12 Best Reliable Towing Services in Los Angeles (24/7)

The rhythm and pace of life in Los Angeles never seem to slow down – except when you experience an unexpected vehicle breakdown or roadside incident. And, when faced with some sort of automotive distress, a reliable towing service isn’t a mere convenience but, often, a lifeline to safety.

So, when you need the best, call the best reliable towing service – if you are stranded on the bustling downtown streets or facing a vehicle mishap in one of the many neighborhoods in the City of Angels.

1. TowingLess

Towing Less Service
  • Phone – (818) 538-6947
  • Website – TowingLess
  • Specializations – Luxury Vehicles, Trucks, Heavy Duty, Long-Distance Transport, Emergency Services, Motorcycles, Flatbeds and more.
  • Strengths – Available 24/7, CDL-Certified Drivers/Experienced Technicians, Reliable Response, No Obligation-Fast Quotes.
  • Service Areas – LA, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Burbank, Venice, Studio City, Universal City, Malibu, etc.
  • Unique Feature: –Onsite mechanics may help avoid the cost and hassle of a tow.

Towing Less is a leading and trusted Los Angeles towing service company that has been helping motorists for more than two decades with both routine and specialized towing services – all day, every day. Their towing professionals and support staff are ready to help and respond fast to any roadside emergency in and around Los Angeles you may face.

TowingLess technicians are available to help with a vehicle breakdown, as our mobile mechanics can arrive at your location to help fix the problem (i.e., gas delivery, repair a flat, jump start a dead battery, etc.) rather than tow the vehicle. If you need a tow, we can help with that as well.

2. Meleh’s Towing Los Angeles

Meleh’s Towing Los Angeles
  • Phone – (323) 553-4004
  • Website – Meleh’s Towing Los Angeles
  • Specializations – Auto Lockout, Long Distance/Local/Light-Medium-Heavy-Duty Towing, 24/7, affordable Rates.
  • Strengths – state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional service in any part of Los Angeles.
  • Unique Feature – Can manage English and Spanish-speaking clients.

Car troubles can strike unexpectedly, causing inconvenience and often precarious situations for drivers and passengers(s). Meleh’s towing professionals know how difficult it is to be stranded even on a familiar road. Our experienced towing technicians are ready to assist you, providing quality services to address a range of roadside emergencies to ensure you receive prompt and efficient help when needed in the greater Los Angeles metro vicinity.

3. S&S Fast Towing

S&S Fast Towing
  • Phone – (818) 912-4884
  • Website – S&S Fast Towing
  • Specializations – Flatbed, Winch Out, Medium Duty Tow, Jump start/Auto Lockout, and Roadside Assistance.
  • Strengths – S&S Fast Towing also operates an auto body shop to assist with necessary repairs.
  • Unique Feature – S&S Fast Towing ensures quick response to emergency service calls.

S&S Fast Towing employs licensed, skilled, and fully insured tow truck technicians who are trained to manage circumstances that may arise that cause your vehicle mishap/breakdown or any other issue while towing your car to your preferred location. S&S Fast Towing can help you 24/7 if you are stranded in Los Angeles or its many surrounding towns/cities.

4. Huero’s Towing

Huero’s Towing
  • Phone – (323) 972-3779
  • Website – Huero’s Towing
  • Specializations – Low Clearance Towing, 24/7, Car Storage, Accident Cleanup, Flatbeds Tow Trucks, Long Distance and Off-Road Recoveries.
  • Strengths – Private Property Impounds and Fleet Towing options are available.
  • Unique Feature – One of the newest and fastest growing companies in East Los Angeles that offers affordable options.

Huero’s Towing serves the greater East Los Angeles area and surrounding communities and is ready to help you with prompt, quality service. Huero’s Towing has been offering round-the-clock assistance for more than a decade. As a towing specialty company that takes pride in its work, Huero’s technicians are ready to respond quickly to help with roadside repairs, towing options and recoveries, and car storage options if necessary.

5. Titanium Towing

Titanium Towing
  • Phone – (310) 699-1994
  • Website – Titanium Towing
  • Specializations – Flatbed, 24/7, Long Distance/Local, Recoveries, etc.
  • Strengths – Ready to respond with skilled staff and automotive or towing technicians/No-obligation quotes.
  • Unique Feature – Significant experience working with classic car transports.

Titanium Towing operates as a family-owned/operated business that offers auto towing services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Titanium Towing’s commitment to quality over the past 1.5 decades has created a base of trusted clients. With fast responses and professional towing services, Titanium is ready to solve your roadside issue or transport you and your car to safety, as promised.  

6. New Creation 5:17 Towing Service & Automotive Repair

New Creation
  • Phone – (213) 215-7091
  • Website – New Creation 5:17 Towing Services
  • Specializations – 24/7, Commercial/Special Service Tow, Roadside Assistance, Accident/DUI Tow, etc.
  • Strengths – The company’s technicians and staff take pride in our reliable, prompt tow truck/mobile mechanic response times.  
  • Unique Feature – New Creation offers an option to set an appointment for a tow of any kind.

New Creation 5:17: Towing Service and Automotive Repair offers both round-the-clock towing and roadside assistance in and around the greater Los Angeles area and its many surrounding communities and towns. New Creation 5:17: Towing Service and Automotive Repair will treat your vehicles or equipment as if it were their own.

7. Ariel’s Total Tow

Ariel’s Total Tow
  • Phone – (323) 735-1156
  • Website – Ariel’s Total Tow
  • Specializations – Commercial vehicles, All-wheel Drive, Dirt Bikes/Motorcycles/Scooters, 24/ services, and more.
  • Strengths – Offers some of Los Angeles’s most affordable rates, consistent top reviews, and services starting at $75 in some L.A. areas.
  • Unique Feature – Ariel’s towing can help with underground parking tows and other specializations. 

Ariel’s Total Tow offers a wide variety of affordable tow and automotive roadside repair services in the greater Los Angeles area. Their professional services are available all day, every day, and include everything from a tire change to gas delivery to lockout to jump-starts – at your location, on the spot. 

8. Onsite Towing & Recovery, Inc.

Onsite Towing & Recovery
  • Phone – (888) 866-7379 or (747) 888-7511
  • Website – OnSite Towing & Recovery, Inc.
  • Specializations – luxury, flatbed, 24/7, accident or canyon recoveries, winch out, wheel lift, long distance/local, roadside assistance, accident, and collateral recovery.
  • Strengths – has the experience of towing everything from motorcycles to trailers to movie props.

Onsite Towing & Recovery is prepared for any roadside emergency that you may face in the greater Los Angeles metro area. Onsite Towing & Recovery’s staff and technicians have the skill and equipment to keep you safe and get you on your way as soon as the situation allows.  Onsite Towing & Recovery offers a variety of specialty tow services in the greater L.A. metropolitan vicinity – from Downtown to Beverly Hills, LAX, the Valley, Beach Cities, and more.

9. Pink Towing of Santa Monica

Pink Towing of Santa Monica
  • Phone – (323) 487-9383
  • Website – Pink Towing of Santa Monica
  • Specializations – Towing, Vehicle Recovery, 24/7, Heavy Duty Towing,  Flatbed, Wheel Lift, Low clearance, medium or heavy duty, and more.
  • Strengths – Free, no-obligation estimates, fast responses, and no hidden fees.
  • Unique Feature – R.V./Trailer/Boat/Van/Truck Towing.

Pink Towing offers motorists navigating the Los Angeles highways and streets the peace of mind they need should they run into unexpected vehicle trouble. Pink Towing offers these roadside assistance options – Tire Change, Jump Start, Medium Duty Towing, Gas Delivery, and more. This tow service company prioritizes customer safety while providing a wide range of towing/vehicle services to the many communities in the Los Angeles area.

10. Primary Towing Los Angeles

Primary Towing Los Angeles
  • Phone – (310) 492-5075
  • Website – Primary Towing Los Angeles
  • Specializations – 24/7 Services including motorcycles, luxury, classic or exotic cars, small cars, medium-sized SUVs to R.V.s, motor homes, heavy-duty semis, and 18-wheelers.
  • Strengths – Offers comprehensive roadside and towing services throughout the greater L.A. area – including loading dock and Forklift towing, Flatbed Skates towing, Scissor Lift towing, and other high-end or specialty towing
  • Unique Feature – Offers services to all cities within the greater metro Los Angeles, California vicinity.

Primary Towing Los Angeles provides towing technicians and equipment to meet every type of vehicle, size, and towing situation. For the moments in life when a roadside emergency arises, it is important to select a trusted L.A. towing company that is ready to help.

11. G1 Towing Services

G1 Towing Services
  • Phone – (844) 502-0076
  • Website – G1 Towing
  • Specializations – medium duty & heavy-duty towing, recovery, transport, and roadside/lockout services.
  • Strengths – More than ten years of extensive and professional industry knowledge of towing, transport, recovery, and roadside services.
  • Unique Feature – Call or use your smartphone to request a no-obligation quote.

G1 Towing offers a one-stop experience for those in need of roadside assistance. As an L.A. tow company serving the greater metro area for more than ten years, G1’s technicians are prepared to offer fast responses and the most professional service to meet your emergency situations in L.A. or on the roads in surrounding communities.

12. Pepe’s Towing Service

Pepes Towing Service
  • Phone – (323) 268-1609
  • Website – Pepe’s Towing Service
  • Specializations – 24/7/365, Winch Outs, Machine or Trailer Lifts, Medium/Heavy Duty Towing and  Transportation, Roll Overs, and more.
  • Strengths – a full-service L.A. tow company operating one of Southern California’s largest fleet of tow trucks.
  • Unique Feature – home to L.A.’s exclusive heavy-duty official police garage, plus the option if you need tractor deckings, container lifts, and double tractor-trailer combo tows.

Call or use your smartphone to request a no-obligation quote. Pepe’s Towing Service operates L.A.’s only 75-ton rotator. Pepe’s has been a service provider for various corporations – Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, Montebello, Coco-Cola, FedEx Freight, Cemex, and Penske, LA, to name a few.