Roadside Assistance in New York City (NYC)

Every responsible car owner should plan ahead for possible breakdowns on the road. One’s car trunk can’t hold all the necessities to circumvent any emergency, but luckily, all you need are two things – a working telephone and the phone number of our roadside assistance in New York City company!

Why choose us?

New York City Roadside Assistance

We are a fully licensed team of professionals with one goal in mind – your safety on the road. Our tow trucks are top of the line, varying from hook and chain trucks, flatbed and wheel lift tow trucks, capable of handling any type of vehicle. Whether you have a motorcycle, small or large car, an SUV or even a luxury car, we can help you. A tow truck will lift your vehicle onto the flatbed, strap it down for safety and transport it to your desired destination. Our roadside assistance company, understand that a car is a valuable commodity, and take every precaution not to damage your vehicle during towing. If any damage due towing is sustained, our company will cover the cost of repairs.

24 hour roadside assistance in New York City

Besides towing, we provide a multitude of other roadside assistance, such as retrieving your car from hazard areas, wrecker service in case you have an irreparable car you would like towed to the scrapyard, gas delivery, on sight mechanics, locksmiths in case you have been locked out of your car, tire or battery changes, and many more.

If you are in need of roadside assistance in New York City or the surrounding area, there is no need to worry. We are available 24/7 for all your emergency needs.

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