What Happens When You Run Out of Gas

What Happens When You Run Out of Gas

You may have laid out the best plans for that long trip across the country, filled your tank, and left knowing how many miles you have left in your gas tank. However, life has a way of playing tricks on us. You could still find yourself out of fuel before you reach your destination. Today’s technological advances may give us a false sense of confidence only to backfire in our face. Your gauge could be faulty or the problem could be in your gas tank. Whatever the case, just know that it is possible to run out of fuel despite your careful planning.

The thought of having to walk for miles to the nearest gas station or sit in your car for long hours waiting for roadside assistance can be a scary thing. Obviously, planning ahead and making sure the gas tank does not dip below the half-full mark is the best way to avoid this unwanted situation but we sometimes get lost in our driving to keep on checking the fuel gauge.

For any driver, it’s good to be prepared for the occurrence of any such events and to know the immediate response to take.

What happens to your car when you run out gas?

Your car will definitely stop when it runs out of fuel. You will have to pull over and make way for other drivers. But for a hybrid car with a charged battery you can limp to a nearby gas station for a refill.

With the engine off, you will lose the ‘power’ assistance with the steering and braking. You can, however, steer and brake with difficulties compared to when the engine is on. Besides that, the fuel pump can go out since it depends on the fuel for both lubricating and cooling. This can happen when your vehicle runs out of gas a few more times. Also, when your car goes low on gas, there is the chance that the engine may draw sediments from the tank, which something we clearly need to avoid. 

What to do?

If you notice that your vehicle has started to sputter, it is time to respond and take action. For better understanding, watch the video bellow.

Once you are done panicking, gotten everything together and settled follow these simple steps:

  • Turn on the hazard lights and pull over to the side of the road quickly and safely. If you have reflector lights, place them some feet behind the vehicle facing traffic and open the car hood to alert other drivers.
  • Determine your whereabouts. Get your bearings right – use a smartphone with signal or GPS tracking system – and try to locate the nearest gas station. Know your surroundings; you may just have to drag your vehicle to a nearby station. Or take a gallon, walk to the gas station and remember to take note of landmarks and street names so that you can get back to your car safely.
  • Call for back up. Have you signed up for any roadside assistance program? If yes, make a call and be sure to always keep the toll-free number in your car at all times. If no, call a friend (if you are on your way home from work or school and you have friends nearby) or a tow company if you are some distance from a trusted help.
  • Beware of the kind souls pulling over to offer assistance. Use extra caution when approached with unknown people. If the offer is a ride, learn to trust your instincts, you never know what can happen. It is better to walk than get yourself into a dangerous situation.

Plan ahead to not run out of gas 

Bottom line is planning ahead and being prepared before your car runs out of gas can help you avoid uncomfortable situations. In simple terms, take charge of things and pay attention to your car and always ensure the tank is always more than quarter-full.

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