Old Ramsey Winch Models: Are They Still Worth It?

old ramsey winch models

Old Ramsey brand has a reputation for high-quality and rugged electric, hydraulic and all types of winches, and these options have made the brand popular. However, they are not among the brands that are still loud in the industry today, and although they are not in everyone's mouth, they are not forgotten.

Unfortunately, more and more brands have come up and overshadowed Ramsey, so one might wonder if Ramsey winches can stand up to the modern-day winches. So dive in to understand if the old winch models can stand up to the modern ones.

History of Ramsey

Ramsey was founded by Claude Ramsey, who named it after himself, and it has headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Claude started with the first-ever mounted winch that draws power from the Crankshaft, but the story has changed as the brand now boasts of diverse winches which have stood the test of time.

The Ramsey Winch company is a leader in manufacturing electric and hydraulic worm gear, planetary hoists, and planetary winches. The winches are popular for their dependability, durability, endurance and quality thanks to their manufacture with premium materials and highly trained engineers.

We have compiled this review to answer your question so let's get started with the two old Ramsey winches below.

1. Ramsey 112162 Winch

Ramsey 112162 Winch (RE, 12,000 pounds, Roller Fairlead, Power in/Out, RE 3/8" x 100' Cable, 12'...
  • Strong worm gear - provides load reversing protection. Motor and...
  • Exclusive semi-automatic RAM-LOK clutch disengages for free...
  • Provided with a 12 ft. Pendant and wireless remote
  • 6Ft. 2 gauge battery cable with connectors. 4 way roller fairlead
  • Designed, engineered, & assembled in the USA

Ramsey 112162 Winch model was introduced in the market in late 2012, handling a weight of up to 12,000 lbs, and it's equipped with a 100 feet 3/8 inch steel wire cable and a clevis hook. In addition, it comes with Ramsey's signature strong worm gear since these worm gear winches have become the go-to for the company for the rugged and reliable features.

These Ramsey winches are ideal for small-scale industrial projects and vehicle recovery. They feature an exclusive semi-automatic RAM-LOK clutch that helps to disengage the clutch for free spooling. In addition, the winch is powered with a 12 volt DC motor where both the solenoid and the motor and grounded directly, making it an efficient setup.

The winch comes with 12 feet wired and wireless remote and a 4-way roller fairlead, and you can already tell that the winch is meant to last. Although it comes at an affordable price, it delivers but keep in mind that it only has a steel wire cable option. Other users would prefer synthetic ropes, so finding this option would be great because you can't go wrong with its efficiency, durability and ruggedness.


  • Extremely tough and rugged
  • Exclusive semi-automatic RAM-LOK clutch
  • Suitable for the light industrial projects and vehicle recovery
  • Heavy-duty and high performing
  • Great for the price


  • Lacks a synthetic rope option

2. Ramsey 111036 Winch

Ramsey 111036 Winch (REP, 8,000 pounds, Roller Fairlead, Power in/Out, 5/16" x 95' Cable, 12'...
  • Cam action clutch disengages planetary gear system for free...
  • Motor and solenoids are grounded directly to battery. Strong...
  • Weather resistant solenoid assembly. 12 ft. Wire pendant remote
  • 6 ft. (1,83 m) 2 gauge battery cables with connectors. 4-Way...
  • Designed, engineered, & assembled in the USA

Ramsey 111036 Winch model is a top hit, and you should not hesitate to get it when you see it since it's a scarce item. It has an 800lbs load capacity that matches the contemporary winches on the market, and what comes attached to the winch is a 95× 5/16 inches wide cable that features a clevis hook.

The Old winch comes with a Cam action clutch and a three-stage planetary gear that delivers a fast line speed edge over most winches. The 12-volt DC motor and solenoids are grounded directly to the battery, and since the solenoids are weather-resistant, you can work with no fear of climatic elements like rain.

In addition, Ramsey 111036 winch includes a 12-feet wired remote and an automatic load-holding brake which is strong enough to give strength. You also get two-gauge battery cables in the package, followed by a connector and a 4-way roller fairlead.

Although this vintage Ramsey winch is produced in the USA, it is quite affordable and offers great value for money. However, this model lacks a synthetic rope option as it only has a steel wire cable option.


  • It has a par efficiency as with modern models
  • Durable and rugged
  • Affordable price
  • Reliable
  • It has an excellent overall performance
  • It packs a limited lifetime warranty


  • Lacks a waterproof capacity
  • The Synthetic option is not present

Are Old Ramsey Winches Worth It?

Old Ramsey winches are worth it for efficiency and ruggedness, and you might find it difficult to differentiate between these and the newer models in these specific aspects. However, these Old Ramsey winches are still great and can match up with modern-day winches. The winches are highly efficient and rugged, and these must be the features that have given the brand a name over the years.

However, these winches might not please offroaders fully because of their lack of waterproof capacity since when offroading, you always need to be prepared for the unknown. So, you will need as much protection as you can, but if you don't intend to get into marshlands or swamps, these Old winches will be more than capable of handling your tasks.

How Is the Clutch Operated?

The best way to understand how your winch operates is to test it before you operate it, and you should also plan your test run in advance. Also, remember to have confidence when operating your winch, as this will make its operation smoother.

The clutch is operated with the “T-handle” found on the end of your winch. It goes as follows:

a). To Disengage The Clutch

To disengage, run the winch in a reverser direction until the load is not on the cable, then pull outwards on the clutch handle and rotate counterclockwise at 90° and release. The clutch will now be locked, and the cable will be pulled off using a hand.

b). To Engage the Clutch

To engage, pull outwards on the winch handle, rotate counterclockwise at 90° and release. Next, run your winch in reverse until the clutch handles snap-in, or the cable drum stops turning. At this point, ensure the clutch handle is fully inside. Notably, the plastic plug on top of the clutch housing can be removed when one needs to inspect the clutch to confirm the total engagement. After the clutch fully engages, the winch is not ready for winching in the cable.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ramsey Winch Models

1. What kind of Oil is Used in Ramsey Winches?

The all-purpose SAE 80W-140 gear oil is used in a Ramsey winch where you will need to refill the winch to its oil level plug.

2. What are the Major Issues you Might Experience with Ramsey Winches, and how can you Solve Them?

a). Clutch Inoperative

The possible cause could be a bent yoke or linkage, a dry or a rusted shaft, or the clutch jaws are in contact.

To correct this, clean, then lubricate, and replace the yoke or shaft assembly. You can do this by checking operation techniques.

b). Oil Leaking from Housing

The possible cause could be the worn or damaged seal, a damaged gasket, or too much oil.

To correct this, replace your seal, and drain the excess oil. To do this, you can refer to operation techniques and then replace the gasket.

c). Winch runs painfully slow

The possible cause could be a low flow rate or a worn-out hydraulic motor.

To correct this, replace the hydraulic motor or check the flow rate.

d). Hydraulic Fluid Leaks out the hole in the motor adapter

The possible cause could be the hydraulic motor shaft seal being damaged. To correct this, replace the discs.