tow your vehicle, change a tire or recharge the battery, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you can identify us. We take the extra step to give our customers peace of mind. We want you to have the most pleasant and convenient experience possible. This is why we aim to remove the guesswork from the equation. Our technicians are well versed in automobiles and they’re more than capable of fixing a variety of unique problems. 

Las Vegas Tow Truck

Our technician will handle each and every aspect of the tow to ensure you do not have to worry about anything. We’ll definitely go to great lengths to quell your concerns and make your life a little bit easier.

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While we have plenty of competition, we still believe that we’re the consumer’s best choice. This is not an empty statement. We backup our boldness by delivering a great service. Plus, we believe that our work ethic is truly unparalleled by our competitors.

  • We’re willing to work twenty-four hours a day. We do not take off the weekends and we also work on the holidays. Our company doesn’t take a day off, so we can help you at any time.
  • Our team is thoroughly skilled and trained to get the job done right on the first attempt. They have been trained to treat the client and their automobile with the upmost respect. We’ll get your vehicle to the desired location unscathed.
  • We’re more than willing to think outside of the box to find a solution to your problem. We can fix a variety of problems, including flat tires, dead batteries, and more.
  • We always look out for the best interest of our client. We make sure our prices remain low and we maintain transparency to give the client the most reassurance.
  • We’re licensed, bonded and insured. More importantly, our reputation speaks wonders about the service that you’ll receive from us.

At Towing Less, we strive on a daily basis to push the boundaries and continually deliver an outstanding service to the residents of Las Vegas. If there is something we can do better, we’ll make it happen. We’re always looking for new consumers to help, so we hope you’ll give us a chance to help you.

Towing Less, 401 Vandalia St #26, Las Vegas, NV 89106, (725) 215-0445

Communities we serve: Henderson, North Las Vegas, The Lakes, Blue Diamond, Boulder City, Nellis Afb, Jean, Searchlight, Indian Springs, Mountain Pass, Temple Bar Marina, Nipton, Moapa, Overton, Pahrump, Logandale, Dolan Springs, Mercury, 86441, 86443, 88901, 88905, 89004, 89005, 89006, 89009, 89011, 89012, 89014, 89015, 89016, 89018, 89019, 89021, 89023, 89025, 89026, 89030, 89031, 89032, 89033, 89036, 89040, 89041, 89046, 89048, 89052, 89053, 89060, 89061, 89070, 89074, 89077, 89084, 89086, 89101, 89102, 89103, 89104, 89106, 89107, 89108, 89109, 89110, 89111, 89112, 89113, 89114, 89115, 89116, 89117, 89118, 89119, 89120, 89121, 89122, 89123, 89124, 89125, 89126, 89127, 89128, 89129, 89130, 89131, 89132, 89133, 89134, 89135, 89136, 89137, 89138, 89139, 89141, 89142, 89143, 89144, 89145, 89146, 89147, 89148, 89149, 89150, 89151, 89152, 89153, 89154, 89155, 89156, 89159, 89160, 89162, 89163, 89164, 89170, 89173, 89177, 89180, 89185, 89191, 89193, 89195, 89199, 92364, 92366

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