Best Cargo Box For Road Trips: Thule Force XT Review

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box, Large, Black
  • A versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use
  • Provides 16 cubic feet of additional packing space
  • Designed to fit a wide range a vehciles with maximum space...
  • Quick-mount system "clicks" when roof box is secure and properly...
  • Dual-side opening for easy access to all areas of the box, from...

Cargo boxes are a must because sometimes your vehicle will not provide you with enough storage space, and they are a great, convenient, and cost-effective solution. However, finding the best rooftop cargo box might be a daunting task with plenty of options available in the market, and most of these products may seem similar.

Notably, if you are familiar with cargo boxes, you have heard of the Thule brand because it's one of the best rooftop cargo box brands today, and this Thule Force XT review will assure you that. Thule company makes different cargo boxes and various other products such as bike racks, roof boxes, and the Thule force XT Cargo Box, a top-tier product.

Thule Force XT Overview

The Thule Force XT is a cargo box or a roof box that is simple to install, easy to open, and comes with two interior straps that will be used to secure gear like pairs of skis or snowboards. In addition, it has a central lock system and an additional strap that will hang down on either side, making closing the box somewhat easy.

Thule Force XT has a load capacity of 165 lb (75 kgs), can carry a weight of up to 47 lb (21.3 kgs), a volume of 18 ft³ / 510 liters, and external dimensions of 210.18 x 85.72 x 43.81 cm. Thule Force XT comes in different sizes, such as Thule Force XT Sport, Thule Force XT L, Thule Force XT XL, and Thule Force XT XXL options, and to choose the appropriate size, you need to be aware of how much storage you need.

The Thule Cargo carrier will add a different beauty to your vehicle, and this will be beneficial for a lifetime for anyone using it. Below is a Thule Force XT review with some of its best features which will help you determine if the cargo box will be good for your needs.

Why Would You Need A Rooftop Cargo Box?

Most people use cargo boxes for additional storage space as it offers secure and weather-proof storage for all gear types without having to buy a bigger vehicle and they are great for ski trips, camping, road trips, and families. If you participate in any of the above activities and need extra space, then the right cargo box like the Thule Force XT will come in handy. Notably, all cargo boxes need a roof rack that is already installed on your vehicle, and a cargo box will come with universal mounting hardware that can be attached to any crossbar, no matter the shape.

Features of the Thule Force XT

1. Special Aerodynamic Design

Most buyers looking for a cargo carrier for their car will experience noise because of the continuous striking of the wind, especially when a cargo box is not designed properly. The noise can be bothersome as it will create an immense sound while you drive your vehicle, which sometimes might be a problem for the driver when driving.

When you opt for the Thule Force XT Cargo Boxes, the noise will be a thing of the past as the model has been made with a unique AeroNose design. The pointed nose design is made to reduce the wind noise and allow the cargo box to cut through the air, making it suitable for a customer looking to have a peaceful drive.

2. Maximizes Trunk and Hatch Clearance

Thanks to the cargo box design, a customer can maximize the trunk and hatch clearance, and it comes with a rear-angle base design that makes it simple to clear the hatch or trunk, which is important for some cars. Therefore, Thule Force XT will be a suitable choice if you are worried about the trunk or hatch clearance.

3. Great Overall Capacity

The Thule Force XT has an impressive overall capacity, and most people will use this cargo carrier to haul sports equipment, luggage, and camping equipment. Depending on the size, it has a load capacity of about eight pairs of skis and six snowboards, and when it's spacious, hauling your things will be simpler. Since the cargo box comes in different sizes, you won't need to look for a larger one, and for the price, Thule Force XT XL makes a perfect option for you and your family.

4. Incredibly Simple Mounting System

Mounting can also be defined as the safekeeping of the luggage inside the cargo carrier, which is among the main reasons for purchasing a cargo carrier. The Thule Force XT mounting system is quite easy to use, and it has been designed to click when it reaches the optimum hold, allowing you to place it on the vehicle roof within seconds. Getting the clamps in the right place while clearing the rear hatch will be easy as all clamps will easily slide into place.

Thule Force XT is among the fastest cargo boxes you will find in the market that you can mount on top of your car and is very compatible with most factory roof racks. In addition, Thule Force XT will work with plenty of aftermarket racks and can also be mounted on both a round and a square crossbar, which guarantees you versatility.

5. Dual-Side Openings for Your Convenience

With Thule Force XT, you are guaranteed convenience, and part of them are the dual-side openings that allow you to access your stuff from either side. The dual openings allow you to load and unload your stuff easily, and you can also get the gear out of your cargo box fast; though not suitable, some people open the lid with one hand and hold the gear with the other.

Thanks to the multiple openings, multiple people will be able to access the contents of your cargo simultaneously, and unloading will also be faster because of the design. The multiple openings might not seem to be important initially, but they will help you out in the long run while giving you the extra space you need.

6. Good Locking System

Thule Force XT comes with a generally great locking system, and the cargo box uses an external lock-assist knob that is easy to use. The car cargo carrier also includes a built-in safety feature that only allows the key out when the roof box is completely closed and thus helps to prevent unnecessary accidents. In addition, the exclusive Lockknob makes it simple to open and close, and the design helps to prevent any damage to your Thule Comfort key.

The Thule Force XT roof box lock is also strong enough to ensure people don't access your things, and this is most important when you need to stop at a hotel during your trip. The Thule Force XT cargo box is secure with a great lock and will ensure you can rest easily without getting worried as the lock is very hard to break being secure and compressed.

7. Good Overall Stability

Cargo boxes need stability to ensure that the items inside remain in a proper and saturated position and will not break things. Thule Force XT will offer a buyer stability, and it usually feels secure when driving down the road for short and long trips alone or with your family. The Thule Force XT XL bag is robust and has proper grip holdings that will assure you will never fall, and it's also very secure with impressive safety precautions.

Even at high speeds, weather conditions, or types of roads, Thule Force XT won't lose its stability. The aerodynamic design plays a major role in ensuring that this happens, and you won't have to worry about your safety gear when on the road. Thule Force XT can also be quite rugged and offer maximum durability because it can stand up to regular use. So if you need a carrier to use all the time, Thule Force XT will deliver.

Pros of Thule Force XT

  • DualSide opening will allow access from any side of the vehicle and a forward position to clear the rear hatch.
  • It is spacious with a volume of 18 cu. ft. that is equivalent to (seven skis or five snowboards) and can also fit in a wide range of vehicles.
  • The car carrier comes in a matte finish that will not show marks or dirt easily.
  • It features a LockKnob that prevents damage to the Thule Comfort Key and facilitates the opening of the space.
  • The cargo box will earn you style points and will kill your MPGs
  • The strap loops and three straps are a nice addition since you can use them to sinch your items down to avoid shifting during transit
  • It can be easily closed using the pull-down strap
  • The Thule Force XT cargo box can be easily mounted thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system that will fit all bars

Cons of Thule Force XT

  • The key is quite finicky
  • The plastic tabs that hold the clamp into place will seem a bit fragile.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Thule Force XT Review

1. What is the difference between Thule Motion and Force?

Thule Force is a rooftop cargo box that features a quick-mount system with a dual-side opening, while Thule Motion is a rooftop cargo box with a dual-side opening and a slide-lock system, making it a super secure box of the kind. The Motion Box has a slightly lower end with an angled back, while Thule Force has a slightly bumpy back end. Additionally, the back end shape is the opposite of the Force, and the end of the Motion tucks inside at a sharp angle with the Force box sticks out on end.

2. Is a cargo box worth the money?

You should consider purchasing a rooftop cargo bag, especially if you are on a budget and if you need to transport loads of stuff, then a large cargo box will be a smart buy. As long as you consider your needs, the cargo box will be a good investment, and it will never be hard not to use your money wisely.

3. Why is Thule so expensive?

Thule are expensive because of the metal bars that sit on your car's roof since roof racks are designed with high-quality materials and using a special design that will support the large weight amount on top of the car with minimum contact points. The high-quality designs are one of the main reasons these roof racks are expensive.

4. How do you pronounce Thule?

Thule is pronounced as "too-lee."