Everything You Need To Know On ATV Nurf Bars

atv nurf bars

Do you want to upgrade your ATV? Are you looking for an element that will offer you safety as it catches your boot when you lose control of your footing on the pegs? Either way, you are on the right page; in this article, we will discuss in detail what ATV nerf bars are, plus all the benefits of having nerf bars on your boot as you race with others.

Before we get into the article, do you know what ATV nerf bars are? If your answer is no, let us give you a brief description of what we are talking about so that you can get a clearer understanding of this article.

What Is A Nerf Bar?

A nerf bar is a standard upgrade to a foot peg available in most ATVs. It looks like a simple frame with a heavy nylon web that you attach to your ATV foot peg to create a safe platform for your feet.

Nerf bars act as heel guards to your ATV racing so that when the going gets difficult, and there is frequent bouncing, you can maintain your footing using the foot pegs. It especially happens when you are standing on tiny stock foot pegs. A nerf bar will guarantee you a strong foothold while keeping your fellow racer's quad's tires from getting stuck to yours.

The above benefits make ATV nerf bars a must-have for any ATV racing enthusiast. If you purchase the best ATV nerf bars, you will be protecting your feet from slides in all angles, be it the sides, front or rear.

Are Nerf Bars Necessary?

ATV rider on dirt track at daytime

Yes, nerf bars are necessary, especially if you love racing. They are the best upgrade you can give to your ATV. While racing, your boots can get muddy and thus be very slippery. When your boots are slippery, your feet will slide out of the bot pegs, but if you have to nerf bars on, you will have a strong anchor, and that will not happen.

Also, when you ride aggressively, there is a chance that your feet may fly off the footpegs, a situation that can be very chaotic. When your boots fly off your feet, your feet can be jammed by the rear tire, causing rolls or breaking your bones. However, if you have to nerf bars, you can prevent the above situation. In addition, nerf bars also protect your feet from rocks thrown up from the front tires.

The benefits are too many that they outweigh the disadvantages. In most cases, nerf bars prevent other ATV riders' tires from getting stuck between your tires while also creating a safe barrier around your feet so that you cannot get hit by rocks from the front tires or hazards.

Cons Of ATV Nerf Bars

As discussed earlier, the downsides are less compared to the advantages. There are only two known downsides to using ATV nerf bars.

In rare cases, they can cause your leg to be pinned by the nerf bar if you get a roll.

The webbing of the nerf bar is prone to get caught n obstacles which can be a hazard, especially when you are at high speeds.

As discussed above, nerf bars are important for amateur and pro-race classes.

For Pro Racing

It is worth noting that you are supposed to place the ATV nerf bars above or below the frame rail. They should be of a closed-loop design and should not extend beyond a point of a wide dimension o the vehicle when you measure using a straight edge that touches the front and rear tires.

It would be best to cover the bars with a material that will prevent the rider's feet from going below the bars. You can either use webbing or plastic materials since they are highly recommended. Ensure no sharp protruding, or open tubing ends on the bars. Lastly, ensure that you have mounted the nerf bars securely onto the frame; you can weld them or bolt them.

1. Houser Racing Pro Bounce Nerf Bars

The Houser Racing Pro Bounce nerf bars are famous in ATV racing since they have to take ATV racing to a whole new level. The ATV nerf bars are made from strong aluminum tubing, and they further utilize your OE foot peg mounting locations and front mounting points, which makes it easy to install them to the frame's tubes.

Houser Racing Pro-Nerf bars

These legendary nerf bars also have an integrated heel guard that prevents your boots from getting stuck behind the pegs or into the rear wheels just in case your feet come off the pegs. However, that is not the main highlight of these ATV nerf bars; there is something that makes them outstanding from the rest.

These ATV nerf bars are unique since they have a pro bounce feature in the foot peg's design. The foot peg pivot acts as the nerf bar's frame; it has a rubber wall between the peg and the mount that acts as a dampener for your foot. This feature helps absorb shock, which you can feel through the pegs. Most customers who have used this ATV nerf bar have praised it for being legit in minimizing shock through your body.

Although they are expensive, you will thank yourself later as you enjoy their comfort. You can get the nerf bars if you have popular ATV sports models, but if you want to purchase them through Amazon, only one is available for Honda TRX 450R and EFI Yamaha YFZ 450R.

2. Best OEM Nerf BAR-Yamaha GYTR Nerf Bars

Do you have a Yamaha sport ATV and you want o upgrade it with the best ATV nerf bars? If yes, you cannot forget these open Yamaha technology racing ATV nerf bars. These nerf bars are specifically designed for Yamaha models, so you can be certain that the fit and finish wil be perfect.

Yamaha YFM660 Raptor 2001-2005 FootWell Peg Nerf Bar

The pro-peg series are available for the YFZ 450R and are constructed using strong aluminum with 6063 alloy tubing to provide maximum strength during racing. The footpeg is integrated, having 21/ wide and 75" dimensions longer than stock. They also cater to the rider's comfort with the two height options for the foot pegs.

Installing these ATV nerf bars is quite simple since the proper nerf bars mount is located at the back of your OE foot peg locations. Also, the front mounts connect to frame points which utilize an extruded joint clap that aligns and secures the nerf bars upfront.

If you own a Raptor 700, you are lucky since Yamaha also offers a conventional non-pro peg nerf bar that dos not have the above cool features but will give you maximum fit and protection. These are the recommended nerf bars that support both Yamaha and raptor models.

3. Best Budget -Tusk Racing Nerf Bars

Are you looking for a solid but inexpensive set of ATV nerf bars? There's something for you here. You can give the tusk racing nerf bars from the comp series a try. They are made from 13/8 alloy tuning and come in a brushed aluminum finish with a black nylon webbing that you can replace with the same o an alternative color option if you want.

Tusk Foot Peg Nerf Bars With Heel Guards

Mounting the above nerf bar is very simple since you will put it on your OEM footpegs and frame using the supplied hardware. These nerf bars are available for most sports ATVs and are the basics you can get as the most popular nef bars. Since their prices are slightly lower than $100, you can be sure to close the deal.

4. Lonestar Racing DC-Pro Nerf Bars

If you love ATV racing, then there is something for you. You can be certain of the performance of these ATV nerf bars since racers designed them for racers. They are available for most popular sports ATVs, including the Honda TRX 450R and Yamaha YFZ 450R, on amazon.

Lonestar racing DC-Pro nerf bars

They are designed with a slightly wide foot peg stance with inner crisscross teeth that reduce boot wear. The material is made from durable 1061v aluminum tubing with removable heel guards. These accessories, the footpegs and the heel guards, are designed to drain out mud and water to avoid clumping. These nerf bars are famous in the world's fastest ATV racers vehicles, so you will be certain that they will be perfect for your ATV.

5. Alba Racing ATV Nerf Bars

Alba racing atv nerf bars

If you prefer an old model, you can opt for the brand that has been producing nerf bars since time memorial, the Alba Racing. However, if you have an ATV like Yamaha Banshee Or Blaster, which still carries the old conventional type of nerf ATVs, it is best to buy it from Alba racing.

These nerf bars are manufactured from 13/8" aluminum tubing and chrome-plated mounting hardware. Then they also have extra wide pro peg foot pegs that increase comfort and provide more foot placement positions with a kick-up end for better body leverage while cornering.

The interesting part is that the foot pegs are stainless steel and are adjustable for height. They are also 100% replaceable, so you only need to replace the pegs and not the whole nerf bar assembly when they wear down. As a company that has been around for ages and is known for producing quality ATV nerf bars, Alba has great customer service, so if you experience any issue with the nerf bar, you can call them, and they will solve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions On ATV Nerf Bars

1. Is It Hard To Install Nerf Bars

It is not difficult to install ATV nerf bars in most cases since some models tend to be easier to install than others. But if I can help, some companies design their nerf bar to be a simple bolt-on installation so that you do not have a hard time.

You can find ATV nerf bars in wide configurations. The most popular ATV styles have integrated foot pegs and heel guards. The pro peg designs are usually made from high quality stainless steel with a wider base than others in the stock. They are also more aggressive and have sharp teeth on the pegs to bite into your boot. In relation to mounting, the pro peg style replaces the OEM foot peg using one location as a mounting point, while the cross-tube mounts on the frame. If you have a traditional model, you will have to mount your OEM foot peg and the cross tube mounts the same ay as the pro-peg model.

The average non-mechanically dependent person may take about 30 minutes to install a nerf bar on a machine, while experts take like 10 minutes and they are done. However, if you have an older model ATV that requires you to drill holes in the foot peg, it will take longer. That does not mean it will be difficult, but you will require tools to get the job done. Newer models are easier to install since they have pre-drilled holes.

You will require drilling or welding to get the perfect fit for others. Still, either way, you should follow the installation guide of your product or look for reviews to get opinions on the installation of different products.

2. Can Nerf Bars Be Used In Wood Racing?

If running a nerf bar on wood makes you comfortable, you have it! Wood racers have an advantage in not running nerf bars because it is easier for them to push their vehicle when they get stuck in sticky mud, thus making it much easier to move around more technical places without nerf bars.

With the tree hugger design, you can find this feature in the House Racer Nerf Bars. In addition, the nerf bar is designed to allow you to use it as a pivot. But if running a nerf bar on wood racing makes you uncomfortable, why use it?