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We would like to believe—and many of our customers would surely agree—that indeed we are the best provider of towing services in Clovis. We promise to keep your vehicle safe all throughout the transport, no matter how long the journey is. Here at Towing Less, we understand that your car is an important part of your daily routine so we make sure that when you entrust it to us, it won’t be with us for too long. We will never leave you stranded; day or night, we will be there to rescue you and provide roadside assistance when you need it. Experience is important because your vehicle is probably one of the most expensive assets you own, so you will definitely want to work with a company that has a solid reputation in the business.

Like anyone else, you especially, we do not want to be left on the road with no means of transportation, so we make it a point to come to your side within minutes from your call requesting our towing services. We have assisted countless number of stranded motorists in Clovis who have all expressed satisfaction at the quality of towing services we provided them. We simply listen to our customers and know exactly what they want, and do everything in our power to create a better experience for all of them. When we say we’ll be there in 15 minutes, we’ll be there in 15 minutes—perhaps even earlier.

24 Hour Tow Truck in Clovis

As we deliver extraordinary service, we see to it that the equipment we use are the latest you can find. Because of this, Towing Less is able to deliver the required services within minutes of your call, without any threat or risk to your vehicle. They look at their customers like they are walking wallets, objects where they can get money to sustain their business. We pay good money to our crew of experienced auto professionals for their towing services. There is no situation we cannot handle. Our customer service in Clovis comes with the same quality and passion you can expect from our towing services. It is our belief that customer service must be open, warm, and never judgmental. We only hire people who have the proven skills and competence to do their job professionally and efficiently.

Clovis Towing Services

We have teams of friendly and highly trained technicians and mechanics ready to rush to our customer's location at a moment's notice, so call us today! If there is any delay, we will notify you right away and tell exactly why we will be late. Our professionalism distinguishes us from other towing companies. Some companies look good on fine print, but when the truck comes to pick up your things, the vehicle is not quite the one you saw originally. This does not happen here at Towing Less. Although generating income is obviously important to us, we are always mindful that extending the highest quality of services to our customers is more important than counting dollar bills. It is safe to say that we are the company that first comes to the mind of anyone with towing needs.

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Clovis Towing Services

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We make sure to handle your vehicle with utmost care, so that when you get it back, you will see it without a scratch or a dent and in the best condition it could possibly be. Towing Less has drivers that undergo regular training to ensure that they provide proper towing services. Motorists turn to our towing company for help whenever they need roadside assistance. Whatever your towing needs, we are confident that we can help you. It can frightening to be in the middle of somewhere with a dead battery or a flat tire. In cases like this, it always pays to know someone who can pull you out of this situation, but for sure, no one can provide you the solutions you need like Towing Less in Clovis can.

We hope that you call us so we can take the load off your current situation. As a towing company, we have a vast technical expertise. Most of them cannot say they have the same level of experience that we have, nor can they claim to have the most modern equipment out there. You will not love the thought of running into some kind of mechanical trouble where you are not on familiar ground. We continue to support our mechanics and other workers to enable them to gain more experience and expertise in handling various car problems.

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We do not panic even in the midst of time pressure, so why choose an amateur service provider for towing services when you can hire us and expect guaranteed results? Call us now and see for yourself the quality of service we provide our clients. Towing Less is the leading towing company in Clovis, which is open for business 24/7. When it’s easier for you, it becomes easier for us. Always be safe than sorry when on the road. We are selective; while we work with a number of towing companies, we still check to make sure that they are reliable as we are. When you are in a crisis, every minute counts. In good or bad weather, day or night, in whatever road condition you are in, remember that we are at your beck and call in times of emergency. You must understand that there are different kinds of trucks, and equipped differently, too, according to what they are used for.

Towing Less, 900 Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, 559-323-5400

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