11 Best Reliable Towing Services in Las Vegas (24/7)

Best Reliable Towing Services in Las Vegas

When your car breaks down, and you need a ride in Las Vegas, you’ll need to quickly find a towing company that has your back. Thankfully, the best towing service in Las Vegas can help you by providing quick, efficient, and professional service that you can easily trust.

In this article, we’ll examine several of the most popular towing companies in Las Vegas and examine why they’re so great. Please read through this information and add these companies to your phone if you need service in the future, or call them right now if you’re currently stranded on the road.

1. Towing Less

Towing Less Service
  • Phone: (725) 215-0445
  • Website: Towing Less
  • Specializations: Long-distance, flatbed, wheel-lift, wrecking, and motorcycle services
  • Strengths: 24/7 availability, fast response times, diverse services
  • Service Areas: Henderson, North Las Vegas, The Lakes, Blue Diamond, Boulder City, etc.
  • Unique Feature: Mobile mechanic support for simple problems impacting your vehicle

Towing Less is one of the most trusted towing service in Las Vegas because they provide hands-on service using a 24/7 model. No matter when you need their help, you can call them to get towing, emergency gas delivery, kick-starting support, and even mobile mechanic help. This latter service includes fixing wheels and other simple repairs that can be done on the side of the road. 

Furthermore, Towing Less has very diverse services that can ensure your vehicle is safe, no matter what happens to you. For example, they can provide wrecking service support for crashes, long-distance towing if you’re moving to a new area, flatbed towing of larger vehicles, wheel-lifting towing for smaller cars, and motorcycle towing. These diverse services should suit many people.

2. Elite Towing Las Vegas

Elite Towing Las Vegas Service
  • Phone: (705) 575-5712
  • Website: Elite Towing
  • Specializations: Flatbed towing, light-duty towing, motorcycle towing, roadside assistance
  • Strengths: Reasonable pricing, efficient fuel delivery, great battery jumps, quick tire changes
  • Service Areas: Boulder City, Henderson, Mesquite, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  • Unique Feature: Highly friendly and professional service quality

We picked Elite Towing Las Vegas because they provide some of the friendliest and most high-quality towing service in Las Vegas. Put simply, they’re known for their quick response times, effective towing support, high professionalism from each towing professional, and their expertise in hauling. They’ll carefully choose a towing option that makes sense for you to ensure that you’re satisfied. 

For instance, they can help with light-duty towing, which typically includes smaller vehicles with smaller frames and weights. They can also handle flatbed towing services for larger vehicles or simply keep smaller vehicles safely off the road as they tow. Furthermore, they can help with things like tire changes, lockouts, battery jumps, and fuel delivery, though not a true mobile mechanic service.

3. Pars Towing Company

Pars Towing Company Serivce
  • Phone: (702) 501-9110
  • Website: Pars Towing Service
  • Specializations: Motorcycle towing, RV towing, car trailer services, auto car services
  • Strengths: High-tech diagnostics, open and honest communication, customized towing solutions
  • Service Areas: Most neighborhoods in Vegas, including North Vegas and Boulder City
  • Unique Feature: 100% response rate, meaning they provide service to everyone who needs it

On the surface, Pars Towing Service offers slightly fewer services than other companies, including fewer mechanic-based options. However, their straightforward towing service in Las Vegas is quietly one of the fastest, most efficient, and trusted in the area. By focusing solely on towing, they provide excellent quality for the money and serve a very broad region of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. 

Furthermore, they’re one of the most advanced towing companies in Las Vegas, utilizing innovative solutions and tech-forward solutions. Furthermore, they customize each of their towing services to your needs and will work with you to ensure that you’re satisfied. Online reviews also continually praise this team’s open and honest communication, which builds trust and transparency. 

4. LV RoadTec Assistance

LV RoadTec Assistance Service
  • Phone: (888) 587-3832
  • Website: LV RoadTec Assistance
  • Specializations: Semi-truck and trailer service, on-site welding, wheel bearing support
  • Strengths: 24/7 service availability, mobile mechanic service, on-site repair options
  • Service Areas: Mesquite, Amargosa Valley, Hiko, Searchlight, Primm, Jean, Las Vegas
  • Unique Feature: Multi-state service into areas like California and Arizona

LV RoadTec Assistance focuses only on semi-truck and trailer towing, which makes them a little more limited compared to other options for towing service in Las Vegas. However, within this specific niche, they’re one of the most trusted and reliable teams available to you. They not only provide excellent towing support but also on-the-road repairs that can get truckers back on the road in no time. 

Their services include heavy-duty truck towing, roadside assistance, truck tire repair, load adjustment, trailer repair, diesel truck mechanic, 24/7 emergency towing support, and mobile truck repair. They can also help with jump starts, fuel and air filter replacement, battery support (including jump starts), belt and hose replacement, and truck computer repair. Try them out if you’re a truck driver in Las Vegas.

5. True Towing

True Towing Service
  • Phone: (888) 839-0753
  • Website: True Towing
  • Specializations: Local and long-distance towing, private property towing, emergency assistance
  • Strengths: Broad service area, excellent response times, professional towing help
  • Service Areas: Palatka, Suamico, Cranston, Bethesda, Sartell, Colton, Peoria City, Talladega, etc.
  • Unique Feature: Statewide service that works well outside of Las Vegas

True Towing is a trusted towing service in Las Vegas that provides a simple and effective option with no frills. Their website highlights diverse services such as emergency roadside assistance, private property towing, light and medium towing, heavy-duty towing, long-distance towing, and even local support. That diverse range of options ensures that you get the support that you need. 

They also have a pretty broad service area throughout Las Vegas, meaning it should be fairly easy for you to get your vehicle where it needs to go. If you live in areas like Palatka, Colton, Talladega, Sartell, Bethesda, and Cranston, call True Towing to get out of a jam. Note that, like other types of towing companies in Las Vegas, they provide some minor repair help to keep you on the road.

6. Quality Towing

Quality Towing Service
  • Phone: (702) 649-5711
  • Website: Quality Towing
  • Specializations: Semi-truck towing, medium-duty vehicle towing, insurance salvage and transport
  • Strengths: Diverse towing options, unique auctions for potential buyers, fast and reliable service
  • Service Areas: Most service areas in Las Vegas, particularly North Vegas
  • Unique Feature: Insurance towing and support (which is a rather unique situation for most people)

Quality Towing provides high-quality, 24/7 service that is ranked nearly perfectly on Google by hundreds of reviewers. They’re particularly known for their insurance towing and support, which is designed to salvage damaged vehicles and ensure that your goods are properly delivered. Not many other towing companies in Vegas offer this option, making it a great choice for you. 

Other services available from Quality Towing include local and long-distance transport using flatbeds, four-car carriers, and accident vehicle transport vehicles. Quality Towing also provides real-time location status updates to keep you assessed on your delivery and even newly purchased vehicle transportation. They’re also a trusted National Disaster Response Team in the Las Vegas area.

7. Las Vegas Tow Truck Company

Las Vegas Tow Truck Company Service
  • Phone: (702) 930-8804
  • Website: Las Vegas Tow Truck Company
  • Specializations: Motorcycle towing, property management towing, fleet and truck repair
  • Strengths: Knowledgeable staff, fast response times, very fair pricing models
  • Service Areas: Henderson East, Green Valley, Anthem, Inspirada, Summerlin, Sun City Anthem, etc.
  • Unique Feature: Natural Disaster Response towing services

Las Vegas Tow Truck Company is a simply named towing service in Las Vegas that provides high-quality and effective service that should meet your needs. They start by setting up 24/7 emergency service, including throughout most holiday seasons. It’s important to them that the Vegas area has support for those kinds of emergencies that can impact you at any time. 

Even better, they can provide services like roadside assistance, flatbed tow truck hauling, insurance salvage and transport, classic car towing, natural disaster response, relocation services, flat tire repair, dead battery jumpstarts, and more. Amazingly, they even offer a 4×4 off-road recovery service, which is great if you’re an off-roading enthusiast and need a team you can trust to take care of your car.

8. Economy Towing

Economy Towing Service
  • Phone: (702) 498-1063
  • Website: Economy Towing
  • Specializations: Motorcycle towing, local hauling, long-distance towing, fifth-wheel towing
  • Strengths: Fairly priced services, rapid response time, friendly family-owned business design
  • Service Areas: The greater Las Vegas metropolitan area (Anthem, North Vegas, Palatka, etc.)
  • Unique Feature: A family owned design that creates a more personalized and friendly experience

Over the last 11 years, Economy Towing has quietly become one of the best and most experienced towing service in Las Vegas. True to their name, they provide fairly priced services that focus on your needs without a ton of bells and whistles. They simply focus on providing Las Vegas residents with inexpensive towing services that get their vehicles where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

Economy Towing offers the same kinds of general towing support you get from most companies, including light- and medium-duty towing. However, they also provide help with lockouts, jump starts, toolbox towing, emergency roadside assistance, and fifth-wheel towing. In fact, they’re one of the few towing companies in Las Vegas to deal with fifth wheels, making them great for camping fans.

9. Max Towing

Max Towing Service
  • Phone: (702) 689-5983
  • Website: Max Towing
  • Specializations: Fuel delivery, automotive locksmith, roadside assistance
  • Strengths: 24/7 service options, credit card payment options, young and dedicated team
  • Service Areas: Green Valley, Summerlin, North Vegas, etc.
  • Unique Feature: Bilingual support for Spanish speakers in Las Vegas

Max Towing is a fairly young towing service in Las Vegas with just around 12 years of experience serving Vegas. However, they’ve maintained that initial excitement that comes with starting a new company and provide fun, friendly, and actionable service that focuses heavily on your needs. You’ll get the chance to work with a diverse array of services, no matter what your needs.

For example, they provide multiple types of towing trucks, including flatbed services, to haul vehicles wherever they need to go at all times. Max Towing can also provide roadside assistance like fuel delivery, tire change, locksmith, and jumpstart support. With a fair pricing model and an expert team of towers, Max Towing provides a professional and friendly service that should keep you on the road.

10. Coyote Towing

Coyote Towing Service
  • Phone: (702) 793-3333
  • Website: Coyote Towing
  • Specializations: Accident recovery, boats on trailers, motorcycle support, flatbed towing, lockout 
  • Strengths: Arrival in 30 minutes or less, transparent pricing options, friendly and professional service
  • Service Areas: The Greater Las Vegas metropolitan area (Spring Valley, Henderson, Paradise, etc.)
  • Unique Feature: Rescue off-road towing for your outdoor adventures

Coyote Towing offers many of the same high-quality services available from other towing companies in Las Vegas and is available from many parts of the city. For example, they support Harry Reid International Airport and can help travelers in this area when their car breaks down. Furthermore, Coyote Towing is known for its very fast arrival time – typically 30 minutes or less. 

Other things that set them apart include state-of-the-art towing equipment, high-quality technicians with years of experience, zero hidden fees and transparent pricing models, safe and reliable tie-downs, and roadside assistance. For example, they’re known to help people with emergency roadside services and can also help with tire changes, lockout problems, and even jumpstart situations.

11. Olmstead Towing

Olmstead Towing Services
  • Phone: (702) 523-7708
  • Website: Olmstead Towing
  • Specializations: Briefly mention their main towing expertise (flatbed, heavy-duty, luxury vehicles, etc.).
  • Strengths: Amazingly fairly priced model, flat rates not based on mile surcharges, very friendly service
  • Service Areas: Las Vegas, Mountains Edge, Lake Las Vegas, Boulder City, Indian Springs, etc.
  • Unique Feature: An $85 flat fee for up to five miles with no hidden pricing models

Olmstead Towing provides a very inexpensive towing service in Las Vegas and boasts of a flat $85 towing fee for up to five miles from your pickup point. Note that tows beyond this range will increase by $10 for every additional five miles, so make sure you plan your delivery destination. That lower rate makes Olmstead a good option for people who may be on a budget after their car breaks down. 

Services offered by Olmstead include general towing support, specialty towing, flatbed services, jumpstarts, tire changes, and fuel delivery. Olmstead Towing is continually rated as the friendliest towing service in Las Vegas, with owner Michael “Shane” Olmstead working alongside his towing crew to provide expert-level support for the entire Las Vegas region.