Best Hitch mounted winch For Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicles

hitch mounted winch

You have once or twice found yourself in a bit of a hitch when driving in traverse road, whether it was high waters, mud, snow or even sand. How do you pull your vehicle out of this sticky situation as an off-roader. It's actually pretty simple. Get yourself a front-mounted hitch receiver and a hitch-mounted winch. With the right winch mount, you can pull out your truck, trailer and any heavy-duty vehicle out with ease. Gone are the days when a couple men would have to get out of the vehicle to push it.

What Is A Hitch Mounted Winch?

This can be explained by the analogy of a fisherman who has caught a huge fish by a fish hook. Think of the fish as the vehicle. The angler's rod can be compared to the hitch-mount winch and the fisherman's strong grip as the stationary object tying the winch mount cable. Rotating the winch while using the strength of the snatch straps and the under-wheel traction bed releases the vehicle from the snare.

Heavy-duty vehicles are being designed each better than the previous model. Newer versions having better features and accessories. These trailers and trucks need off-roading accessories such as life-saving winches. You need to know the weight capacity of your truck in order to choose the best winch that has enough power to lift your vehicle. Your winch mount must be able to pull at least 1.5 times the weight of your jeep.

To have your hitch-mounted winch installed, you need to know what account or application it's for. This will tell you whether you have to fit it either at the front or back of your jeep, trailer, stock car and SUV. The hitch mount winch plate fits right onto the trailer hitch receiver. They could be used on the front bumper of your car but with the addition of a hitch receiver. There are different types of winches. These are the free-mounted winch plate and winch compatible plates. They can be aluminum or steel.

How do you make a hitch mounted winch?

1) ELITEWILL Receiver Universal Trailer Mount Plate

ELITEWILL 2" Receiver Universal Trailer Hitch Winch Mount Plate for ATV UTV Winch Cradle Mounting...
  • Standard Fit:The winch mount is equipped with a standard 2-inch...
  • Universal Winch Mount:This receiver allows you using a trailer...
  • Front Or Rear Mounted:This trailer hitch can be mounted on the...
  • Protect Your Winch:Winch mount black powder coating can protect...
  • Durable Construction:This winch mounting plate is made of heavy...

This trailer hitch receiver winch mount plate is perfect for ATV and UTV winch cradle mounting bracket. It works well for all-terrain vehicles. This hitch receiver mount is a universal hitch mount that can account for using a trailer hitch to attach a winch to your ATV or UTV. It is pre-drilled to fit a variety of winches so that you can install them as required. The winch mount is equipped with a standard 2inch shank to fit all 2" trailer hitch receiver.

You can protect your winch by coating it with winch mount black powder from rain and sun. It is usual to take into account that outlets and voltages differ internationally. Thus, it is mandatory to ensure that the hitch receiver is compatible with your jeep. One of the most important features that customers would like to take into account is that the hitch receiver is durable and does the job. It is designed using heavy-duty steel and hence, a great hitch mounting plate and trailer hitch receiver. This means it can serve you for a long time.


  • Durable
  • Standard fit
  • Good quality
  • Perfect size
  • Easy to install
  • Well constructed


  • Requires longer bolts and large washers

2) ZESUPER Electric Truck Winch Kit

ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Load Capacity Electric Truck Winch Kit Synthetic Rope, Waterproof Off Road...
  • Your purchase includes a ZESUPER 13,000 lbs winch. Special...
  • Heavy-duty sealed contactor, state of the art 500 Amp relay.High...
  • Total dimensions: (length x width x height): 516*160*200mm. Drum...
  • Fast circuit speed and high sensitivity of remote...
  • All winches are provided with lifetime technical support and...

The ZESUPER 13000lbs winch mount is specifically designed for a truck, boats, ATV, UTV and multipurpose utility trailers. This winch mount has a heavy-duty sealed contactor with a state-of-the-art 500 Amp relay. The hitch receiver is also highly efficient, with 5.8 feet per minute when loaded and 22 feet per minute when empty. Moreover, the winch mount has a fast circuit speed and high sensitivity of remote control, waterproof IP67 and sand proof. Additionally, it can account for a unique auto brake design that fits, giving it great control.

This 13000lbs winch mount has total dimensions of (length, width and height):516*120*200*mm with a drum size of 64mm*223mm*, 6.4 HP 12v series winding motor and three-stage planetary gear system, shank, free winding clutch, and features accessories like a synthetic rope 10mm*24m and hook. If you would like your winch mount to last for a long time, we recommend that customers oil the winch screw after use. This winch mount has a close-year warranty as well as lifetime technical support.


  • High-temperature resistance
  • Workable below-2o degrees Celsius
  • Easy to handle
  • Color-coded wiring
  • No sharp frays
  • Perfect fit


  • May develop rust in some cases
  • High price

3) Champion Power Equipment Winch Kit

Champion Power Equipment-100427 Truck/SUV Synthetic Rope Winch Kit with Speed Mount, 12,000-lb
  • Powerful – 12,000-lb. rated line pull powered by a...
  • Efficient – Line speed of 2.3 feet per minute with a full load,...
  • Convenient – Speed Mount 2-inch hitch adapter, included...
  • Hassle-Free – The hawse fairlead creates a smooth pull with the...
  • Reliable – Champion Support includes 2-year limited warranty...

The Champion power equipment brand offers very efficient and powerful features. It has an efficient line speed of2.3 feet per minute with a full load and 15.7 feet per minute with no load. This winch mount occupies a convenient speed mount 2inch hitch adapter with a hand-held quick connect remote. Additionally, it has accessories like free-spooling clutch, hook and shank, allowing for an easy winching experience. The roller fairlead with a 4-way roller creates a smooth pull with the strong and flexible synthetic rope for your stock vehicle.

The rope is lightweight, does not give users splinters and does not kink and can be found in any shop. It also has less recoil than compared to steel and floats. It has a powerful line pull of 12000lbs in weight with a 6.0 horsepower (12volt) DC series wound motor. This winch mount offers a gear reduction ratio of 216:1 in order to make it a perfect heavy-duty tool. The rope material is made from galvanized steel and comes with 6-foot lead battery cables. The convenient handles are three-way adjustable and serve as side guards to protect your winch.


  • Quick installation
  • Easy mounting and storage
  • High flexibility rope
  • Durable
  • Excellent control
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Weak cable

4) STEGODON 13000 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch

STEGODON 13000 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch T2,12V Synthetic Rope Electric Winch with Hawse...
  • T2 NEW MODEL:New control box,the reception speed is 20% faster...
  • Overall Dimensions:(L×W×H)21.3"×6.5"×10.2", Mounting Bolt...
  • High-efficiency 3-stage planetary steel gear provides stronger...
  • Wireless remote control : Fast circuit speed and High...
  • All winches come backed by a lifetime technical support and...

This T2 new model is an upgrade from the T1 version. The STEGODON brand has made it 2o% faster and more efficient. Its unique jungle logo had made it very popular; its new frosted material makes it -very high quality. It also features accessories like a hand-held wireless remote and mounting plate that improve its security. Additionally, the winch mount has a high-efficiency roller fairlead 3-stage planetary steel gear that provides stronger pulling power of 6.4HP electric motor. The gear system has a free spooling clutch and shank perfect to pass on muddy road.

Apart from being waterproof IP67 and sand proof, it also has state of the art 500AMP solenoid with a heavy-duty sealed contactor. This electric winch mount has an efficient 25.2 feet per minute when empty and 7 feet per minute when fully loaded. The receiver mount wireless remote control has fast circuit speed and high sensitivity. The unique clutch brake system gives it excellent control. It is specifically constructed for cars, boats, trucks, jeeps, modified cars and multipurpose utility trailers.


  • Electric motor
  • Wireless remote
  • Easy wiring
  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Affordable price


  • Low quality

5) VEVOR Truck Electric Winch

STEGODON 13000 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch T2,12V Synthetic Rope Electric Winch with Hawse...
  • T2 NEW MODEL:New control box,the reception speed is 20% faster...
  • Overall Dimensions:(L×W×H)21.3"×6.5"×10.2", Mounting Bolt...
  • High-efficiency 3-stage planetary steel gear provides stronger...
  • Wireless remote control : Fast circuit speed and High...
  • All winches come backed by a lifetime technical support and...

The VEVOR truck winch mount is a perfect tool with a winch capacity of 10000lbs for efficient winching. It has a great motor with a power of 4.2KW that runs connected to a 3-way planetary gear system for stronger pulling power and faster speed. The high tensile synthetic rope has a cable length of dimensions 100ft with a diameter of 3/8".This lightness and flexibility is favorable over metal leaps. Its dynamic braking system with the roller fairlead works wells to improve its efficiency.

This power truck winch mount comes with a wireless remote that better controls the winching job. This winch is also convenient for precarious situations. This hitch mount winch comes with accessories that we appreciate. These include; a hook, synthetic rope, wireless remote tools and a roller fairlead. Moreover, an IP67 waterproof and sand proof feature that make it possible to bear harsh environments. Made with heavy-duty steel load that provides it strength for a long time.


  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Suitable for all weather terrain
  • Efficient
  • Low price
  • Wireless remote
  • Flexible rope


  • Low quality

Buying Guide For The Best Hitch Mounted Winch Mount

a) Weight Capacity

When you want to purchase a hitch-mounted winch, you need to understand the different types of winches that are in the market, along with their weight capacity. The weight capacity of a trailer hitch receiver should be able to pull at least 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle. You also have to find the price attached to these winches. The money you are willing to spend is also a sign not to set your eyes on a winch quickly. The weight capacity is determined by the amount of force generated by your winch's power source.

The tensile strength of the synthetic rope is important because it ensures that the winch can pull your vehicle out of a ditch. A cable made from galvanized steel is very strong and thus a great choice for pulling power. Larger winches and trailer hitch receivers have large motors and tougher cables hence higher pulling capacity.

b) Price

Pricing is an essential factor to factor in when you want to purchase a hitch-mounted winch that is suitable for a trailer hitch receiver for your vehicle. The price of a mounted winch ranges from $38 to $374.Before you sign up to buy a winch, you need to find related searches on various types of winches by other people. It is also a grand idea to check if the particular product you want is in stock to buy and has an affordable price. Today, it has become easy to buy products quickly. All you need to do is add it to your cart.

After considering factors such as whether the hitch-mounted winch is compatible with your trailer hitch receiver or whether it is easy to remove or change parts of the winch, you need to ensure that you have chosen the correct fit for you. This is a great investment you are about to make, and therefore the price you decide to pay for should have a positive impact on you. You can find affordable winches that are of good quality before you close that deal on your cart.

c) Cable Type

There are two cables that we recommend; the steel cable and the synthetic cable. Now both of these cables are close in function as well as being strong and durable. However, the steel cable can undergo great trauma when it reaches breaking point quickly. The synthetic cable, on the other hand, is light and flexible, so it does not fray or cause splinters. The synthetic cable sustains great pressure. This means that it could probably serve and fits you longer than the steel cable.

Cable type goes together with cable length. If you want to assess whether your cable can handle strong pull, it needs to have an extra 50 feet over the 100 feet on the spool. With this figured out, you have to think about speed as well. The winch needs to work at 4 feet per minute under load. Taking this into account will help you to shop for the best winch for you.

d) Electric Winches

An electric winch uses your jeep's battery to power the motor. This can be detrimental to your winches' battery. The upside to this is that they operate with accelerated speeds. These electric winches are easy to install and easy to use. This is because of the remote controls that they come with. If you like the sound of it, be prepared to have the contact of your nearest battery seller in your contact lists. This is to cover the electric option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(i) How Long Does It Take For My Winch To Require a Break?

Using your winch mount for long periods of time can drain your car battery. Additionally, there is so much your motor can handle and thus undergoes overheating and stop when you least expect it.

(ii) How Do I Take Care Of My Winch Mount?

You need to pay close attention and search for any signs of tear in your winch mount and order new parts immediately. You also need to wash and clean your winch mount and accessories regularly. Lastly, oiling it every now and then is a great precaution as well for your stock vehicle.

(iii) Is There a Need For Me To Get a Mounting Plate?

Depending on what kind of bumper you have, a winch mount bumper that is constructed specifically to have a winch does not require a hitch mounting plate. However, a hitch mounting plate needs to be attached to the front or rear bumper of a bumper with no winch. They are usually at an affordable price.