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Have a reliable tow truck service nearby in El Paso, with TowingLess. We offer fast and affordable 24/7 towing services to ensure you're always safe on the road.



Why We Are the Best Towing Service Provider in El Paso?

There are many towing companies in El Paso, so what sets us apart from the rest? We have a strong ethos of providing a consistent and professional experience that you will struggle to find at other towing companies near you! No matter which stage of the towing process you’re in – whether it’s the call-out, the towing, or the subsequent services provided – you will be met with a high standard of service and care from all our staff.

Plus, we have some unique features that mean the level of availability and actual services we can provide you with are far more extensive than other towing companies! Our team is highly skilled and works to provide customers with the best service possible. Here are some of our unique selling points that highlight why we are the best towing service provider in El Paso:

24/7 Towing

One of our most unique and important selling points is that we are a 24/7 towing service. Breakdowns and vehicle issues aren’t limited to a certain time of the day and you never know when trouble might strike, which is why we feel it is important that we offer this service. This means that no matter if it's 4 pm or 4 am, we can provide you with assistance and help to get your vehicle safely towed!

24-7 Towing Towingless
Fast and Reliable Response Times Towingless

Fast and Reliable Response Times

There is nothing worse than experiencing a breakdown or other issue with your vehicle that puts it out of action, calling your local towing service, and then waiting hours on end for someone to arrive. Sadly, this is the reality with a lot of towing services. However, we are committed to ensuring our call-outs result in a fast and reliable response from our team members to get your vehicle towed as quickly as possible! 

Cheap Rates

If you’ve ever had your vehicle towed, there’s a high chance you may have experienced a slight shock when receiving the bill. Many towing companies take advantage of the fact that customers need their assistance immediately, leading them to hike their prices. However,  we don’t want that to be the case when you use us to tow your vehicle! Here at TowingLess, we offer affordable rates that set us apart from other companies and makes us the number-one choice for El Paso towing services. 

Cheap Rates Towingless
Experienced and Certified Professionals Towingless

Experienced and Certified Professionals

We don’t hire anyone who comes along and instead look for staff who will provide a high standard of work. Each and every one of our team members are highly certified professionals who have had years of experience working in the towing industry. This means that you can be confident that your vehicle is in the best hands possible and will receive the highest standard of care!

Best Towing Equipment

It is all well and good to provide a high level of service and workmanship, but none of this matters if the equipment used alongside it is not at the same level. We use the best towing equipment possible to take our services to the next level and ensure your vehicle is well looked after at all times. You can be confident in not only our skills but also our equipment, which sets us apart from the rest of the competition! 

Best Towing Equipment Towingless
Customer Satisfaction Towingless

Customer Satisfaction

The customer is at the forefront of everything we do, and we hope that every client walks away from dealing with us feeling satisfied with the services provided. We have built up a loyal customer base who choose to stick with us based on the satisfaction they have received when using us to tow their vehicles. There’s nothing like real customer experience to indicate whether or not a company is worth your time, and we are fortunate that we have such loyal clients who are willing to vouch for us! 

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible

Many other towing companies will simply do just that: tow your vehicle. However, not all breakdowns and roadside vehicle issues require towing! Our point of difference is that where possible, we will conduct an on-site diagnosis and repair job. This means that your vehicle might not even need to be towed, allowing you to safely and swiftly get back on the road, and preventing you from spending unnecessary time and money having your vehicle towed.

On-Site Diagnosis and Repairs When Possible Towingless
Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service Towingless

Long-Standing Reputation for Quality Service

Nothing beats time and experience to build up a strong brand that you can trust. Our reputation is long-standing; from the birth of our company until now, we have been known for providing quality service and a high level of care when it comes to your vehicles. Our reputation is one you can trust, after all, we would never have earned it without putting in the work. 

About TowingLess 

Our company has 20 years of combined experience and skills to tow any type of vehicle, including motorcycles, boats, RVs, heavy equipment, 18-wheeler trucker and other automobiles. If you have any questions or would like to order our services, just pick your city and call our professionals directly.

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Other Services in El Paso

Did you know that our services aren’t limited to vehicle towing? We offer numerous other services in El Paso to assist with all manner of vehicle concerns. 

FAQ on El Paso Towing Service

Do you still have some questions regarding our El Paso towing services? Here are some frequently asked questions to point you in the right direction:

What types of towing services do you offer in El Paso?

Our towing services in El Paso include just about every vehicle as we have the equipment and skill level to do so.  From cars, motorcycles, and even 4x4 off-road recovery, there is no automobile that we cannot tow!

How long will it take for a tow truck to arrive?

The exact amount of time it takes for a tow truck to reach you entirely depends on how far away you are from the dispatch center of the company you called. We try to reach our clients as soon as possible to ensure their vehicle is swiftly towed and they can get where they need to be! 

Can you tow my vehicle from one part of El Paso to another?

Absolutely. Whether you want to tow your vehicle back home or straight to the mechanic, we can tow it from one part of El Paso to another – provided that your desired location is in our area of service (which it likely will be!)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, eftpos, and credit cards as forms of payment for our services. We know that everyone has their preferred method of payment, so we have ensured that we cater to all clients to allow for easy and simple payment.

How much does towing cost in El Paso?

The exact cost of towing your vehicle in El Paso will depend on many factors such as vehicle size, distance towed, and the time of call out. However, you can expect an average price of around $95-$175 for a five-mile tow.

What areas do you serve in El Paso?

We serve as much of the El Paso county area as possible, including; El Paso, San Elizario, Clint, Sunland Park, Fabens, Canutillo, Tornillo, Chaparral, Anthony, Anthony, Santa Teresa, Berino, Chamberino, Vado, Mesquite, La Mesa, Mesilla Park, White Sands Missile R, Las Cruces, Mesilla, Fort Hancock, Orogrande, Dona Ana, and Fairacres.

Are your tow truck drivers licensed and insured?

Yes, and we have the certification to prove it. We would never want to put our staff or clients at risk, so we have ensured that our tow truck drivers are licensed and insured. This offers protection for everyone involved and should leave you feeling confident that adequate measures are in place to preserve your vehicle.

What do I need to do to get my car towed in El Paso?

If you need to get your car towed in El Paso, all you need to do is call us. One of our team members will help you figure out your location and send someone out to fetch your vehicle and take it to the desired location.

Call Us Now 

Don’t waste your time with other towing companies. We can offer you fast, reliable, and affordable towing services that will allow you to have your car back on the road as soon as possible. If your car has broken down or is facing some other issue that means you need it towed ASAP, call us now at (915) 206-427 to talk to the best towing service in El Paso.

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