Smittybilt Winch Parts for Reliable Off-roading

Smittybilt Winch Parts

A winch is the ideal off-road recovery companion, but it doesn't work in isolation. Different winch components serve different functions, such as enabling diverse functions or even protection. Accordingly, there are different winch accessories for different brands and functions. In particular, we will look at the Smittybilt winch parts that make off-road recovery efficient.

What is the biggest smittybilt winch?

Smittybilt as a brand is popular for making practical and efficient winch accessories for SUVs and trucks. Ideally, their mode of innovation is based on continuous innovation and improvement anchored on authentic off-road needs. As a result, there is quite a number of accessories that Smittybilt has to offer. So, without much belaboring, here are some of the essential Smittybilt accessories you might require for your winch.

1. Smittybilt 2744 Snatch Block

Smittybilt 2744 Universal Snatch Block, Black
  • Greasable fitting for continued smooth operation
  • Doubles the pulling power of your winch
  • 17,600lbs capacity for self recovery winches
  • Works with 7/32 - 3/8” cables (Universal Fit)
  • Helps with angled pulls

The first Smittybilt winch part to introduce is the 2744 Snatch block. In essence, a natch block is a small yet strong pulley system enclosed in a metal casing. This system is used for redirecting the winching direction with minimal resistance. For instance, you can use a snatch block to pull loads sideways or lift loads. Therefore, a winch will just crank its line, but a snatch block makes the winching more objective by providing direction.

2744 Smittybilt Snatch Block - Off Road Innovations

Image Credit: Smittybilt

Going back to the Smittybilt snatch block, it will double your winch's pulling power in any direction. As such, it's capable of handling a capacity of 17,600 pounds by itself. Furthermore, despite being a part type from Smittybilt, it can universally fit any winch cable (wire) of 7/32 inches to 3/8 inches.

Even more, this pulley system is greasable for improved smoothness during normal or angled pulls. Also, to match its off-road and outdoor utilities, the Smittybilt 2744 snatch block is coated with black powder for corrosion and rust resistance. Overall, this winch part helps reduce any pulling bumps while making recoveries efficient.


  • Universal fit
  • Durable and weather-proof
  • Angled pulling
  • Greasable
  • Decent weight capacity


  • Pushing it to max capacity has a higher risk of failure
  • Small space for standard gun greasing

2. Smittybilt 2820 Aluminum Winch Shackle

Smittybilt 2820 Aluminum Winch Shackle (A.W.S.) Universal Fit, 20k lb. Load Rating
  • Provides a safer and stronger point than standard winch hooks
  • Precision machined from lightweight billet aircraft grade...
  • Fits synthetic ropes and wire cables up to 1/2" in diameter
  • Maximum load rating of 20,000 lbs
  • Rugged, durable long lasting finish

Among affordable Smittybilt winch parts you can pick for off-roading, we also recommend the aluminum Smittybilt Winch Shackle. A winch shackle serves as a hook that is attached to one end of the winch pulley system. Accordingly, this winch accessory serves as a connector of ends pulling each other and as a pivot. That said, a winch shackle makes off-road cranking efficient, but it's not a must-have to some.

Image Credit: Smittybilt

Subsequently, the Smittybilt 2820 winch shackle will provide you with a stronger point of connection for safer pulling. More to its off-road tenacity, this winch shackle is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which can handle up to 20k pounds. Considering it's made from aluminum, it is lightweight to handle yet strong for its intended functions. Even more, this winch part has a universal fit to cables of 0.5 inches in diameter and below.

Additionally, this part is compatible with 7/8 to 3/4 inch D-rings. Since it's used in harsh outdoor conditions, this winch shackle is rigged with an anodized finish for corrosion resistance. We also love this accessory since it's easy to use, and when installed, it fits tightly for a cleaner look. However, some users might find its presentation bothersome since it may appear too big for its work.


  • Easy to use
  • Universal fit
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Decent load capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Might appear too big for its function

3. Smittybilt 30,000 lb Recovery Strap

Smittybilt CC330 3" x 30' Recovery Strap - 30,000 lb Capacity
  • Recovery and towing strap
  • 30,000-pound pull rating
  • 30 feet long, 3 inches wide
  • Features double-stitched webbing with a double hoop design for...
  • Ideal for towing vehicles, pulling equipment, and moving debris

A winch recovery strap is one of the commonly used accessories. Ideally, this equipment is used for off-road towing and recovery. When it comes to the Smittybilt recovery strap, it's capable of pulling up ot 30,000 pounds with a length of 30 feet and a width of 3 inches. Such a length provides adequate clearance between vehicles for safe winching.

Image Credit: Smittybilt

Furthermore, this strap is double-stitched with a tough strap webbing. Combining the dual webbing with its dimensions, this strap is fully capable of handling most off-road recovery. Besides recovering and towing, this strap is also useful in moving debris and pulling equipment. Even so, we recommend pulling weights below the 30k limit for efficiency and strap durability.


  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Adequate pulling clearance
  • Multi-purpose utility
  • Decent load limit


  • Customer complaints about its poor quality

4. Smittybilt 97710 Synthetic Winch Rope

Smittybilt 97710 XRC Universal Synthetic Winch Rope, 3/8" x 94', 10,000 lbs.,Silver
  • Includes stainless steel thimble and coated hook with spring clip
  • 1/7th the weight of steel cable, floats, minimal weight, torque...
  • No kinks, curls or wire splinters to deal with minimal stretch...
  • UV and abrasive resistant, specially coated to prevent slippage...
  • Comes with a protective sleet to prevent overheating

Another great Smittybilt winch part is the 97710 synthetic winch rope. Typically, a winch has the mechanical parts that pull and the rope or wire which is pulled. In this case, Smittybilt makes a synthetic winch rope for the pulley system. This rope is a universal fit with a remarkable breaking strength of 10,000 pounds.

Despite its high tenacity, this rope is lightweight, with a length of 94 feet and a 3/8-inch diameter. Additionally, the 97710 Smittybilt rope works with minimal friction when rolling on the winch drum. As such, this rope has minimal accident risk since it won't slip easily. Considering heat is generated during the winching, this rope is protected with a sleeve for optimal durability and reliability.

Image Credit: Smittybilt

Further on protection, this rope is UV and water-resistant. However, sand and dust particles can accumulate in storage, risking abrasions. Therefore, you can invest in a winch cover bag (another winch part) for further protection from environmental factors.

In the end, we love the fact that it's synthetic since it's lighter than steel cable for safer and stronger point of connection. However, this cable won't stretch as much but it's safer since it doesn't hold dangerous tension. On that note, you can shop for this winch synthetic rope model for reliability across any off-road vehicle year, make or model.


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Protected against friction and corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Universal fit


  • Pricey than other brands