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We would like to believe—and many of our customers would surely agree—that indeed we are the best provider of towing services in Memphis. We did not call our company Towing Less just to make an empty boast. Our solid reputation is built on the satisfaction expressed by countless motorists who have experienced the professional care and courtesy extended by our team of experts, and our fast, efficient and comprehensive delivery of service.

Whatever time of the day or night in all the days of the year, including Sundays and holidays, we are ready to come to your aid whenever you encounter problems with your vehicle on the road. We have never let down our customers in Memphis even in difficult times when we have to exert our utmost effort to be able to help them get out of a problematic situation on the road, including a car crash. We know the kind of stress mixed with fear that motorists feel when they suddenly find themselves stuck on a lonely road or on a dark parking area unable to move their vehicle, becoming a target for muggers and thieves.

24 Hour Tow Truck in Memphis

Once we receive a call from a customer, we immediately rush to the scene not only to provide our towing services but also to ensure the customer's safety and well-being. Raking up more money by whatever means is what some towing companies aim to achieve. They manage to do this by employing and underpaying inexperienced workers with little knowledge of auto mechanics and by not investing in top-of-the line towing vehicles and equipment. The opposite is true with us at Towing Less. We pay good money to our crew of experienced auto professionals for their towing services.

Memphis Towing Services

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We also invest in new vehicles and tools that allow us to further improve the delivery of our services. We do this for one basic reason: We truly value our customers and treat them with utmost respect and professionalism.  We never let them down. As a result, we have become the leading towing service provider. You have to experience our way of delivering service to believe us. Call Towing Less in Memphis and we'll give you a sample of how we treat our customers with care and lavish them with our attention.

Some towing companies limit themselves to just towing stalled or broken-down vehicles. Thus they hire anybody who can be taught the simple task of towing a vehicle—even if the people they hire have no experience whatsoever in the business and who know little about vehicles and their mechanisms. Unlike other companies in Memphis, we at only hire skilled and experienced people who know how various car brands and models work. This is the key reason why we are able to provide excellent professional service to our customers. We not only tow vehicles, we try to repair them as much as possible so there will be no need for towing. We are a licensed and insured company manned by friendly and caring auto experts who always have your best interests in mind. We make sure to handle your vehicle with utmost care, so that when you get it back, you will see it without a scratch or a dent and in the best condition it could possibly be.

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Memphis Towing Services

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Experience-wise, no towing company can come close to matching the quality and extent of the services we provide. We are the real deal. The reputation we have established is known not just in Memphis, but throughout the country. Our auto experts know all the intricate details of various car models and makes. With the numerous customers we have faithfully served to the best of our capabilities, we have become one of the most trusted service providers throughout the entire country. What makes us an even attractive choice is that we offer the most affordable price for our services.

The only way for you to get a clearer idea of our company and the services we render is to contact us for our towing services. If you're looking for the best towing company in Memphis then look no further. We are the company name to remember in times of emergency on the road. You may want to write down our company name and telephone number on a piece of paper, and keep it in your wallet, purse or car. Or you can include us in your cellphone's contact list. This way, when you suddenly find yourself stranded on the road after a car breakdown or a road crash or whatever emergency situation you find yourself in, you can easily reach us.

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Once we receive your call, our professional crew will rush to your location to ensure your safety and try to repair your vehicle. If that cannot be done satisfactorily, we will tow it to the shop of your choice for repairs.

Towing Less, 7099 Country Walk Dr, Cordova, TN 38018, (901) 446-2788

Communities we serve: West Memphis, Southaven, Germantown, Marion, Horn Lake, Cordova, Ellendale, Walls, Millington, Olive Branch, Brunswick, Nesbit, Clarkedale, Edmondson, Proctor, Collierville, Lake Cormorant, Arlington, Crawfordsville, Turrell, Eads, Hernando, Atoka, Frenchmans Bayou, Gilmore, Munford, Drummonds, Gallaway, Byhalia, Heth, Rossville, Robinsonville, Joiner, Earle, Hughes, Brighton, Bassett, Mount Pleasant, Oakland, Tipton, Braden, Arkabutla, Red Banks, Coldwater, Burlison, Tyronza, Wilson, Mason, Williston, Victoria, Driver, West Ridge, Dyess, Parkin, Henning, Ripley, Covington, Laconia, Moscow, Widener, Marked Tree, Senatobia, Tunica, Keiser, Lepanto, Independence, Osceola, Somerville, Sarah, Brickeys, Holly Springs, Lamar, Madison, Rivervale, Stanton, Como, Michigan City, La Grange, Etowah, Forrest City, Trumann, Luxora, Vanndale, Haynes, Waterford, Caldwell, Cherry Valley, Grand Junction, Caraway, Wynne, Burdette, Crenshaw, Hickory Valley, Manila, Harrisburg, Sardis, Dell, Whiteville, Marianna, Potts Camp, Dundee, Sledge, Ashland, Black Oak, Brownsville, Bay, Abbeville, Lake City, Lula, West Helena, Hickory Flat, Helena, Gates, Lexa, Jonesboro, State University, Poplar Grove, Oneida, Myrtle, Maury City, Etta, Alamo, 37501, 37544, 38001, 38002, 38004, 38010, 38011, 38012, 38014, 38015, 38016, 38017, 38018, 38019, 38023, 38027, 38028, 38029, 38036, 38037, 38039, 38041, 38042, 38045, 38046, 38049, 38050, 38053, 38054, 38055, 38057, 38058, 38060, 38063, 38066, 38068, 38069, 38071, 38075, 38076, 38083, 38088, 38101, 38103, 38104, 38105, 38106, 38107, 38108, 38109, 38110, 38111, 38112, 38113, 38114, 38115, 38116, 38117, 38118, 38119, 38120, 38122, 38124, 38125, 38126, 38127, 38128, 38129, 38130, 38131, 38132, 38133, 38134, 38135, 38136, 38137, 38138, 38139, 38140, 38141, 38142, 38143, 38145, 38146, 38147, 38148, 38150, 38151, 38152, 38157, 38159, 38161, 38163, 38165, 38166, 38167, 38168, 38173, 38174, 38175, 38177, 38181, 38182, 38183, 38184, 38186, 38187, 38188, 38190, 38193, 38194, 38195, 38197, 38601, 38602, 38603, 38611, 38618, 38619, 38621, 38626, 38627, 38632, 38633, 38634, 38635, 38637, 38638, 38641, 38642, 38644, 38647, 38649, 38650, 38651, 38654, 38659, 38661, 38664, 38665, 38666, 38668, 38670, 38671, 38672, 38676, 38679, 38680, 38685, 38686, 72301, 72303, 72313, 72320, 72321, 72322, 72324, 72325, 72327, 72329, 72330, 72331, 72332, 72335, 72336, 72338, 72339, 72341, 72342, 72346, 72348, 72350, 72351, 72354, 72355, 72358, 72359, 72360, 72364, 72365, 72369, 72370, 72373, 72374, 72376, 72377, 72384, 72386, 72387, 72390, 72391, 72394, 72395, 72396, 72401, 72402, 72403, 72404, 72411, 72414, 72419, 72426, 72428, 72432, 72437, 72442, 72467, 72472

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