Truck Winch: How To Pick The Best One For Your Vehicle

truck winch

At some point, every vehicle owner needs a winch. While trucks are very handy, they also get stuck. That happens mostly when off-roading. It is very common. However, it will serve you well to get a truck winch for yourself. Towing services might not always be close to you. So let's get into it.

Why Do You Need A Truck Winch?

First of all, with a truck, as with many trucks, you are going to get into less than ideal situations. However, a heavy-duty winch is capable of rescuing even full-size trucks. Additionally, having a great winch will give you multiple mounting options even in extreme conditions. Finally, with a winch, you will always have the means to rescue yourself.

Let's face it, being equipped with the right truck accessories gives you an added advantage, especially in the off-road industry. On the other hand, getting stuck in bad weather conditions such as snowstorms will have you wishing you had a truck winch. Either way, a winch is perfect if you use your truck for work or leisure.

Truck owners who use their trucks on asphalt should not be too concerned with getting stuck in bad situations. However, owning a winch is still a huge advantage. A general rule we like to stick by is never leaving home without a winch. So let's look at types of winches and how to use one.

Which is a Good Truck Winch?

The Best Truck Winch For Your Vehicle

1) Warn 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V Winch

WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC Winch with Synthetic Rope: 3/8" Diameter x 90' Length, 5 Ton...
  • Standard duty winch with a synthetic rope and an 10, 000 lb....
  • Powerful series-wound motor and planetary gear train deliver...
  • High-performance Albright contactor delivers maximum reliability;...
  • Features IP68-rated waterproof construction, two-in-one remote...
  • Designed, engineered, and tested in the USA; Limited lifetime for...

This is one of the best electric winches on the market. It is made for larger types of SUVs, pickup trucks, and jeeps. Warn winches are an electric type of winch with a powerful series-wound motor. They also have a planetary gear train to deliver faster line speed under load, with a much lower amp draw.

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With a 10,000 lb. capacity, you can easily rescue any truck. Additionally, the synthetic rope is strong and durable. The two-in-one remote control box has wired and wireless options to further add on to the ease of use. It is also fixed with an Albright contactor which can be relocated for low-profile installations as well.

Additionally, with seven years on all the electric parts, you can easily put this standard heavy-duty winch to good use. It's solid construction has weather resistance and added strength and durability for the sketchiest environments.


  • Good quality build
  • Durable
  • High-load capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Easy to install


  • The battery is not rechargeable

2) TYT T1 Series Electric Winch

TYT T1 Series Winch 13000 lb. Advanced Load Capacity Electric Winch with Synthetic Winch Rope,...
  • T1 Winch for 13000 lb Winch: Brand new design for TYT T1 Winch,...
  • 13000 lb Winch Overall Dimensions: Winch Size: (L x W x H)...
  • Efficent Precision for T1 Series Winch: High-performance pure...
  • Advantage Design: Waterproof and sandproof design, the new...
  • Special Design & Warranty Service: For car, boat, trucks, jeeps,...

Coming in with a 13,000 lb. load capacity, the TYT winch is an excellent piece of equipment. It is perfect for boats and most off-road vehicles. The electric motor provides very strong pulling power with a 3-stage planetary gear train that lets the winch run for as long as you want. Additionally, the synthetic rope is as strong as any steel cable.

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At full load capacity of 13,000 lbs. the drag speed is 7ft/min. Additionally, with recent upgrades, this electric winch resists abrasions and any weather conditions. You won't have to worry yourself about overloading the winch cable as it has overload protection. The automatic load-holding brake works perfectly.

The wireless remote control is also wired, and the choice remains yours. The high-performance sealing ring ensures trouble-free missions. Furthermore, the warranty covers cars, boats, trucks, jeeps, modified vehicles and multi-purpose utility trailers.


  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Value for money


  • Difficult to assemble and install

3) ZEAK Electric Truck Winch

ZEAK 10000lb. Electric Truck Winch Synthetic Rope 12V, for SUV Trailers Offroad, Waterproof,...
  • With 6 horsepower, 3-stage planetary gear, 236:1 gear ratio,...
  • Waterproof IP68 rating and advanced 360 AMP solenoid; Equipped...
  • Synthetic rope: 3/8 inch x 86 feet; slight weight but extremely...
  • Winch dimensions: 21.5 x 6.3 x 9.7 ( L x W x H ) inches; product...
  • To install the winch and fairlead, getting a mounting bracket set...

With this electric winch, you can pull yourself out of any situation. The cable is made with incredibly strong synthetic fiber with a high tensile strength. Additionally, the electric series-wound motor and planetary gear train automatically deliver faster line speed under any load capacity.

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Of the multitude of electric winches available, the ZEAK truck winch is very reliable. This is as a result of its waterproof construction. You can use it in any weather, and it will still work well. Furthermore, it is also resistant to corrosion and rust; hence it can work in any harsh conditions at any time.

The wireless remote control can work at a remote range of up to 32-feet. This will give you space to maneuver about as you work the winch cable. It is also important to note that this winch is suitable for most variety vehicles.


  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money


  • Short cable

4) OPENROAD Electric Winch

OPENROAD 10000lbs Advanced Load Capacity Electric Winch, Waterproof IP67 Truck Winch,12V Synthetic...
  • Splendid Performance:Winch Load Capacity 10000 Pounds The...
  • Surging Winch Power:With 5.5 HP motor, 3-stage planetary gear,...
  • High Strength Synthetic Rope: Winch rope diameter and length is...
  • Safe & Long Lasting: The IP67 waterproof construction protects...
  • All winches are provided with lifetime technical support and...

For all kinds of harsh environments, this OpenRoad electric winch is excellent for any type of off-roading vehicle. As you use this winch, you will notice there is considerably less strain on the synthetic rope, which is as strong as a steel cable. Even if the cable breaks, it does not have a rebound like a steel cable does.

The waterproof construction of this electric winch allows it to be out in any kind of weather without breaking a sweat. In addition, the overload protection ensures you don't surpass the maximum load capacity of 10,000 lbs. This ensures it is one of the safest winches to use in the market.

The winch control box power cut-off button ensures you can quickly cut off power when the winch is not in use. This prolongs the life of the winch, and it will serve you better for many more years to come.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts long
  • Durable
  • Fast


  • No instruction manual

5) ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Load Capacity Electric Truck Winch

ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Load Capacity Electric Truck Winch Kit Synthetic Rope, Waterproof Off Road...
  • Your purchase includes a ZESUPER 13,000 lbs winch. Special...
  • Heavy-duty sealed contactor, state of the art 500 Amp relay.High...
  • Total dimensions: (length x width x height): 516*160*200mm. Drum...
  • Fast circuit speed and high sensitivity of remote...
  • All winches are provided with lifetime technical support and...

With a fast and smooth spooling process, this winch is backed by a 2-stage planetary gear. The steel cable has a high tensile strength and is capable of lifting up to 13,000 lbs. This makes the winch very efficient for heavy-duty jobs. Additionally, you can rescue any vehicle from mud, snowstorms, inclines as well as broken ground.

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With maintenance reduced to a few times every year, you will get a few good years from this winch. Additionally, the high-sensitivity remote control will give you an easy time because it is also easy to operate. The unique auto brake design ensures no overload on capacity, while the motor ensures high efficiency.

The winch does not come with a wiring instruction manual. However, the terminals and wires are color-coded to ensure you get the connections right. The installation is fairly simple and should not take long.


  • Strong
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Fast


  • Inadequate technical support

What To Consider Before Buying A Truck Winch

So you are at a point where you want to purchase a winch for your truck. Now what? Of course, there are a few items to consider on a checklist before diving in to purchase it. It is a very important step. In this buying guide, we will carefully take you through some of the things you should seriously consider before buying a truck winch.

a) Vehicle Weight

While you may not get stuck often, but you will get to a point where you need a winch. Vehicle weight is important to consider because there are winches for different vehicle weights. For example, there are winches that are capable of hauling small all-terrain vehicles to large trucks.

Therefore the capacity of the winch should be able to take on the weight of your vehicle easily. As a general rule, we do prefer any winch that is above 8,000 lb. load capacity. This means it has a larger motor and can actually haul your vehicle from tricky situations like snowstorms, mud, and broken ground.

b) Type Of Winch

There are seven different types of winches. It is super important to note that different vehicle winches serve the same purpose. The only difference in the types of winches is how they work. They also all have their advantages and disadvantages. Going through all the types of winches can be very overwhelming.

In light of this, you need to know which winch is versatile enough to suit your needs and requirements. For example, for off-roading requirements, you require a heavy-duty winch that will keep you free from danger. There are numerous winches on the market, and the variety of options should work to your advantage.

c) Dependability

By this, we mean how durable is the winch. A good winch should be able to withstand the harshest of climates. This involves drastic drops and rises in temperature. Only then can you know whether or not you selected the right winch for your vehicle. Additionally, off-roaders could go into desert climates or very cold climates.

The winch should always be coated with rust-proof and waterproof coatings to ensure it doesn't rust. The health of a winch is the difference between life and death situations. A good and strong winch should be sturdy, well made, and have replaceable parts. This ensures maintenance prolongs the life of the winch you have.

d) Synthetic Rope Vs. Steel Cable

With the type of cable you choose, there is a different kind of maintenance for each. For example, a steel cable might look very presentable on the outside, but the inside will be riddled with rust and corrosion. Therefore with steel cables, it is very important to spray Teflon, dedicated winch cable spray or oil every once in a while.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers should be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight and seawater. This means they are probably not good for use underwater. To clean any debris from them, they have to be run in warm water and then left to air dry. With each winch rope comes a different set of care. So it is important to select the best one for your needs.

e) Budget

Your budget greatly matters when you want to purchase a winch for your truck. This is because certain winches will always be more expensive than others. For example, hydraulic winches are more expensive than their electric counterparts. However, electric winches are also very efficient.

It comes down to what you are willing to compromise. There are also manually operated winches you could look into. However, carefully selecting your specifications should land you on the best type of winch for your vehicle. Additionally, it is always an excellent idea to speak with professionals.

Lastly, there are multiple truck winches in the market. Depending on your budget, you can still get awesome ones at half the price of some of the very best winches. It also comes down to functionality as well as practicality.

The Bottom Line

Winches exist to help you out. However, always wear leather gloves when working a winch cable, and never straddle the cable. Passerby's and bystanders not involved in the winching should stand at a safe distance.

Select a winch that has the end-user in mind. That way, you will not be disappointed. Our list has some of the best winches in the market. As usual, we have taken customer reviews into account to develop this list. We hope it is helpful.